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The Law of Intentionality teaches that Growth needs taking intentional action. It doesn’t just happen itself or by accident. You require taking the necessary steps. The Law encompasses and empowers you in making transformative decisions that can change your life and those who live around you.

It speaks the power of choice to be intentional and choose to grow. You can choose what strengthens you, encourages you, and makes the best of your lives. It applies to every area of faith, development, and life. All that Growth takes is choosing what is good and right for you, infusing your life with joy. It helps to get into the hopeful future beyond the next decision.

Why Do You Need Growth?

You all want to follow the path of least resistance. But, Growth is an uphill journey that needs to be chosen. Growth is not a natural process. Most people accept their circumstances what life throws at them. They fail to lead and design their lives as most of you don’t even think it’s possible to do that way. Thus, they live reactionary somewhat intentional and proactive. May this not be your story!

If you pause to assess your life and build a plan for development and growth, you can bridge the gap between where you want to be and are called to be. Take time to develop a plan to grow potentially. When it comes to growing in character and as a person, add to your faith, knowledge, perseverance, and self-control. Growth in this manner doesn’t occur by accident or without the active participation of diligence and faith.

As you see, you grow on purpose and not unconsciously and need a growth plan like a personal curriculum for development and learning for life long. Growth needs to be brought by acting with intent and is not just an automatic process.

You get old and not better by accident. You could probably attest to areas in your life that haven’t improved with age by getting worse or bitter. Therefore, there is a great need to take your Growth seriously and add to your moral goodness. It won’t just happen by itself, and you must take steps for them.

Growth Misconceptions or Gap Traps

Each of you has the opportunity to cover the gap and bring your realities closer to your vision. If you have aspirations, goals, or dreams, you need to grow to accomplish them. However, you must make that a goal and follow through. You might have a mistaken belief or two about Growth. These beliefs can create a gap that prevents you from reaching your potential and hinder your Growth.

The Law of Intentionality

Let’s look at some of the misapprehensions about the Growth that hold you from following the Law of intentionality.

The Knowledge Gap

“I don’t know how to grow.”

When you don’t know how to grow, it can become a serious reason for not growing or improving and developing. However, lack of knowledge should not be an obstruction to your growth process. If you don’t know the process of growing, ask those who do. Take time to look out for the resources that can teach you and guide you towards your growth path. So, it would be best if you decided and intentionally planned how you will learn lessons or from whom you may learn to reach your potential. You have all the help you need out there, and you need to have the intent to find them.

The Assumption Gap

“I assume that I will grow automatically.”

Growth doesn’t come naturally, as is discussed above. You can’t succeed unless you are ready to face the challenges and overcome them, along with your preparedness to assume responsibilities. You must own your Growth as no one will do it for you. As you outgrow physically with your age, you don’t grow simply by living. You have to constantly improve yourself by taking all the necessary steps to figure out your growth strategy.

The Mistake Gap

“I’m afraid of making mistakes.”

Perfectionism is a trait that paralyzes and causes you to die with unfulfilled dreams. You need to understand that Growth is not at all neat and clean pursuit. Along the process, expect you to make mistakes and welcome them as part of learning and Growth. Besides, consider them as a sign that you are forwarding in the right direction. So, it would help if you overcome the worry of making mistakes. No doubt it is hard. But, all successful people or leaders must have overcome that fear to get achieve their Growth. So, move, make mistakes, learn, and go ahead. That is how the process works.

The Perfection Gap

“I Have to Find the Best Way Before I Start”

Perfection is a myth. It is similar to the mistake gap wherein practicing perfectionism and avoiding making mistakes, you lose your way towards Growth. To find the perfect way, you have actually to start your journey. The closer you keep getting in the path, the more clarity you will get in the way you are moving on. As per John Maxwell, it is similar to driving on a strange road at night. You can’t see the whole route if you don’t begin. But as you go ahead, the more roads get revealed to you. So to see more roads, you have to keep moving forward.

The Timing Gap

“It’s Not the Right Time to Begin”

The word ‘later’ is the natural killer of many dreams. Procrastination keeps you stuck from achieving your potential. The Law of Diminishing Intent says that the longer you wait for doing something, the less are the chances of you doing it. Most people end up talking themselves out of the plan and action-taking for them to make progress. If you are waiting for the perfect timing, the problem is you will be waiting forever. Whatever you intend to bring the change and improvement in yourself, it is time to do now. Timing is everything, and it is now! It would help if you started to reach somewhere.

The Comparison Gap

“Others Are Better Than I Am”

If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will be taking away the precious moments of your life. Comparison is the thief of happiness, as said by Theodore Roosevelt. Always remember the truth that there will be someone better than you. So rejoice in the one in front of you as you will learn the best from the better ones. So get over the comparison gap and get out of your comfort zone.

The Inspiration Gap

“I Don’t Feel Like Doing It.”

You may have a thousand reasons to give up on following your path towards Growth, but only one reason is enough to make you go ahead anyway. And that is the inspiration you wanted. It can be anything. The diehard need to make a difference in your life and get ahead can be the inspiration. If you don’t start already, the reason to keep going far will outweigh the reasons to start. So, if you want to look for the reasons to keep growing, hang on long enough to see the benefits. Commit to yourself and stick with your plan of giving yourself enough time to prove.

The Expectation Gap

“I Thought it Would Be Easier Than This”

Growth doesn’t come instantly. It would help if you had patience, kept doing the hard work, and did not let failures get in your way of Growth. It would help if you created your luck. The lower you set the standard, the higher you will perceive the results. So, instead of expecting that it will be easier, know the fact it won’t be. But, you will be able to manage, and nothing can stop you. As per John Maxwell, when opportunity, attitude, preparation, and actions are combined, you get lucky. Become intentional about your Growth to fulfill your goals, and it will change your life for good.

Know About Yourself to Grow- The Conclusion

The Law of Intentionality

It would help if you were about yourself to reach your potential. The Law of intentionality can be practiced if you follow the Law of awareness that teaches you must know who you are to grow. Here it would help if you were honest with yourselves. Undeniably, growing and improving is a process, and so is knowing you. Therefore, you must take intentional steps to begin the process of Growth.

Growth can be messy. It can be challenging. However, others want to grow and have such discussions. To become the person you intend to be and reach your Growth, you must do more than experience life and hope you learn along the way. You must step outside your comfort zone and seize the growth opportunities as if your whole future depends upon it. Growth doesn’t just happen out of the blue for anybody. You have to get it intentionally. Invest in your Growth! Invest in your life!

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