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By Liz Alexander and Craig Badings

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Thought leaders advance the marketplace of ideas by proposing actionable, commercially relevant, research-backed, new points of view. They engage in and showcase innovative thinking as opposed to churning out product-focused, brand-centric white papers, or “curated” content that mimics others’ ideas.

But while individual thought leaders are in plentiful supply (at least, those who self-identify as such), many organizations struggle to establish their thought leadership approach. If you recognize the importance of differentiating yourself to clients by offering compelling points of view that are intriguing, innovative, inspiring—and wholly relevant to them—this book is for you.

Authors Dr. Liz Alexander and Craig Badings, who have more than 50 years of consulting experience between them, have devised a series of questions that will provoke you to consider all the elements necessary to execute a successful organizational thought leadership campaign. The authors have done the preliminary thinking for you so that your organization can better leverage your value in your industry.

This book takes a different approach to many who see thought leadership as part of a short-term product marketing, advertising, or PR strategy. It will ensure that you embed thought leadership across the entire organization and centralize it as part of your client-centric culture.

Many organizations are squandering time, money, and effort on initiatives that do not move the needle in terms of establishing a differentiated brand identity, deep trust, and loyal followership. Arm yourself with this small yet immensely powerful book and that will no longer be something you have to worry about.

#THOUGHT LEADERSHIP tweet is part of the THiNKaha series whose slim, easy-to-read-and-absorb books contain 140 thought-provoking and actionable quotes (tweets/ahas). The book has garnered much recognition, including a 2012 WPP Atticus Award for Merit in the Public Relations and Public Affairs category!

The book is a bunch of small tweet-sized thoughts categorized into a few themes with an introduction to each theme.

Here’s what you can learn from this book according to a reviewer

  • It is possible to build a level of thought leadership through content curation (which the book demonstrates itself). I would add personally that you better add your own two cents into what you are curating and that it’s rare to become a great thought leader simply through curation.
  • You can expand a companies thought leadership by bringing all (or some) of the employees into the process. We talk about this at length in the interview above.
  • One great way to find a niche to become known for as a thought leader is to pick a specific problem in the industry to focus on for a long time first.

The book also has some great questions that are great to guide your thinking about your own thought leadership.

  • What keeps your clients or prospects awake at night? Why? How can you use this to inform your thought leadership point of view?
  • What can you share with your target audience that they don’t already know and would not have thought of themselves?
  • Are you examining your won thinking an how you are processing your information internally to arrive at a thought leadership position?
  • What does your industry or sector treat as sacred (it could be an assumption, process, or goal)? Now imagine the opposite is true?
  • What ways can you restate a client challenge in order to come up with new, insightful thought leadership solutions?
  • Why don’t you take a client challenge to a part of your organization whose opinions have never been sought before, to gain fresh insights?
  • What three trends will impact your clients over the next three years, and can your thought leadership address these?
  • Do you have current content or intellectual property that could be adapted with some extra rigor into a thought leadership point of view?
  • Do you have sector experts whose insights could be backed by robust research and then packaged and leveraged as your thought leadership?

The book manages to distill what could be 162 pages of industry jargon into easy-to-understand, thought-provoking statements. If you’re a self-employed small businessman or heading up a multi-million dollar communications budget, this book will be a useful addition to your reference library.

The world needs innovative thinking and strong leadership like never before, and this book can help the reader to unlock those creative thoughts and strategies so necessary to survive in the rapid-fire industry jungle.

The authors are both at the top of their respective professions. Badings is a director of one of Australia’s leading Public Relations companies and Alexander is a lecturer, author, and consultant to a range of institutions in the USA on the subject.

Author’s email: [email protected]

Publisher : THINKaha; Illustrated edition (October 8, 2012)

Language : English

Paperback : 160 pages

ISBN-10 : 1616990929

ISBN-13 : 978-1616990923

Best Sellers Rank: #3,162,118 in Books

#11,141 in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement (Books)

#11,487 in Motivational Management & Leadership

#25,921 in Leadership & Motivation

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