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Sustainable Behavioral Change: Taking care of the environment around you has become critical as resources diminish over time. As a result, companies, and Brands worldwide have started to take the initiative toward sustainability. So, to help you be a part of the changing world, here are three steps to help achieve sustainable behavioral change in your organization.

These steps are simple to understand but challenging to put into action. Hence, you will have to make an extra effort to work individually with your employees to help them understand the need to change.

Step 1: Build Awareness To Achieve Sustainable Behavioral Change

Suppose the organization doesn’t know about your mission, objectives, and goals. In that case, it is practically beyond the realm of possibilities for employees of an organization to contribute to their fullest to adapt to achieve sustainable behavioral change in months. Guaranteeing all are entirely mindful of your arranged change program engages them to decide and act in manners that best effect progress.

Moreover, to achieve sustainable behavior change, you open others’ actual capacity for commitment and groundbreaking behaviors as they completely comprehend what is happening. It would help if you fixed the gap with attractive information and get the attention of your employees regarding the subject. Only then will you be able to achieve sustainable behavioral change. As you plan a changing schedule or think about bringing another component into your organization that motivates sustainability, you can pose some of the questions below to achieve sustainable behavioral change:

  1. Do the workers have any idea why the organization is participating in achieving sustainable behavioral change?
  2. Do they comprehend what the change exertion involves and what their job is?
  3. Do they know what might go against the plan of attaining sustainable behavioral change?
  4. Could it be said that they are mindful and have knowledge regarding what is happening and why it is happening?
  5. Has the leaders’ correspondence mentioned the stage of change?

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Step 2: Motivate the Employees to Achieve Sustainable Behavioral Change

Sustainable Behavioral Change

When you are sure your workers can now understand the need to achieve sustainable behavioral change, they are inevitably at the next step to achieve sustainable behavioral change. Hence, you need to check whether they have the inspiration and want to act to move forward. All the mindfulness on the planet amounts to nothing if there isn’t the inspiration to take care of business.

While it is important to have inspirational leaders, it is even more important that the employees are motivated enough to want the change. In many organizations, the employees’ enthusiasm can be an alternate matter, and leaders may struggle to encourage them.

Therefore, as a leader, you should plan sufficient and sustainable inspiration before and after achieving sustainable behavioral change. While books can be and have been composed on impulse, you can take inspiration from them and write your own set of questions to motivate your employees to achieve sustainable behavioral change. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself:

  1. Do the workers in the organization care about achieving sustainable behavioral change?
  2. Are there any positive results when they have a behavioral change?
  3. How is their behavior affecting the organization? Positively or negatively?
  4. Is their desire or need to sustain self-maintaining? If not, how should the leaders push it along?
  5. Do the organizational frameworks motivate the employees? E.g., pay frameworks, incentives, performance management, etc.

Step 3: Create Opportunities For Employees to Achieve Sustainable Behavior Change

Do the employees of an organization that wants to achieve sustainable change have the chance to reach out and push the endeavors ahead? Do they have a fitting impact on the change exertion and supporting cycles and processes? Is drive from them welcomed by their leaders, and do they feel motivated and appreciated enough? These are only a small bunch of inquiries to think about while looking at the fourth essential to achieve sustainable behavioral change.

Be sure you have not unintentionally lashed the hands of individuals who will be answerable for the progress of the change exertion. Be sure that open doors are there for improvement, and you need to make opportunities to achieve sustainable behavioral change.

This can incorporate the essential opportunities for sending off the change, yet also for cooperating with you. Make sure to permit time for training and development as you go forward. Moreover, you need to provide your employees with feedback. Efforts to change will be new, and stakes will be high, so you must provide your employees with support and opportunities to grow if they achieve sustainable behavioral change.

Giving ideal and standard input is extremely important, and you need to keep a check and balance on yourself. Hence, some questions have been formulated in this article that you can ask yourself in the process of achieving sustainable behavioral change. They are as follows:

  1. How might the organization portray the outcomes or potential effect of the efforts made by the employees?
  2. Have the leaders given valuable feedback to the employees in their journal towards achieving sustainable behavioral change?
  3. Has the organization laid out a reasonable association among results, rewards, and change?


Moreover, when taken into notice and played out correctly, these components guarantee positive feedback that will support the sustainable behavioral change and work towards achieving it in the long run. 

In this article, three different steps were highlighted to achieve sustainable behavioral change in your organization. These steps included; first building awareness about the change, then motivating the employees, and lastly, creating opportunities for employees to move to achieve sustainable behavior change willingly. Moreover, many questions were posed for each step to help keep you on track to achieve sustainable behavioral change in your company and be a part of a better world!

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