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The school doesn’t Prepare us for Life: What did you study in high school? What subjects did you have back then? And What were you taught in those subjects? Did algebra help you in any way in your grown-up life? Or did trigonometry help you solve adult problems? You will find yourself wondering about all the time you spent on subjects that do not matter in real life. Schools help you get into a college.

They do not prepare you for the life ahead of you, and so many students and fresh graduates have trouble saving money and even paying their bills.

Schools focus on teaching theories and concepts and do not focus on teaching students how to react in practical situations.

Here are a few examples for you to see how school doesn’t prepare us for life.

Talentless Students

At the beginning of student life, children are enrolled in different classes where they are expected to learn and memorize concepts in science, history, math, etc. They go from one class to another without knowing the real reason they are told to study these subjects. They know that they are supposed to get good grades if they want to get into college.

Spending their time doing their homework and assignments, without even realizing it, they become slaves to education. They do not question their education system. They do not have the time or the mindset to stop and think about what they want to do in life.

Maybe someone had the talent to be a pianist, maybe someone had a passion for art, but these students are never taught to explore their talents. Instead, they are given a curriculum that they must follow, and if the students fail to do so, they are told that they will be failures in life. Is that true? If you’re not good at school, are you bound to fail in life? Are all the people who were good students and had straight A’s living a lavish life?

School bullies you with so many studies that you cannot explore the real talent hidden inside you. After spending a depressing life, many people understand that they never enjoyed their life because they never enjoyed their work. They change their fields in the late years of their life because they never had proper guidance in their early years, and due to that, they have suffered.

Every child is talented. Every student is talented. Schools should be a platform where children can freely explore their talents at an early age to build a happy life around those talents. Schools need to understand that a future cannot be built around only books. Every child is different. Every child deserves to explore his or her inner self.

Why School doesn't Prepare us for Life

Lack of Skill

It is fair to say that students who have just graduated from high school have no set of skills. They do not know how to live in the real world. If they have developed any skill in their high school years, they have learned from the part-time jobs done to earn pocket money. Otherwise, the school does not contribute to teaching any necessary skills to the students.

The fundamental problem that students face after graduating from school is their unfamiliarity with the way money works. Not a single class in school teaches you how to save money, handle money, and earn money through investment. You will see many students struggling with handling their finances even after scoring well in their mathematical and finance courses. This is because the studies in schools are strictly theoretical, and nothing in those school textbooks teaches them to be practical!

Post-high-school, when students move into different cities or away from their parents, they realize that they do not have the skills to feed themselves. They realize that food will not be presented to them on a plate all their life. Now, they have to get up and go to the kitchen, cook something, and feed themselves. However, when they enter the kitchen, they get confused, and it takes a while before they end up learning this essential skill of life.

Education is critical, but along with education, we as humans must train ourselves to be good at some skills. You will notice that you will need to develop a particular set of skills to excel in your job and your career. Just like that, to excel in life, you need to have a particular set of skills.

Why School doesn't Prepare us for Life

The question arises: who is responsible for teaching kids these skills? Children spend most of their childhood and teenage years in schools, so it should be the school’s responsibility to educate the children from textbooks and educate them on the real and practical skills that will help them live their lives. Schools should understand that children need to focus on other skills and explore their talents to live a healthy life. A healthy life will contribute to building a successful one.

If your school is not focusing on contributing to your future, we advise you to take classes that help build your skills and help you explore your talents. It would help if you built a better life for yourself. The sooner you realize this, the better. Take a dance class if you feel like it or take a management class to improve your management skills. You will see that you will grow as a person but be sure to take classes that teach you to do practical work and give you some theoretical knowledge!

How does school prepare us for life?

There are also numerous ways in which school helps us prepare for the real work world. It teaches us many qualities that are essential in work life.

Communication skills:

Employers in official life prefer someone who has excellent communication skills. School life helps you gain confidence in communicating or socializing which you eventually use in your practical life.

Problem-solving skills:

There is a number of assignments and activities of which you become a part of your school. Those activities require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. And this is one of the most important skills to have in your practical life especially if you are in management or leadership roles.

Time management:

How many classes does the student attend each day? How does he manage to do his homework & how does he get time to play?? These are some of the things that a student is managing in his school life. This time management helps him prepare for practical life where there will be numerous tasks to manage in a limited time.

These are some of the basic things that have a huge impact on practical life but a student starts learning them in his school life.

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