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In late 2014, internationally acclaimed blogger and podcaster Chris Ducker coined the term “Youpreneur” to describe the rise of the personal brand entrepreneur, a new business model that very few people saw coming. Since then, the Youpreneur has risen to the top across sectors. A Youpreneur transcends the old rules of business and builds a sustainable business from the foundation of their experience, interests, and personality-their personal brand.

Youpreneurs draw an engaged, loyal audience even as they pursue varying, changing interests. They play by their own rules, and they reap the benefits. Ready to pivot for the last time, guarantee the success of your business, and become the go-to leader in your industry? Chris Ducker will show you how to develop the Business of You and build a future-proof business model.

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In late 2014, I coined the term Youpreneur to describe the rise of the personal brand entrepreneur and a new business model that very few people saw coming. A Youpreneur transcends the old rules of business and builds a sustainable and lasting business from the foundation of their experience, interests, and person- ality… ultimately, their personal brand. A Youpreneur IS the very public face of their business, and they draw an en- gaged, loyal audience even as they pursue varying, changing interests. Think Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

These Youpreneurs can and do pursue everything they’re interested in, and their communities follow along eagerly. A Youpreneur leverages the timelessness of their personality and unique experience to lead and grow with their audiences despite changing economies, shifting technologies, and uncertain circumstances. Youpreneurs play by their own rules, and if you’re ready to join the movement, you’ll notice two huge benefits, both immediately and going forward:

A personal brand business is the last pivot you’ll ever need to make.

With a personal brand business, however, the only and final business you have to build is The Business of You. You’re free to pursue all your professional inter- ests under the umbrella of being a Youpreneur, and a change in interests doesn’t mean losing all the work you’ve already put into building, marketing, and mone- tizing. Establishing my personal brand has meant that all my interests, even as they change, are still part of the Chris Ducker brand, and that my audience follows me as I pursue, explore, develop, and share those interests. If I want to talk about entrepreneurship one day and travel the next, I can do that because my business isn’t about any one product or service. It’s about me and the people I serve, just as your Youpreneur business will be about you and the people you serve.  

Like I said, I’m used to building businesses from the ground up. I’ve done it for myself multiple times, and I’ve personally coached hundreds of others through the same process. It’s a lot of work, and it can be dispiriting to think that if you ever want to try a different business down the road, you’ll have to start all over again. If you’ve yet to build your first business, it can be daunting to wonder how long it’ll last before market trends demand you pivot, sell, or start again.

The Youpreneur business model is future-proof. 

This is where it gets really exciting. Everything I’ve observed and experienced as a Youpreneur confirms that personal brand businesses are future-proof in the way no entrepreneur, or business model, has been before. Think about it: when your business is focused only on a service or product you provide, customers have little incentive to stay loyal. They’ll jump ship for the next- lowest price if all they have to compare is deliverables. But Youpreneurs know better than that. For us, business is about relationships, and relationships inspire loyalty, generosity, and service in an infinite loop.

 It’s this mindset that will help you become the go-to source—the go-to leader in your market. People want to do business with other people. Youpreneurs make sure their audiences know them as people, and as a direct result, they have none of the external constraints and worries that product- or service-focused businesses do. As a Youpreneur, no matter what happens in the world, outside forces can’t control or dictate what your business does, how much money you can make, or how big an impact you can have.

You’re in full control, and the future is always bright. Now, make no mistake, launching The Business of You is still a huge under- taking. It requires the same enormous effort as starting any business, but the facts are that it’s the last pivot you’ll ever have to make, and you’ll be future-proofing yourself and your success going forward. This book will walk you through the exact process I followed when shifting from entrepreneur to Youpreneur myself.

It’s the same process I’ve walked literally thou- sands of students and coaching clients through as they’ve made the switch them- selves. You can read step-by-step, building your business with every page, and you’ll come out the other side with a solid personal brand and proven “Youpreneur ecosystem” that’ll sustain you and those who you desire to serve for years to come. Ready to rise and future-proof your business as a Youpreneur? Good. Let’s get started!

Ducker pointed out that he loses a lot of momentum in creating businesses when he does it under a business name rather than under his own personal brand. As he noted in the forward, people want to buy from people that they know and trust. It takes a long time for people to trust a faceless corporation. That’s why he said it’s important for the leader of the business to get out in front and become known and trusted.

By shifting to a Youpreneur business, you will save time and energy as you pivot in your business to new ventures. People who are following and purchasing from you will make the pivot because they know and trust you already.

Decker went on to explain his concept of Youpreneur or The Business of You in this 267-page book. The book is organized into three major parts:

Much of what Ducker shared could be very much associated with starting a business. However, the analysis that you are going to do focuses on you as an individual rather than the business. You are going to have to sit down and reflect on what makes you someone that others will want to do business with.

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Pages:        288

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