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Vision in leadership should clearly be stated and understood in the letters before taking up the mantle of leadership position. When the man leading the pack doesn’t have a clear direction and the necessary root to ply to get to such a destination, how can such lead others to reach the destination? The leader of an organization should be the CEO of the organization. The CEO here isn’t an acronym for the generally believed meaning.

By CEO here, it means chief source of the management and direction of the business. You will agree that anyone who will occupy such a position in any organization must have a clear vision of leadership and sound knowledge of the organization’s field.  There are three stages to immersing your entire being into making your organization great. i.e., how to duly use your leadership vision to perform the CEO’s role fully. It’s as follows:

  • Comprehending and focusing on your company’s highest value contribution.
  • You are realizing and owning your role as a leader.
  • I am relinquishing everything else and holding others liable.

CEO of your company, you are no longer the “head of everything.” Your only duty is to provide leadership. There are no ifs and buts. The sooner you recognize it, the better. Being a leader comes with a set of obligations that cannot be relinquished under any condition. The core responsibilities of corporate leadership, which you should never be delegated to anyone, include:

  • Owning the vision and the strategy to realize the vision;
  • Communicating the vision to insiders and outsiders;
  • Enabling others to act to realize the vision;
  • Breeding a crop of other leaders.
  • Taking Control of the Vision

Have A Vision For Your Life That Is Unique To You.


Vision in leadership guides the way for your team or organization to move forward. However, you must first have a personal vision before your business can have a vision.

  • The picture you’re expecting in five years
  • What are you going to achieve?
  • Who are the people that will be around you?

Many managers inherently know that a vision statement is required of their organization. They’re thinking, “since everyone else has one, I better have one too.” That is the beginning of problems in any organization; management doing something that they don’t understand, much less believe in. You would have gotten to some organizations where none of the organization members understands the meaning of their Statements of mission and values.

You’ve got one in your organization, and you probably can recite it by heart. The problem of an organization not living out its vision begins with the leader of the organization. If a leader lacks vision for his or her own life or even understand what a vision is, he can’t possibly have a vision for his or her company and expect them to live it out.

Your Distinct Vision


The topic of vision is straightforward: what do you want out of life? What are your achievement targets when you grow up? Most entrepreneurs aspire to one day be influential business leaders who can develop future leaders and teach other business people how to do things properly. It doesn’t matter what people’s intentions for you; think about what you want. Maybe you want to be a writer. Great! Writing is powerful because words can influence people’s opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Maybe you want to lead the team that will be changing the community. Perhaps it’s something else for you. But most importantly, you need to know what you want and see yourself in that future.

If you’re not sure what you want presently, your answers to these types of questions are, “um… I suppose I want this.. or that..” or some vague answers like,” I want to be rich.” If you align with any of the points mentioned above, it’s time to step away from the daily grind and begin worrying about what you want.

Take a vacation to a peaceful location and start thinking about the challenge. It concerns your life, and if you place a premium on the value of your existence, nothing would be too costly for you to go and find out what is your life’s calling. That is so important in creating an excellent vision in leadership. You can be accurate in pursuing your passion and attaining your goals because you chose to be genuine to yourself.

Your vision will not be just another slogan on the wall; it will be written in your heart, influencing every word and deed you do. And that speaks louder than any plaque on the wall. Your team will see it in you. They will see you are faithful, and authentic in pursuing the vision you have set for your life, and they will follow you for it. So take some time to think about it. Keep your life in focus, and don’t let life’s clutter get the best of you. Nobody else will battle for a strong leadership vision if you don’t.

Creating A Vision In Leadership For Your Team   


To be great, a vision has to be both compelling and propelling, meaning it both pulls and pushes people toward something greater than themselves. It’s the basis of all effective leadership. A leader leads because they can see beyond “what is” to “what can be.” They lead because their vision is not only inspiring, but it’s encompassing for themselves and others around them.

When the vision in leadership isn’t clear enough or outrightly lacking, the people following such a system will be gravely affected.  

However, it also suggests that a comprehensive vision encompasses more than one thing, the visionary to the people who are inspired and compelled to do more, to be more. Throughout history, every great leader has had the ability not only to “see” a better future but to convey a sense of greater possibility and guide others along the way.

Vision is not only the vehicle that propels a leader but carries the people who see, embrace, and help bring possibility into reality. In times of turmoil or uncertainty, it’s the leaders with a vision of possibility and certainty that change the world because they help us change our perception of today and the potential we see in ourselves.

It’s only after that that you are ready to create and convey your team’s vision. Your vision in leadership should never deviate too far from your vision. You can’t live your life one way and want your followers to live theirs another way.

Vision In Leadership is Vital In The Corporate World

  • A clear vision excites me. Future visions should enthral people. It has to be a future that everyone wishes for. The excitement can bring out the passion in people to commit to seeing that vision come to pass.
  • A good vision stretches. A good vision challenges people to rise beyond their comfort zone and develop as individuals to become better and stronger leaders. A vision that does not extend everyone’s abilities and strengths cannot be considered a vision because realizing the same will not be a top target.
  • While a successful vision requires a lot of imagination, it must be clear enough for everyone on the team to understand what you’re talking about. It’s better to have no vision at all than to have a vague vision. You must be extremely specific, detailing everything that you see in your mind’s eye to your team!
  • A good vision includes everyone Remembering that you are not getting your team to buy into your schedule. It involves everyone seeing the same thing as the leader, and it’s a massive win for everyone.

Vision in leadership is powerful, and it can compel others to commit like nothing else. Many of history’s most outstanding influential leaders were visionary leaders, and their visions transformed the world. Of course, a vision begins with a thought or an idea, but it can change teams, communities, and even nations when put into action!



Companies that are stagnant and lack a strategic vision in leadership about how they can be unique and different in the marketplace or satisfy their customers will not be successful in the future. Creating the best vision in leadership for any organization should encompass the overall idea of what the organization should be and wants to be in the future. It often includes the original intent or dream of the company leader or founder.

The vision in leadership should be clear and concise so that everyone in the organization understands it, believes in it, and implement it at all times. Passion for the vision should build enthusiasm, and inspire and lead people to care. In many organizations, the vision in leadership (CEO) is what employees strive for and follow. Still, in most of these companies, the vision in leadership often fails to deliver results because the people don’t believe in such a vision or have any attachment or strong emotion to the idea.

It needs to connect with individual employees’ desires, wishes and ambitions, and dreams. The vision in leadership has to go beyond the superficial and reflect the inner voice or mission of the company. It must always make sense and be consistent with the company’s values and image.

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