What Is Thought Withdrawal?

Thought withdrawal is not a concept that is widely known. However, if you are someone who is trying to pursue thought leadership and cultivating your brain power, then it is something you should be aware about. Over the years of evolution, the human brain has also undergone several changes to be where it is today.

The human brain is an instrument that has been amended over thousands of years. And has reached its current stage through thousands of years of evolution. Human beings have a superior tool. We use our brains to think and cultivate ideas and have been doing so for over millennia. However, in this day and age, we find ourselves becoming complacent.

Instead of churning out new ideas and being the visionaries, we should be because of our capacity to think freely. We have become mere cogs in the wheels of the world. People do not think more than they have to. People actively choose things that require the least amount of effort; we have become creatures of comfort.

And this is precisely why thought withdrawal has started occurring at such a staggering rate. We refuse to think and use our brains to their full potential! We would instead let others think while we use as little brain power as we can, and honestly. It is a shame.

In this day and age, where people consider thinking as a chore. It can be even harder for thought leaders to emerge and prosper. When people are taught not to be inquisitive, to take the easy way out, and look for convenience. They will rarely ever use their brains to think beyond what is the bare necessity for survival.

We heat up the pre-prepared meals, we use our phones to hail a vehicle. We order groceries while sitting in our lounging chairs at home. Everything is there to be as convenient as possible. And this is where thought withdrawal has begun to seep into our everyday lives. We would rather not think and let others do the heavy mental lifting for us.  

Innovations in science do not happen on their own. They too have the genius of thought leaders behind them; people who are not afraid to experiment and think of ideas out of the ordinary. They dared to think beyond what was already there. The ideas which might have been abstract in the beginning but slowly manifested.

If we did not have those who shunned thought withdrawal and actively used their brains to think and ponder over various matters, we would not have succeeded in where we are as a human race. But now, we see that humans are getting to the point of stagnation. We do not see the same level of intellect amongst the masses, the same thirst for knowledge! We need to make sure that we do not get complacent and use our brains to its full potential.

If we don’t, the human race will lose what was solely unique to it! We will lose art, creativity, visionaries, and more. And without that, the human race, on the whole, will lose its soul.

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In a world where people are encouraged to think as little as possible, in a cultivated culture of convenience. It is necessary to break the mold. The first thing you have to do is unlearn convenience culture.

Once you go on a journey of trying to end thought withdrawal, you will realize just how deeply embedded it was in you without even realizing it. And how it affected your potential so much. You need to stop taking the easy way out, try to solve issues the old fashioned way. You will find that going to a grocery store and looking around and purchasing products physically itself can have a significant effect on your thinking. Being on your own in a new environment as you browse and make decisions is a great way to get the old noggin back in action!

Once you start doing this, you can gradually move on to doing brain teasers and puzzles; these are a great way to get your brain active. Contrary to popular belief, your brain needs just as much exercise as your body does!

Then you can move forward to unleashing your brain’s true potential by trying meditative techniques to control your thinking. Spend a few minutes every day in total silence. And let your mind go blank and slowly come back from that.

Once you start to engage your brain again and give it puzzles to solve, you will find that it will take you to new places and thoughts that you didn’t even realize you could have! The brain has limitless potential. Science has still not been able to figure out just what the brain is capable of, so do not sell yourself short; go the extra mile because you can!

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