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A visionary leader is a leader that can look at the bigger picture of things. They are organized leaders that can easily engage whoever is listening to them. From the name in itself, you probably figured out that a visionary leader is one with a vision. Or a person who can visualize the path they are going to be taking and how to succeed when doing so.


But the main feature that distinguishes this leader from others is their ability to persuade others to follow their vision and leadership happily. Usually, when starting up a new company or project, a visionary leader is hired to take control of initiating the whole project. This is done because a visionary leader can spark motivation in all team members. Thus enticing all of them enough to keep them excited about the project even when they are faced with obstacles.

Not only this, but a leader is also a professional in assigning everyone the most suitable role for them. A visionary leader will enhance every members’ skills, ensuring that they completely believe in the cause they are working for. And is never miserable throughout the whole process.

When a visionary leader is involved, the workspace’s atmosphere is always going to be peaceful and inspirational, any unnecessary tension or banter will be eliminated as a leader makes sure that everyone is working together in harmony instead of having a toxic competitive atmosphere. Visionary leadership was one of the first 6 leadership methods discovered. Daniel Goleman first brought up the term visionary leader in 2002. He was the first person to document it as an official leadership style. 

Traits that make someone a visionary leader- Visionary leadership

Visionary Leadership

Now you may be wondering how you can become a visionary leader or how to figure out who from the people around you is a visionary leader. Well, if so, then I have compiled a short list of characteristics that mark a person as a visionary leader. These, of course, aren’t all the traits that label someone a visionary leader, but they are a start that will surely jump-start the process of becoming one yourself. 


A leader leads, setting an example to all those listening to them. They ignite that fire of passion that is needed to carry any project in everyone listening to them. Thus remind people why they love what they are doing them and urges them to tap into that hidden potential that each person has. They never look down on their team members but instead befriends them.

Strategic visionary leader

A visionary leader is one of the very few leaders that can come up with the perfect strategy for success. They may not be as detailed as others, but they still excel at what they do, if not more. A visionary leader will visualize exactly what they want, and they will map out a smart and effective way to get their while regarding any obstacle that may come in the way.

In this case, them not being detail-oriented helps them because if they planned out every detail and then hit an obstacle along the road, they would never be able to figure a way out of that situation. After all, their whole operation is so detailed that any flaw would make it fall apart.

A visionary leader is an exact opposite; their vision leaves room for bumps along the road. So little obstacle will never block their path because a visionary leader will have a whole new path conducted by that time.


Visionary leaders are very charismatic engaging people. Their presence in itself entices a person and grabs their attention. They could never go unnoticed in a group of people, not necessarily because of how they look. And, they could be very plain and ordinary-looking people, but the thing that invites people’s attention to them is the way they speak.

They speak in a manner that demands an audience. Also, they are brilliant at getting people to believe in their vision as well as motivating people whenever they feel like giving up. Their charisma makes it very hard to dislike them, so there are rarely any problems between a visionary leader and the team members as they ensure that every members’ problems and complaints are heard and taken care of.


He is a hard worker that doesn’t settle for less than the best. They push everyone to their highest potential. Giving up is never considered an option for them. They’ll rather fail over and over again than give up. That’s what makes them successful. Whoever told you success is attained overnight was lying to you.

In most cases, success takes several tries, and even then it still might not be what you expected, but in the end, I promise you it will work out, you need to walk that extra mile, and that’s exactly what a visionary leader does. For them, ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough.

Open-minded visionary leader

A visionary leader doesn’t have a closed-off, strict mindset. They don’t follow a precise set of rules, and they don’t set strict regulations either. They go with the flow, and they trust their gut to do what is right. Their mindset is flexible to change, and they are very accepting when it comes to others’ opinions. It’s what makes them a good leader, their ability to listen to everyone’s ideas and opinions, and incorporate them into the project to make everyone feel like they played a role in the project.

Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or conclude you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.

Colin Powell

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