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Wisdom vs intelligence has always been a hot topic.

Thinking differently is not unusual. The feeling of being a black sheep for having an outsider perspective is painful. Is that your wisdom or the people are right?

Well, to explain this, first you need to know the exact definition of intelligence and wisdom.

In a nutshell, wisdom comes with intelligence. But intelligence does not guarantee you the wisdom. 

Didn’t get that? Let me explain this,

If we now search the dictionary for the term wisdom, we will find a simple definition. The ability of people to act with common sense, prudence, or discernment.

The first question that comes to mind is this. Does not intelligence gives us the same capacity to live in everyday life? Doesn’t an average or high IQ guarantee us the power to make fair decisions?

“True wisdom is knowing how to recognize your own ignorance.


The answer is yes when we speak of intelligence, several distinctions appear. So, we can say that personality style and emotional maturity are conditions that undoubtedly influence the performance of the bright person. As well as their potential is more or less skillful in cultivating their well-being and that of others.

Intelligence and wisdom are two interesting concepts that need to be nuanced, analyzed, and separated. The goal is to come up with a more precise and useful idea.

Because if there is something that we wish, beyond having a high IQ. It is the ability to develop extraordinary wisdom of life. And to give form to a dazzling virtue, which goes a little farther beyond the cognitive domain. 

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence, on the other hand, is a very general mental capacity. That implies the ability to reason, plan and solve problems. To think abstractly, understand complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience.

Intelligence is measured with the intellectual quotient. And that was initially defined as the quotient between the mental age and the chronological age of the individual. Most people have a psychological period that corresponds to their chronological age. So the majority of IQ is around 100. 

With an Intellectual Quotient lower than 70, one speaks of intellectual disability. And for above 130, one speaks of intellectual giftedness. However, In some cases, if IQ is greater than or equal to 120, we talk of high capacity. And below 80, we speak of low capacity. 

Does experience in itself make us wiser?

This idea is exciting and shatters a classic myth. It is often said that the experience brought by life also provides us with wisdom. However, there is no direct and strong connection between having lived much or little and becoming wise. This virtue does not come naturally with age. 

Several researchers in the field of psychology and sociology are trying to understand. They are trying to know a little more about these social, emotional, and cognitive processes that transform experience into wisdom. The fact is that other variables serve as a measure between the two. Such as the capacity for reflection conditioned by the association contemplated in the myth or wisdom.

The sage is optimistic- Wisdom Vs Intelligence

Well, another interesting difference between intelligence and wisdom is that the latter virtue almost always shares a very positive view of life. Thus mostly hopeful and fresh attitude is linked to what we have described before.

This is why wise people have the innate gift to move us. They provide us with energy and motivation to keep moving forward. And to imitate their personal vision of things. 

To conclude wisdom vs intelligence, it is possible that once we get to this point. We wonder if it is better to be wise or very intelligent.

No dimension is better than the other. Because there are wise men who are neither bright nor intelligent. But there are people who are incredibly efficient and happy in their daily life. 

Therefore, we can try (to the extent of our possibilities) to both dimensions. We can train our cognitive processes. We can improve our emotional intelligence and integrate each experience from a more sensible, calm, and positive point of view. 

In the end, wisdom is the art of knowing what matters most at all times. And the ability to apply sufficient responses and strategies to achieve well-being and be able to provide it to others. Therein lies the real key. 

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What is your wisdom then? Do you want to see it effectively? Here comes the black sheep community at your service. Here you can put wisdom into practice by question series and assignments. We give you an online platform to use your capabilities as a forward thinker.

 Here at black sheep, being a black sheep, you learn how not to be a scapegoat among all, even having a different perspective. 

Here, you can also help others to be future thought leaders. This platform is for you to be with like-minded people so you will never be unseen, unheard, or neglected. Let’s get together at the Black sheep platform and unleash the power of change.

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