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The Thought blocking process can be frustrating. Imagine you are in the middle of a mundane situation, it can be a meeting or a conversation, and you suddenly forget your train of thought. The Thought-blocking process can be normal and also a sign of a severe mental disorder. 

What the thought-blocking process is?

Why does it occur?

How to solve it fast?

Let’s answer these all.

An example of the thought-blocking process 

Thought-blocking can occur at any time during the conversation, for example, you are telling a story to your friend, and you stop talking in the middle. Your friend asks you to continue, and you don’t even remember what you were talking about. This is a simple example of the thought-blocking process. 

What is meant by the Thought blocking process?

If you see it as a medical disease, it is caused by a mental health condition such as schizophrenia. And can be treated with proper medications. But there is another meaning for thought-blocking and we think that is a better explanation of this condition. And by understanding the situation this way, you can treat it on your own. 

A blocking thought process indicates an under-cultivated mind. The mind is like a garden, and it needs care and attention, yet it also and mainly has a life on its own that needs to be respected in its dynamics. A blocking thought process means that the inherent nature of the mind is not understood by the owner, to continue on the metaphor, they did not take care of their garden properly.

A blocking thought process occurs less often when a person truly sees the wisdom of their consciously cultivated mind. Like it is common to work on one’s physical body, humans should develop their minds. This will bring, beyond mental health and individual well-being, a wisdom we can benefit from as a species.

Causes of thought blocking process.

Thought blocking process

The thought blocking process can be caused by various reasons, and the reasons can be different depending on the person. 

Medically, it is caused by a mental health condition such as schizophrenia, brain injury, or some excessive drug use. But if you don’t suffer from any of these, then the thought-blocking process in you is because of the following reasons. 

Too much willpower – too little life-connection

A practice of exercising willpower over the natural human inclination is by being curious about potential opportunities and new circumstances, this could eliminate our desire of for novelty, diminish courage, and also restrict thought processes.

Too much stress 

It is normal to forget about things if you are dealing with a high level of stress. stress overwhelms one’s mind, you need some time to think about things before responding.  

Too little insight into the reality of the concepts 

If you have very little or no information about the reality of the concept that you are dealing with, their contents are high-jack the process so to speak. When this is the case, there is an exciting opportunity there: one is on the brink of new insight.

Bothersome personal thoughts 

Whatever arbitrary thought you have discovered squatting in your mind’s territory, do not be concerned – you are not alone.

The thought process might be blocked by personal thoughts, either requiring more attention like a trauma that is subconsciously asking for healing. Or an attachment to a specific idea about the work of someone’s identity that might be ‘keeping the thought process right where it is’, keeping it ‘stuck’.

Lack of outgrowing the individual mind. 

To improve one’s thinking skills, one develops something called ‘general thinking’. As philosophy is about ‘the absolute’, thinking is about the movement between those general thoughts and individual thoughts.

How Is Thought-Blocking Diagnosed?

The following are the conditions that help to diagnose the blocking thought process. 

Serious Anxiety

People who have severe social anxiety could encounter extreme discomfort at the idea of talking to or even mingling with other people. They might also decide to stay away from social situations whenever they can. While thought-blocking can happen in many forms of severe anxiety, the condition is not brought on by discomfort or fear. Episodes of thought blocking will happen regardless of the individuals’ psychological state.


Seizures are the outcome of the interrupted electrical activity of the mind and generally last under fifteen seconds. When a person experiences a petit mal seizure, it can seem much like an episode of consideration blocking. The individual might stare off into the distance, stop talking mid-sentence, and quit moving altogether. After the seizure, it’s very common for the person to have difficulty remembering what happened. 

How to treat the Blocking thought process fast?

Thought blocking process

Cognitive behavior therapy and cognitive enhancement therapy both can be beneficial for people with schizophrenia (one of the major causes of blocking thought processes)

Take a walk

Stopping your daily chores for a while and taking some personal time can help your recover from the blocking thought process fast. Generally, when the two parts of the brain (left and right) will start collaborating again, it will also cause a flow of other things like thoughts and creativity.

Disconnect from the task

A quick break from work, a conversation, or your daily routine can help you. Just stop everything and start again later with an improved mood.

Commit with yourself

Don’t just forget about the problem that is causing the blocking of thought in the process. Only agree with yourself to deal with that later. Your subconsciousness will continue to work

Engage in social activities.

Sometimes it’s good to be social and talk about your work. Not about the problem you are experiencing, but about the work, the general idea behind it, and ask the others what they think of it. Find a dialogue on the subject (not the problem!). Remember, you have to focus on the solution, not the problem. 

Do some Yoga

Yes, it can be helpful to make things and your thoughts flow the right way. Forget everything and do some yoga.


For our breath is the connection between our physical and mental bodies the science of pranayama can be helpful here.

The art of Questioning!

Yes, Questioning is an art, especially when it comes to yourself. To treat your blocking thought process, you have to question yourself. Ask yourself about the real reason behind the problem and how can you solve that. 

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