Every day number of people are born with disparate natures, tastes, opinions, and personalities. What if certain baleful or unpleasant experiences turn you into a social outcast?

However, there is nothing wrong with that, by being a social outcast you have automatically gained some experiences and life lessons that others might never have based on what you have gone through Its nature’s rule to illuminate something unique from mundane. You are not odd; you are just distinctive.

Now You should discredit all those hurtful comments that have been flung at you over the years. And simply push them back to the back of your mind and neglect their importance while at the same time retaining the lesson taught to them. Just imagine brushing them off you like you are simply brushing off a piece of lint and going on with what your heart says.

As the author says in the best-selling book, ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ – “to halt your worries about this world and do what it relishes you. When something unusual happens, a good thing is born instead, just like an explosion of the earth gives birth to groovy planets.” So here you go:

“When you feel like a social outcast, it means something jubilating is rejuvenating in you.”

Take this as an opportunity from the heavens to reform you to something not forgettable. Rather than weeping for something that isn’t important.  A Water lily is born in debris and an unpleasant environment, but still, it turns out to be beautiful and eye-catching.

Innovation and social outcast

Being unusual is a notion of something new. Innovations always come from social outcasts. Being different can have a pleasant effect on you and others around you. To turn the life of a social outcast into a quest for meaningful innovation requires some substantial developments from the person involved.

 Let me felicitate you first that, with a bit of reworking, you can shine bright like a diamond in this society. Diamond cost a lot, but these tips won’t, you just have to give a little of your heart to them. So my social outcast friend! Here you go:

  • Go with your heart
  • Be mindful
  • Work on social skills
  • Make friends for pleasure
  • Find your passion
  • Say your mind and heart
  • Everyone is born with talent so try to find yours
  • Focus on love rather than hate
  • Embrace changes
  • Be the first one to say hello
  • Stay consistent and focused
  • Spot good in others
  • Stop overthinking
  • Eat with your mates
  • Do yoga or meditation
  • Give a helping hand to others

Last but not least is to be always the one who spreads love. Pay attention to your heart more than anything around you. Your heart is a valuable diamond, so treasure it, my social outcast friend!!

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