Every company at one point or the other has experienced this disheartening situation before, where customers leave. Honestly, there could be many reasons why they left but making amendments and learning from past mistakes is the goal.

Customers have different reasons why they leave. Resolving issues like that needs urgency. Companies must not forget that it is costlier to get new customers than to retain them. Some issues may be within your capacity, and some might be beyond you. Why go through the stress of getting new customers when you can retain those that you have?

The reasons why customers leave are relative to each customer. This is because each customer has different reasons for choosing a product for purchase. If your customers don’t come back, look deeply into your company.

To begin with, you can ask yourself some critical questions. Don’t make justifications for yourself at this stage. Try as much as possible to understand from the customer’s angle. Here are some reasons Why Customers Leave.

Important reasons why customers leave:

Bad or lack of proper customer service:

Why Customers Leave. Customers will leave if your customer service is lacking. How do you feel when you are paying for a product or service and you are addressed offensively? If you have a customer service agent that lacks respect, you are bound to be losing customers. “Customers are always right” – it’s a famous phrase in the business world.

Treat customers as kings. Right from the entrance of your company, the ushers welcoming people should do so with respect. If you don’t treat customers well, they won’t come to your company again. When customers have complaints, a listening ear and an active action to resolve them will make them happy. On the other hand, a show of indifference and lack of concern both in words and action will make the customers leave.

Why Customers Leave

It is the utmost responsibility of every company to keep their customers wanted and appreciated. The customer’s desires and expectations must be the top priority, and serving them must be taught as part of its culture. Would you go back to a company that mistreated you and didn’t show any concern for your issues?

Bad and or overpriced goods and services

Why should customers keep coming back when they can get the exact product you sell high at lower prices elsewhere? It would help if you aimed at pleasing the customers at all times. If you don’t, customers are quick to check and examine other companies. As we have now, your company must make quality and affordable products and services in a competitive economy.
Once your products appear too overpriced to customers, they will stop coming – this is a fundamental reason why customers leave. When products are wrong or faulty, customers tend to leave. The dissatisfaction of customers about your products will not encourage them to get from you.

Why Customers Leave

Lack or Bad communication

Customers won’t come back just because they bought from you the last time. They have their businesses, too, and you can fall off their radar in no time. It would help if you found a means to communicate with them. Collecting their details might be helpful when they come and buy. It could be a text message or a promotional letter about updates on your goods and services.
It would help if you kept them connected and engaged. Don’t be restricted to one communication means. There are many communication channels that you can use. Communicating with your customers should be periodic and straightforward – too much of it can switch them off. Channels like social media platforms are an excellent means of communicating with a large audience without being too sticky or disturbing.

Lack of convenience

Apart from the goods and services you are selling, it would help if you sold them conveniently. No customer will risk waiting in the queue for too long when they can get it easy and fast elsewhere. The more you have customers, the more congested the company environment becomes. How are you working towards the convenience of the customers when they come? Customers won’t like a situation whereby they are not attended to on time. You can create more service outlets to ease payments of goods.

Lack of innovation and creativity

Consistency keeps customers, but serving them the same thing over the years will keep them off. Consistency, lack of innovation, and creativity are all different. If you are selling a product with the same design and look for a while, people will get tired. Rebrand your products from time to time without a reduction in quality.
Innovation is not something you take with fun; it requires close attention and maintenance. How will you shake off new and existing competitors whose products are accompanied by juicy offers? Be creative and innovative in your approach to customers. For instance, you can offer to change the bottles of the product you are selling or attach some promotional offers when they buy from you.

Lack of consistency with deals and dishonesty

When you are not open and straightforward with customers, they want to leave. For instance, if you are a company that allows people to pre-order your products, you should keep to the delivery date or send them notice before the delivery date if there are changes. Once you have to start giving explanations to support your shortcomings on the products and services, customers will start looking for somewhere else. Try as much as possible to be honest with your customers. Don’t try to keep them by telling lies or covering up any failings.

Why Customers Leave

Lack of personal relationship

It may be one of the reasons why customers leave. One thing is to retain customers by avoiding all of the points above; another thing is having a personal relationship with the customers. There is a clear difference between making sales from some regular customers and having a close relationship with them. Customers love staying with companies that offer personal connection and involvement. When there is a personal relationship between your company and the customers, they become advocates.

How to maintain a good customer relationship:

  • Satisfactory customer service: Customers will come back when they are satisfactorily attended to. Every employee in the company must cultivate the habit of attending to the customers well. Good customer service is a sure way of retaining customers. Employees should not look gloomy and sad when attending to customers; they must show enthusiasm and willingness at work. When customers are taken for granted, they leave for another company.
  • Have a personal relationship with the customers: Loyalty on the part of the customers can be built when you have intimacy with them. Develop a close relationship that makes them a core part of the organization. You can felicitate with them on their birthdays or anniversaries. This makes them appreciated.
  • Sell Value, not Price: One of the things that will chase customers away is when your prices are exorbitant. They won’t come back when they can get the same quality for a lower price elsewhere. Make sure that the quality of the goods you are selling is worth the price. Customers consider some factors when choosing where and what to buy. They consider their pockets, durability of the product, quality of the product, and economical Value.
  • Monitor the market: Monitoring the market and competitors gives you a clue about what to expect. You can get a clue about what the competitors are doing, the prices of products and services, and what the customers want. You can also get competitor’s strengths and weaknesses by monitoring the market.
  • Be quick to resolve issues: Every company has issues with customers in one way or the other. What will keep them coming is taking the matter as a matter of urgency – customers like it when issues are resolved quickly. The secret is, not every product will work the way they have been described; sometimes paid services do not meet expectations at all time. Give attention to the complaints from the customers.
  • Reward Loyalty: Another way to maintain a good customer relationship is to reward loyalty. The company should find a way to reward long-serving customers. You can reward them when they refer customers to your company. Referrals are another way of gaining people’s loyalty after some of your customers have told them about their experience.
  • Thank your customers: Be thankful to your customers. A company can only thrive when its customers are loyal, so be thankful to them.

It’s a normal question Why Customers Leave. It’s therefore essential that companies should put customer retention strategies in place. You are identifying why customers leave and create ways to keep them. It would help if you gave your customers reasons to come back. Companies like to use this phrase – A trial will convince you. How are you treating your customers? Once you earn customer loyalty, maintaining and improving it is essential. The company’s goal must be aligned with the marketing and customer service strategy. Businesses collapse when customers leave. The ideas are inexhaustible – Do you need help on how to sustain your company? Join The Black Sheep Community today.

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