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Things don’t just happen; synchronicity signs explain the concept. Psychiatrist Carl Jung first discussed the concept. We have different ways of achieving our goals in life. What works for “A” might not work for “B.” With each step we take, every decision and approach we follow, the universe backs it up in an unexplainable way.

What are synchronicity signs?  Synchronicity signs are used to describe the alignment of events and occurrences in our lives. This kind of feeling cannot be explained by scientific evidence. It gives assurance about a decision to be made. It fuels our intuition. When your soul gets involved in anything, nothing happens by accident. Your soul influences your decision-making through the thoughts and images it provides. It gives you certainty and assurance about our decisions.

Sometimes, we seem to be happy for nothing. That is not ultimately true because the mind senses positive and negative actions that the brain hasn’t captured yet. When we look deep into our minds, we will find out. The mind has a way of speaking to us through clues, riddles, symbols, etc. It would help if you had a deep investigation and a solid mental awareness to uncover this information.

synchronicity signs

Synchronicity is formed from the word “sync.” It’s the process of experiencing an arrangement or coincidence that arouses courage. We begin to wonder how some events come to favor us at a crucial time. We ask ourselves how things may be falling in place steadily and progressively. The song your spirit drew attention to when you woke up, and you sang it well in and out of the shower. It is the same song a radio presenter played on your way to work. You begin to wonder what is happening; today must be a good day.

Synchronicity signs occur when our inner thoughts connect with the outer world, places, people, and things. They are spiritual significances that momentarily reduce our self-obsession and consider divine possibilities. When these signs happen, they leave us with the experience that we curiously seek to know. We tend to pay more attention to things around us. It creates a moment that sparks different thoughts in us.

It could be a coincidence and also could be your inner world connecting to your outer activities. It depends on what you believe. Many people don’t believe synchronicity signs are possible; they believe in only what they can see.

Why do synchronicity signs happen

If synchronicity signs are real, why do we get them? Many people will ask this question. Yes, synchronicity signs are real. The reason why we get them is simple. Sometimes we need a push or encouragement that we are on the right path. However, it could also tell us if we are going down a potentially dangerous path. Generally, when these signs lead us to make some choices, those are the best to get the best results.

Synchronicity signs happen to show that our efforts and purposes are aligning. It encourages us to do more, to yield the best outcome. You might feel extra energy in you to do things at times, and then they fall in place. It happens everywhere. In most cases, you don’t have to do more than you have been doing before things align. There are two ways to achieve success: the effort or the preparatory side and the delivery side. A person might spend lots of time in the effort stage and not do well in the delivery stage. Synchronicity signs can aid the ability to deliver.

For example, this has at one time or another applied to us. Going into an exam hall knowing fully well you haven’t prepared as much as you would have. With so many fears in your heart, you entered the exam center only to find out you read only the places that came out. When synchronicity signs happen, part of yourself already knows what you should be doing. You need help in bringing your thoughts into reality.

Relationship between synchronicity signs and coincidence

Synchronicity signs are signs that lead us to make the right choices. Coincidence is the accidental occurrence of events happening at the same time but seems to have a connection. Anything your mind gives you an initial idea about is not a coincidence. Coincidence might happen, and you will forget about it with time. Synchronicity signs leave you with the curiosity to look deeper into your soul. Whether the occurrences are coincidences or synchronicity signs, it all depends on how it translates in your mind.

synchronicity signs

Billions of ideas flow through our minds every day, and that is why you can wake up to see an idea you just thought about being implemented by another person. Synchronicity signs are multiple signs pointing our attention towards a path. Someone once said, “Synchronicity is when coincidence shifts the motion of your life.”

Moreover, synchronicity signs are coincidental happenings. That’s the relationship between them. All synchronicity signs are coincidental happenings, but not all coincidental happenings are synchronicity signs. Carl Jung described synchronicity signs as a meaningful coincidence.

Difference between serendipity and synchronicity signs

Serendipity is when something good accidentally occurs. An example is being in urgent need of something, and then you get it accidentally. Synchronicity signs are a series of occurrences that are highly sensitive and meaningful.

Difference between synchronicity signs and Apophenia

Apophenia is the inclination to see meaningful connections and patterns between unrelated or random things. There is no specific scientific explanation of synchronicity signs, and many have called it Apophenia. Synchronicity is not seeing false patterns in random and meaningless information. Both apophenia and synchronicity signs exist. Synchronicity signs don’t create misleading connections; it leads us on the path of truth. Apophenia accepts connections that are valid between unrelated occurrences to make quality decisions.

Synchronicity signs have been one of the most complex and misunderstood concepts. It causes people to question within them what is rational and scientific. While both apophenia and synchronicity signs tend to look alike, there are apparent differences. Apophenia is what a rational thinker would do, reflecting on recent or past occurrences. Synchronicity signs come with a feeling and a prompt from within. Apophenia will help you to draw conclusions and unravel mysteries. Synchronicity signs will assure you that you are on the right or wrong path.

The synchronicity idea is to draw a balance between the seen and the unseen world. To brew a connection between the inner and the outside world. Carl Jung, in his thesis, said these signs might have come as a result of the human desire to heal and grow. He also added that synchronicity signs are elements that connect people to the more profound truth about their existence. They are signs from the spiritual and authentic part of our being. Some described those signs as miracles or guides from heaven.

Typical forms of Synchronicity Signs

  1. I see repeated numbers. An example is when checking your time (11:11, 10:01, 02:20, 08:08).
synchronicity signs
  • It is at the right place at the right time.
  • Thinking about something, and it happens.
  • I was dreaming about people, places, or animals and seeing them in real life.
  • I see repeated signs and figures.
  • Strange alignment of dates of birth between friends, colleagues, or partners.
  • I am hearing people discuss what is very helpful to you at a particular time.
  • I hear different songs at different places with the same meaning.
  • Stumbling on information that coincides with the situation you are passing through.
  • Thinking about someone and then the person calls you.
  • Running into someone over and over again

How to be open to synchronicity signs

People who choose to walk on the inner path of self-enlightenment and transformation are more open to synchronicity signs.

What are the steps involved?

  1. Be mindful and alert in your mind
  2. Pay attention to your dreams
  3. Look for symbolic meanings
  4. Research about timing coincidence
  5. Be open and receptive
  6. Be humble
  7. Be flexible
  8. Trust yourself
  9. Follow your instincts
  10. Use tools: Tools such as tarot cards and the pendulum can be helpful when interpreting synchronicity signs.

What are the things that create Synchronicity

  1. The unconscious mind
  2. The harmony of energy
  3. The Law of attraction
  4. The Psychic abilities

Finally, don’t ignore the synchronicity signs you come across. At first, it might look like luck. The more you experience it, the more you see that it is more than just luck or mere coincidence. They are not just events to make us happy; they are guidance and assurance that we are on the right path. Ignoring such signs will be detrimental to our success. The best way to look for these signs is not to expect them. Sounds crazy? But that’s the truth.

Take your mind off expectations and be calm. The signs will come. When these signs come, always pay attention to what you are thinking at the moment. The power to see and interpret these signs starts and ends with you (your intuition). Join us at The Black Sheep Community today for more clarification and guidance.

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