Are you getting old, and you have a sense of dissatisfaction in your heart? You often wonder why you have this feeling when everything is going well in your life. Everything seems perfect. Perfect for an outsider perspective. Ideal but not peaceful. Do you feel like an outcast at work? Does your life at home seem bizarre? Have you stopped enjoying it with your friends? Has your life lost meaning? Are you sick of the same monotonous routine? Is anxiety getting the best of you? Do you want to Escape a Malcontent Life? There is no way you can carry this on for the rest of your life. It would help if you found a way to make it all better.

Let us tell you, this sense of dissatisfaction and no inner peace is your mind’s way of telling you that your life might seem perfect, but it’s not. It’s not because you feel worthless. Because you have the potential to conquer the world, and you have settled for less because it was easier! Don’t you want more for yourself? Don’t you want the adrenaline you got from struggling and then achieving the impossible? Moreover, Don’t you want to feel young at heart again?

Close your eyes now, and ask yourself, would you rather have an unhappy and ‘perfect’ life, or would you struggle to conquer your dreams? Struggle for something you believe in. Revamp your life and become a star. Escape a Malcontent Life and start a journey that you’ve always wanted to have, and reach to that point of success where everyone praises you. Yes, it seems like a long way to go. Yes, it will have considerable hurdles, but aren’t these hurdles what gives meaning to life? Isn’t that what you want? To have the power of change, to give sense to your life, to your existence. Be successful in a journey that’s not perfect but a journey that makes you happy!

You know you have the ability to outsmart your biases and be a forward thinker. All you need to do is; take a leap of faith and give your dream a shot because only that is going to fill the gaps of contentment in your life! 

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