By Aurora Winter

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“Thought Leadership Launch” empowers tomorrow’s leaders to speak up and create a better world. It provides today’s leaders and entrepreneurs with insights and information to help them avoid bankruptcy and instead benefit from this tidal wave of change.

Success leaves clues. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington have one thing in common — a clear vision articulated in a compelling message. I call that a “Million-Dollar Message” although in the case of these extraordinary entrepreneurs a “Billion-Dollar Message” would be more fitting. But let’s stick with “Million-Dollar Message” for today.

These visionaries leveraged their words to raise capital, launch startups, and launch movements. Their message created wealth, influence, and authority. You can use the same methods to build your bank account, brand, and business.

As a serial entrepreneur, I know firsthand that launching and growing a business requires grit, determination, and persistence. Most entrepreneurs grind away, putting in long hours to create their products and refine their services, but most fail to allocate 5% of their time to the one skill that delivers 95% of the results: communication.

I live in Silicon Valley, where engineering smarts and disruption are prized. Yet my background is in Hollywood, where story-telling and showmanship are prized. I see that marrying the strengths of both Hollywood and Silicon Valley is a path to breakthrough success.

In fact, every time I made a quantum leap forward, it was sparked by effective communication—pitching or presenting my ideas, either in person or in my books and videos. The reason for this is simple. The power of storytelling is profound.

Thought Leaders utilize their ideas to change the world—their vision of what the world could be, not what it is. Sharing that story—that vision—is more important than ever. People are hungrier than ever for leadership. That’s why it is so crucial to step into the media spotlight as an author and Thought Leader.

Here’s why it’s essential: things are changing at an exponential rate.

Exponential Change

It is hard for the human brain to understand exponential change. We tend to apply linear thinking, shrugging off the magnitude of the difference. Complacency is the road to ruin.

An old fable will help to illustrate exponential growth. A long time ago, in a faraway land, an ingenious Inventor devised the game of chess. He presented it as a gift to the King. The King was so delighted that he asked the Inventor to name any reward. The Inventor asked for rice—a single grain of rice on the first square of the chessboard, two grains of rice on the second square, four on the third square, and so on, doubling each time. The King scoffed at such a trivial reward and agreed.

But when the Royal Treasurer attempted to pay the reward, he calculated that it was more rice than the entire kingdom possessed. By the time he got to the 64th square on the chessboard, there would be over 18 quintillion grains of rice on the board. To put that in perspective, that’s about the number of animals living on planet Earth. Not understanding exponential growth bankrupt the kingdom. It can bankrupt you, too.

Most people are like the King in the fable—including CEOs, entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers, and politicians. It’s not their fault. The human brain is not wired for exponential change.

Economist Joseph Schumpeter wrote about the paradox of “creative destruction.” As entrepreneurs innovate, old ideas, technologies, and skills become obsolete. Progress means that society as a whole advance—but specific individuals may be worse off, not just in the short term, but forever. Pain and gain are inextricably linked with creative destruction.

Things are changing in 3 ways: socially, economically, and technologically.

  1. Social Change

Technology is rewiring the way our brains work. Attention spans are shrinking. With an avalanche of content on social media every day, people are overwhelmed. As a result, people rely more and more on shortcuts to decide if they can trust you — and to determine if they should listen to you at all. Those shortcuts include authority, status, and social proof.

Leveraging the neuroscience of communication is key to getting your message out to the masses. Attention hacks, such as becoming a published author and appearing on respected media outlets, are more important than ever.

  1. Economic Change

Thanks to exponential technological change, we have more lucrative opportunities than ever before. It is easier than ever to become a multi-millionaire—or even a billionaire—in a few short years. And the stakes have never been higher. The winners are companies like Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, PayPal, and Netflix. One startup with just thirteen employees and only two years of operation under its belt was acquired for a billion dollars: Instagram.

A lot of people in Silicon Valley aren’t waiting to discover the next unicorn. They’re building one themselves. However, many smart engineers and scientists have a blind spot—they are unable to articulate the value of their solution to a mainstream audience. Communicating the value of a disruptive new idea is essential to raising capital and reaching the masses. With a clear, concise, compelling message, reaching the masses is now easier than ever.

Until recently, distribution had been prohibitively expensive, preventing many small companies from gaining a toehold in their marketplace. But today, fast, low-cost distribution is widely available, thanks in large part to big data, the internet, and companies such as FedEx, eBay, and Amazon.

In 2018, Amazon had almost half the US e-commerce market ($260B USD). Amazon continues to revolutionize distribution by streamlining the shipping of books and other retail items in ways that were impossible to imagine even five years ago. A staggering 75% of Americans now shop on Amazon. If your business involves some kind of expertise and you don’t have a book on Amazon showcasing that expertise, your business is missing out.

  1. Technological Change

Amazon has changed the face of publishing, challenging the power of large publishers, and empowering authors and boutique publishers who were once thwarted by gatekeepers.

Yet writing hasn’t gotten any easier. That’s a problem Amazon is not poised to solve. However, Sir Winston Churchill and other prolific authors have already solved that problem in their own ways in order to spread their ideas and messages, and I’ll walk you through those solutions in this book. But we also have at our disposal technologies that Churchill didn’t dream of, making it easier than ever to collaborate with expert wordsmiths, producers, designers, videographers, and marketers around the world.

Beyond books, the media landscape is rapidly changing. TED talks have created a valuable new platform for experts—videos can go viral and reach millions of people in a matter of a few weeks, with distribution costing practically nothing. New YouTube channels and new podcasts sprout like mushrooms, and they are eager for experts. Also, traditional radio, TV, and print media need tens of thousands of guest experts each and every day in America alone.

The Best of Hollywood & The Best of Silicon Valley

I live in Silicon Valley, but my roots are in Hollywood. Both of these places are more about mindset than geography. Silicon Valley is about startups and capturing market share. Hollywood is about story-telling and capturing your attention.

If you’re a smart, ambitious entrepreneur, there’s one tipping-point move that can trigger exponential growth. That move is to consciously choose to become a Thought Leader and to unhesitatingly step into the spotlight. It is deciding to become a media-savvy visionary – author – speaker – influencer – entrepreneur. I’ve shortened this multi-faceted role to “Thought Leader.”

It’s choosing to combine the best of Hollywood’s showbiz with the best of Silicon Valley’s smarts. It’s capturing attention with storytelling and then delivering the goods. It’s stepping into the spotlight with confidence and charisma and following through with substance and science. Even a little “celebrity stardust” can make a world of difference.

What does this mean for you? It means that the right words, at the right time, to the right people can change your life. It can change your income, your impact, your reputation, and the trajectory of your life and business forever, as it did with me.

Self-made billionaire W. Clement Stone said, “little hinges swing big doors.” Think of your words, your vision, your passion, and your purpose as those hinges.

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