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You can do anything you set your mind to. But If someone asked what goals you set for yourself and how you are moving towards them, what would you answer? Perhaps you promised to begin (obviously, from the new year) to eat right, to start investing, or to finally learn Spanish? What are your successes in achieving the goals? 

Often people have the illusion that it is enough to express an idea once, and the goals will begin to be fulfilled by themselves. Simply ask the universe. Of course, with a successful set of circumstances, something can happen, but to achieve results, you have to work yourself.

Whatever the reasons for abandoning goals, do not give up! Even the most stubborn goals can be defeated. It is with the help of these simple tricks that you will be able to move towards your goal easily:

Look your goal in the eye! Visualize it!

Whatever your goal – to achieve financial independence or to become 10 kg lighter – create a visual image of the purpose you are striving for. It can be photos of places you dream of visiting on your refrigerator, a bunch of chocolate medallions on a shelf (in the hope that someday they will turn into real gold bars) or inspirational sayings as the background of your laptop’s desktop.


The most significant barrier to success is us, ourselves, and those around us. How often did you plan to do something complicated and suddenly catch yourself thinking: “No, it’s not for me, I’m not capable!” Or – semi-consciously – you find yourself undeserving. More often, we are not ready to be supported by relatives – family and friends, it is they who play the leading role in the fact that we freeze before a difficult task without even starting to solve it. “You can’t do it, don’t torture yourself, you will only waste your time and energy” – a typical response to an attempt to share your ideas with loved ones. And this is the biggest trap. Overcoming this barrier and clearly defining the scope of your task is the first step on the road to success.

Do check with yourself in what ways your surroundings are supporting you, and in what ways they are not. And make sure you make moves and changes accordingly, aligned with your goals! This is a task easily underestimated in importance.

Report on your goals!

Share your goals with supporting followers, family members and friends. Firstly, it will help you formulate your goals; secondly, from the simply memory and knowing that you have told about your goals, certain excitement will inevitably appear, and thirdly, most importantly, you will receive support if shared with the right people. (If you chose to use the Black Sheep Community for support that is wise choice when your goals are along the lines of thought leadership) Sometimes even in the most unexpected places and from people from whom you would never have expected this, the most important support can come. Try it; it works wonders!

Tear the target to pieces!

Remember your great idea – to learn Spanish finally? But your knowledge, unfortunately, is exhausted by three years in the gymnasium (more than one year has passed since then), and you did not have more practice. 

Set a goal – now I will learn this language, yes, it is a lot of work. But don’t stop, don’t give up. Take paper and pen, write down everything you need to do to achieve the goal. What pieces does your goal consist of? For example, courses, a two-week trip to Spain, as well as people with whom you could practice the language daily will help you learn Spanish (what did your friend say about the Erasmus exchange and writing tandems?), And so on. Whatever goal you set for yourself, it indeed consists of several stages. You need to start. And move forward, step by step.

Make a plan!

To achieve one big goal, you should, instead of setting an exact date, make an action plan. Of course, changes can occur in it, and depending on the duration and complexity of the goal, it may seem that partial achievement of the set initial goal is enough. Be that as it may, it is essential to outline for yourself a plan on how to move towards your goal. Whoever does not cross the starting line will never reach the finish line.

Be realistic for your goals!

Indeed, it would be great to wake up one morning and fly, find a giant money tree in the hallway, or come up with an instant solution to the global hunger problem. No matter how noble these dreams may be, they are still unrealistic. The probability that you will achieve your goals and do not lose hope halfway is higher if you do not try to jump above your capabilities. Of course, you need to dream, but the dream must be realistic.

It’s time to think about whether you can do anything you set your mind to—step by step.

You can do anything you set your mind to – So, here is the conclusion

For a long time I’ve been reading things like this thinking ‘I know’. As if I had already taken it all to heart. I thought I knew and more or less skipped this type of blogs. At best I scanned them.

Until I started using these techniques, to achieve the goal of “You can do anything you set your mind to”

And now I feel I merely began doing it. There is more truth to these things than we can imagine. The trick is that you do not see it, until you see it.

So, please register the type of thought in the back of your mind when reading this. It probably is quite a good indicator of the extent to which you are realizing your own potential.

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