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Why life is so hard? This is a question that only a few could answer because a very large percentage of people do not have answers to this question. If you look and think about the question very well, there will be lots of thoughts flowing through your mind. The question is such a heavy one. Every man and woman born into this world was brought to the battlefront because life is full of battle.

This is not to scare anyone but to prepare you to face the task and business of life squarely. Why is life so hard? There is a popular saying that says “Life is not a bed of roses”. We live in a world where individuals are faced with different problems, different circumstances, and challenges in life. Some people get to see the end of the challenges and sadly some people do not.

Oscar Wilde said and I quote; “Life is too important to be taken seriously”.

Thinking about life itself will make you feel that life is worthless. You must know that everyone at different levels in life is faced with challenges. As the rich are faced with challenges, the same thing happens to the poor, the only difference is that the challenges are different and the only similarity is the compound name “CHALLENGE”.

Why life is so hard for you

Some people find it so hard to forgive themselves for some mistakes of the past that got them to their present predicaments. Know that life is a chore that must be done, a race that must be run, a hill that must be climbed, a river that must be crossed, and a purpose that must be fulfilled.

Why is life so hard? Hmmmmm. Have you engaged people who had a blooming past and now they are in one trouble or the other? Have you heard from people who once lived a happy life but now life means nothing to them? And, Have you also heard conversations with people whose regrets in life were when they were given birth to? Have you talked to people living miserable lives? You will see that there are different stages in life and there are also different problems and challenges attached to them.

Someone said that when life crumbles all around you and you are left to pick up the broken pieces, life can seem so hard. The thoughts and fear of ‘how do I start again?’ could kill some people when they have seen what they have worked for all their lives disappear and crumble before them at juice wrld vlone.

No one can say life is easy because in the real sense life is hard. It is also a relative statement because some people’s lives have been planned right from birth and their challenges have been faced and solved by their parents. They have gotten what they always wanted without working so hard for it, so life is as easy as anything for such people. The reality of life shows up to these sets of people maybe after the demise of their pillar (could be parents, mentor, or guardian), they would certainly know that life is not easy.

Why life is so hard for you

5 Reasons Why Life Is So Hard

Why life is so hard

Here we will talk about 5 Reasons Why Life Is So Hard:


People find it so hard to connect with others: Connecting with people is very important. Interpersonal relationships and social connections are essential because they can help lower anxiety and depression. It can also help regulate our emotions and learn new things from people. Isolating yourself from people would make life hard for you.

A popular saying goes thus: “If you want to go fast in life, move alone; if you want to go far in life, move with people”. I once had a friend who found it hard to connect with people, life was so hard for him that whenever he tried to relate, he gets hurt instead. Knowing this, you must learn and adapt to connect with people. It will help in increasing your self-esteem, improving yourself, and not feeling intimidated.

Life without Purpose:

The meaning of life is hard to see: It is hard to see whatever is coming at a particular point in time. Life is not a copy and paste of logic. Situations can arise for anyone at any point in time.

Role of Emotions:

We were created with emotions: The way God created humans, we were created with emotions and these emotions can determine our steps and decision making. There are some people who we claim don’t have emotions, but in the reality of it, we simply react based on our emotions. When something exciting happens, we have positive emotions that open us up to better body language. Behaviour is different from emotions but they are interwoven. Bad vibes and occurrences will bring bad emotions and could affect our decision-making, this could make life more difficult.

Lack of self-satisfaction:

We attach our happiness to others: Life is always difficult when we attach our happiness to others because human beings can disappoint at any time. We tend to trust friends, spouses, and so other close people, this trust brings a level of dependence that we have on them. One of the things you have to do is to try and always make yourself happy.

It is not easy in most cases not to seek happiness from people, especially in a family setting where husbands attach their life happiness to their wives and vice versa. Most lives have been shattered in this process, which had left mental unstableness and the untimely death of many though there is no justification for suicide.

Fear of failure:

We have fears in life and they often come to pass: Someone once told me to live a happy life, live freely, and don’t care so much about what life throws at you. What are your greatest fears in life? To become successful? To marry early? And, To achieve some feats before a certain age bracket? And lots more.

These things are good but then you have to live your life. Life is not fair to anybody and we often don’t get what we deserve. We have various fears in life that we know that if they should happen, the effect on us might be great and might lead to us breaking down. You just have to live your life and accept whatever is beyond your control in life.

Why life is so hard for you

What to do when life is hard?

If life has become so hard make it easy with the following adaptation:

Change yourself:

In order to find solutions to the problems, First, change yourself. Make positive changes within your personality. Identify those problems which can be solved by making small changes in your daily routine or life.

Learn from Mistakes:

Your life is hard because you have made many mistakes in your life. Do not ignore those mistakes or let those mistakes go without taking any life lessons. When you will start taking your mistakes for life learning, Your attitude will become positive as well.

Be Patient:

It is a very hard fact to swallow, but it’s true. If you want something in life but you are not able to achieve that thing, it means life has something more magnificent for you. Just have a strong faith that everything happens for a reason.

Do not compare:

Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Having a goal-orientated mind doesn’t mean that you have to follow someone else’s goals. Be patient & work hard for your goals.

Re-call the worst-case scenario:

Whenever you are stuck in any crisis situation. The human mind starts assuming things that probably will never happen. Firstly, calm yourself down & think through the problem slowly. Think of the worst-case scenario. Usually, it’s not a matter of life & death.

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