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Kairos was the god of opportunity and Zeus’ youngest son in Greek mythology. A bronze statue of Kairos depicted him as a youth with winged feet, a long lock of hair hanging down his forehead, and no hair at all on the back. It is depicted as the statue of opportunity.

The inscription beneath it read in part: “What is thy name?” My name is Opportunity. “Why do you have wings on your feet?” “That I will be able to fly efficiently” “How come you have such a big forelock?” “That men will apprehend me when I arrive.” “Can you tell me why you’re bald in the back?” “That no one will be able to catch me as I pass.”

The message of Kairos is clear: Either we grasp hold of Opportunity when it approaches by wholeheartedly embracing our statue of opportunities or it passes us by swiftly and leaves us nothing with nothing to detain it.

And every experience in life is indeed an opportunity. Life is a priceless gift that allows us to give back by growing and becoming more. Each of us is confronted with a never-ending stream of great opportunities, the majority of which are cleverly disguised as impossibilities are coined as the statute of opportunities. Those obstacles that appear to be most challenging, offer us opportunities to discover deep resources within ourselves so long we prepare and choose to embrace them with the appropriate responses.

How are you choosing to respond to the impossible situations in your life? Will they become a statue of opportunities for growth and healing or will you blame others for your woes when you lose them?

The next time you are faced with an impossible situation, choose to see it as a branch from the statute of opportunities for your advancement and take a look at some of the keys that will help you grasp hold of it before the opportunity pass you bye.




Success starts with a commitment to the desired outcome. It has nothing to do with chance and all to do with a determination to be ready when you are faced with the rare statute of opportunity for you to utilize. Luck, according to the great Roman philosopher Seneca, is what happens when planning meets opportunity.


One of the best pieces of advice you could get from any business mentor in the early part of your career will be to be over-prepared and shoot straight arrows. This advice will serve you in your entire career life when you will often be faced with tough business negotiations without any prior knowledge of which issues may come up. It simply means the statute of opportunities will most likely present itself to you when you least expect them.

It is much preferable and better to be prepared for an opportunity and not receive one than to receive one and not be equipped! Thomas Edison was willing to roll up his sleeves and try out every possible scenario in his experiments to find the solutions that worked. Throughout his lifetime, he held a world record for 1,093 separate inventions.

Edison said that most people miss life’s great opportunity because it shows up dressed in overalls and looks like work! Your statute of opportunities will require you to put in some effort before you win tremendously.

Look For What Works

We may spend so much time ruminating over our own damaged statue of opportunity so much that we miss out on other numerous great ones. Don’t get caught up in the details of what went wrong. Instead, concentrate on the next step. Concentrate your efforts on getting yourself ready n set for the available statue of opportunity.



Focus on your potential instead of your limitations. In the world of energy, whatever we focus on expands. Keep your consciousness focused on the present moment so you can receive whatever gift, lesson, or delight that moment has to offer. If you’ve lost focus, sit down and be still. Take the idea into your mind and rock it to and fro.

Keep some of it and throw some away, until it renews itself. Once it is renewed, adjust your focus and go for it. Every statue of opportunity requires some honed skills and talents. Focus your attention on sharpening and mastering those skills.

Make The Most Of Every Experience

Learn all you can from everyone, whenever you can. Be active in every activity you take part in so you can appreciate all of the hidden information in all statue of opportunity. Review what worked and what didn’t, fine-tune the strategy, and let go of the emotional commitment to the process to take control of it. When you do this, you can distil the lessons you learn from every experience and be prepared to have another shot at the next statue of opportunity.

Be Grateful

Give thanks for every one of the lessons you have learned during the times you have failed to make the most of any statue of opportunity that had come your way. Gratitude will help you stay positive. Time flies by so fast, people move in and out of your life, and situations continuously change. Never pass up the chance to tell someone how much they matter to you or to give thanks for what is going right in your life now. Tomorrow everything may look different and the rare golden statue of opportunity gone.

Stay Opened To Possibilities


Waiting for the most exceptional opportunities to present themselves will only make you dejected and wary when the statute of opportunity refuses to show up. Take ordinary occasions and transform them into extraordinary ones! Weakness is a sign of those who wait for only the golden statue of opportunities that may never show up; the strong and wise ones take hold of the moment and turns it into a brilliantly finished statue of opportunity.

Be Willing To Take Risk

Never fear risk. There can never be growth without a well-thought exploration process and gimmicks. Without challenge and risk, we cannot reach our highest potential. We are never going to reach our full potential unless we have experienced extreme and tough situations. We must pass the tests before we begin to flourish. It is by risking going ‘too far’ that we learn just how far we can go! It is fine to be doubtful but you must kill the fear of failure and shun the side of precaution for you to be counted a winner.

Kiss Fear Of Failure Goodbye

Life’s ups and downs provide you with opportunities to determine your true values and goals. You discover your values and goals by exploring and experiencing what they are not. That is not failure; it is simply called learning. Instead of seeing your learning as a setback, consider each experience as a springboard towards the life of your dream. The earlier you shun and grow beyond all your fear factors about success and failure, the sooner you’ll be able to seize new status opportunities and achieve fantastic results.

Work with a capable team


No man is an island as they say is very true and correct in all situations. It isn’t a crime that you don’t have some of the requirements to succeed with every statue of opportunity that comes your way. You should walk up to the person and people who will assist you to maximally reap from any opportunity that comes your way. When you form a formidable partnership with people, the beauty of such collaboration is that you have a better chance of reaping bounteously from every statue of opportunity at your disposal.

NOTE: Not every statue of opportunity in life will work for you at all times, you win some and of course, life has a way of making you lose others. Also, never be discouraged when the opportunities are not coming at the expected time, it is better to be prepared for the opportunities and not come when you must have prepared than to be caught unawares. You can’t afford to be unprepared when the statute of opportunities is available to you.


Statue of opportunities are things you don’t get to take back once they are lost. This is why it was devastating when leaders around the world were met unaware of the COVID-19 pandemic. Materials arrived late, experts’ concerns were not given priority, and there were no specific instructions. We’ll never know if the virus could have been slowed if the whole world had acted more quickly to take the chance to stop it. There has, however, been an achievement amid failure.

Heroes of all kinds have learned in recent weeks and months that the pandemic’s effects have also provided a cool statue of opportunity to meet expectations, extend goodwill, and support one another. This period in history can be characterized solely by a statute of opportunities: both the ones we squandered as well as the ones we equally grabbed.

So, how are you seizing the opportunities before you? Do you allow them to slip off your fingers or do you maximize them to the best of your ability? The next time opportunity knocks, may you be ready to grasp it by the forelock and let its winged feet carry your efforts to full completion!

The statue of opportunity in ancient Greece as spoken above with its long flowing hair in the front and a bald head in the back. This description though strange is meant to ring a bell into our subconscious that each opportunity is something you can grab while it’s coming at you, but you can’t catch hold of it after it’s passed. Every day, everybody has 86,400 seconds to use or misuse. You can’t get your time back after it’s gone if you don’t use it appropriately.

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