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Throughout history, symbols of wisdom have been used by us humans to communicate effectively with each other. Since the brink of our existence, it emerged as a sign and clue for humans to predict and receive hinted messages respectively. Over some time, it became a signalling criterion and a part of the culture. Symbols of wisdom refer to those signs, clues, and hidden messages used for sense and intelligence.

Though there has been a wide range of clues and hidden messages in the form of objects and codes, we must delve down deep into the selective culturally adopted objects. Those culturally notable and universally accepted symbols of wisdom convey a profound message to all people generally. These hidden messages were used in the Greek era as well. And it is currently used in intelligence agencies as well to convey hidden messages more privately.

The prominent dynasties and empires that set the footprints of their legacy have left universally accepted hidden messages in the form of objects. These symbols of wisdom provide a clear and sensible message. Some of the images and signs that have been used played a crucial role universally, which we will be discussing in the paragraphs below.

Raven – One of the symbols of wisdom:

Raven- symbol of wisdom

The first symbol is a bird known as the ‘Raven’, which embodies misfortune and devastation. The Raven and the Crow have been associated with the news of disaster and death. The visual representation uses this sign to foreshadow the horrific impact of its appearance on that particular house when it appears before the death of someone. The infamous poem by Edgar Allen Poe symbolized this raven for bringing catastrophic deaths of dear ones. These symbols of wisdom are universally a bad omen for people.  


raven- symbol of wisdom

The phoenix is a mythological bird that signifies rebirth and the revival of something from its ashes as the phoenix can raise itself again from its ashes. Thus, this sign is used to describe strength and perseverance. Those who can emerge and carry on after catastrophic life disasters are often symbolized by a phoenix. Thus, the Phoenix is a source of showing one’s strength, courage, and valor.

Lion – one of the symbols of wisdom:

lion- symbols of wisdom

The lion signifies the quality of being superior and strong among others. The lion has always been the king of the jungle. Thus, it symbolized those who have the quality to lead and supervise others rigorously. The Lion is one of the symbols of wisdom to show one’s level of valor, strength, sternness, domination, and superiority among other people. Several idioms have been made in the appraisal of the lion, signifying royalty and superiority.

Spider – Symbols of Wisdom:

spider- symbols of wisdom

The spider is one of the symbols of wisdom to show mystery and growth. The way the spider’s web gradually increases symbolized growth and progress. Besides this, the spider also shows the construction of reality through effective decisions. The decisions are signified to be crucial in creating one’s fortune and reality in life. The spider shows the need to take effective and rightful decisions in life. Many people are sceptical of the decision-making effect on their life. Thus the spider signals one to count it a crucial step in creating reality.


The wolf is aspired to and adored among other symbols of wisdom. It shows loyalty and strongly determines the nature of the person. The wolf has gained importance for its loyalty and courageous nature among animals. This symbol shows integrity, loyalty, courage, determination, independence, and freedom. Wolves are fearless and courageous in staying preserved and determined in life. Other than this, the sense of guardianship and protection is also with the wolf. Thus, it determines guardianship as well.

Triangle- Symbols of Wisdom:


Though the triangle is simple, it conveys a great message among other symbols of wisdom. It shows the strength and the strong force of the deity. In the Christian religious context, the three pillars signify the Father (GOD), Son, and the holy spirit. But generally, it shows stability and balance in one’s life. It also indicates signalling power over others. Thus, in actuality, it shows the power and strength of a person or country.

Rainbow – Symbols of wisdom:

Rainbow- symbols of wisdom

The Rainbow is the depiction of hope and optimism in life. It signals one to be hopeful about fulfilling their dreams optimistically. The rainbow also signals the promise of prosperity and progress after going through tough times in life. This sign provides hope and a message of optimism. During tough times, one gets pessimistic and hopeless. Thus, these symbols of wisdom encourage one to pursue dreams and cherish fulfilling their dreams after experiencing tough times.

In a nutshell, these symbols of wisdom show a profound hidden message to people. Visual presenters and storytellers use these symbols of wisdom in their art and creativity. The efforts of comprehending and understanding the hidden meanings of these signs are interesting. Besides this, it makes a person astute and shrewd in life. These signs become a concise source of conveying messages easily. People have remained obsessed with their use in the past and present. 

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