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Wisdom is a principal thing. Becoming a wise sage is not a day job. As defined by Wikipedia, Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. To be wise is one of the most extraordinary abilities a human being can possess. This is because wisdom cuts across parts of life. Wisdom is associated with common sense, compassion, love, just judgment, ethics, virtues, morals, etc.


Wisdom can also be said to be the ability to think and make the right decisions based on intelligence, insight, experience, and moral structures. Wisdom possesses excellent judgmental knowledge, good inter-relationship skills, intellect, and intelligent decisions.

Wisdom is not attributed to education only. There were wise men before western education came into play. Knowledge is not also attributed to wealth, riches, or prosperity because one might be lucky in acquiring all those material things. Although they might play essential roles in the capacity of the knowledge one will have. For instance, a professor will have more wisdom in solving problems related to science and technology but might not be fit to solve real-life matters.

A wise person, irrespective of educational level, might handle real-life issues such as marriage conflicts, societal disputes, and so on. Wisdom plays an essential role in our decision-making. A wise sage doesn’t rush into making hasty conclusions or decisions. A fool is known for acting without thinking, but a wise sage understands the situation first and thinks of the best way to handle it.

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As we have rightly said above, wisdom plays a vital role in our judgments. It’s not a coincidence that the Oxford dictionary defined wisdom as the capacity of judging rightly in matters related to life and conduct, soundness of judgment in the choice of means and ends. Wisdom cuts across all life happenings and engagement. In the world that we are today, one needs to be wise. If one is not wise, he would be left out by his mates.

Everyone has been blessed with the gift of wisdom, and it varies with people. Some people have it more than others, but this doesn’t affect the application. Everyone has a level of wisdom in him or her; digging it through and applying it to their ways of life has been the problem of many.

What wisdom is not?

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There are so many concepts that look like wisdom but are not wisdom. Although they may look alike in the literal meaning and translations, they are different. One of the things being wise is not is being knowledgeable. Having a vast amount of knowledge doesn’t mean wisdom. A familiar person might still be foolish in his ways. Knowledge and understanding look so much alike.

In some cases, knowledge can be used in place of wisdom. They have similarities, but then their differences are many as well. In their definitions, some differences can be spotted very quickly. Let’s check what both means in the dictionary.
Knowledge refers to a learned fact, information or skill acquired through education or training.

Knowledge can also be acquired or gained from training in a field or practicing in a profession. Knowledge involves learning, understanding, and developing skills, facts, and information. Does this look like the meaning of wisdom? Let’s check what wisdom is as well.

Wisdom is the ability to make excellent and decisive judgments, differentiate from what is good or bad, and apply one’s experience and knowledge to solve life issues. Knowledge is the basis of wisdom; one cannot have wisdom without knowing (knowledge). What differentiates a wise sage from a fool is applying what they know and have learned to issues about life. A wise sage is knowledgeable and can also use every bit of what he knows or has learned to solve problems outside the academic or scientific research world. Wisdom is not only displayed in the four walls of academics, where your success is rated by what you know and how you can pass exams.

Also, being a wise sage is not being intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to retain knowledge and solve problems related to academics or IQ-related issues. One can be brilliant and live a miserable life. Many years ago, I heard the story of one of the first fathers of geography in a country. The man was brilliant but died a wretched man. Intelligence is not wisdom; wisdom is intelligence.

In simple terms, one can be intelligent and not be wise, but one cannot be wise without being brilliant. Intelligence will make you use the knowledge you have learned to provide solutions to problems that people face but will be neutralized when it comes to abstract and real-life issues people are facing. An intelligent person might achieve the peak of his career but might be a failure in his family.

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How to become a wise sage

  • Be yourself: One of the mistakes people make in trying to be wise in their own eyes is to be who they are not. One of the things that will help you in self-discovery and self-realization. Without it, you will be confused and later get stuck in your life journey. Wisdom teaches that you develop yourself into the best version you can be. In cases where you have mentors, it is advised that you learn from them and not model your entire life after them. The more you look into their (mentors) lives, the more disappointed you become. We are all humans who have weaknesses, so be yourself. That is the first thing to learn if you want to be a wise sage.
  • Build yourself: The more you learn, the more knowledge you have, which increases your technical know-how. This might you going for extra learning programs or read books. When a man stops learning, he starts to die. Wisdom teaches that wisdom is not limited; more knowledge and understanding are discovered daily. When you build yourself, you develop courage and understand more about things. How can you be helpful in an area you do not have any knowledge about? It would help if you built yourself up. One of the things that I have discovered is learning builds wisdom and relevance. Knowing more than your area of interest is not bad; it further allows you to connect well. Learn from others: Another way of becoming a wise sage is learning from others. Some people have threaded the same path as you are doing or want to do. Learning from them will add to your wisdom. When you learn from success and failure, you will learn what you must know when faced with the same challenge. Learning is making the right decisions through facts, information, and experience. You can have all even without threading the similar path before when you learn from others who have. It is effortless to ask a person who stays in the United States of America how things are done there; I would know what I need to know before going there. The same thing goes with wisdom. In the journey of life, you need to learn from others to understand what made them fall or what made them succeed, the mistakes they made, the steps they took that helped them, and so on.
  • Surround yourself with wise people: Wisdom cannot be built around foolishness. One of the things that helped many people succeed in life is that people of the same energy surround them. Wisdom increases wisdom, and foolishness repels it. I noticed some things about myself whenever I’m with some set of people. I think more about making more impact and having many positive thoughts when I’m with some friends, but it’s otherwise when I’m with another set of people. Your achievement is a product of the energy around you. To become a wise sage, be around intelligent people.
  • Be positively minded: Wise people are positively charged people. You cannot see negativity in things and expect wisdom to be applied. Learning doesn’t lose hope until there is no hope. To be a wise sage, you must be positive.
  • Have a belief in yourself: Believing in yourself is trusting yourself to do great. You might have all the knowledge you need, but if you don’t trust yourself, you won’t be able to apply them when they matter. You won’t believe in your abilities, and you won’t be able to trust yourself to handle some situations with your wisdom.
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Characteristics of a wise sage

  • Discipline
  • Humility
  • Honestly
  • Patient
  • Guided by wisdom
  • Good listeners
  • Critical thinkers

To become a wise sage should be one of the priorities of everybody. Wisdom helps to live a guided life. A life that is not decorated by mistakes and regrets. Knowledge helps us to know what to do at every point in time. It doesn’t matter if we react instantly; wisdom enables us to think profoundly and respond accordingly.

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