Thought Leadership Essentials

understanding your own challenges

Dear Forward Thinker

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The world needs you.

We need thinking. Great thinking. Better thinking.

So we need to make your ideas matter.

For you. Humanity. And the world.

This is a time to change.

Your THOUGHT LEADERSHIP creates that moment of change.

Be that change!

How a small shift within me, turned the whole group in a willingly and open audience

As a child I’ve felt unheard. I was cocoon-like closed. So often I felt very uninvited.
It grew habitual. Still bothering me as an adult.

In spite of my success as a philosopher in the corporate world - I wanted to impress my audience. Unaware how that magnified the painful gap.

Only when I - truly, deeply - accepted how I am different, it changed. At last I can connect better. And find my audience more eager. New clients came knocking at my door.

With still more and more spin-off to come!

They didn't really know how to talk to me,
but now they are
and want to learn

It was tragic; my self-inflicting suffers.

I didn't show me! So they were in the dark too! On who I am and how to relate to me.

I kept my ideas to myself. Simply because I had a hard time relating to them.

And to myself as well. As I still wasn’t good enough (in my eyes) to be expressed.

At last that has changed radically.

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Thought Leadership Essentials
Thursday 25-06-2020


Place: Online (your seat will be assigned after enrollment)

Time: 20.00 PM (GMT+2, Amsterdam)

Cost: Courage and time

  • Simple step on personal growth with great impact
  • Life-time insights on the relevance of thinking
  • Hosted by Minke Tromp (philosopher, initiator)

Our Promise

The webinar is time well-spent for all thinkers who want to LIVE

Inspiration to Grow Personally

If not you, then who? Of not now, then when? Life gives us many reasons not to grow. Too often we settle for mediocrity. Unfulfilled potential is such a waste! Yet where to find the inspiration? How to deal with demotivating realities? The webinar will inspire you to greatness. Changing the world one thought at the time.

Understand the Value of and Need for Forward Thinking

Are you familiar with the Black Sheep Experience? Great! Because you are meant to be a thought leader, bringing greatness to humanity and the future. Your ideas matter. We need better thinking-quality on earth! In real life though, that can be painful. Not all understand, not all can ‘hear’ you. This webinar will help you reframe that experience forever!

Specific Advice and Steps to Enlarge your Impact

Reality can be harsh and unfair: not always the best ideas win. In this webinar you will get specific advice and clear and simple steps you can take right away to enlarge your impact. Where to start? How to act? What are the next steps? What to look out for? These will be answered. Warning: A deep ambition can arise to the surface when we begin to see our way. 

Thought Leadership Essentials

understanding your own challenges


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