One of the factors that drive people today is influence (high impact). They must have seen someone do something somewhere, and they try to model after that idea if they like it. High impact has a great influence on people and their way of doing things. Influence is a very strong decoder when it comes to people looking up to their leaders. It is very important that every leader becomes more careful about what they do. Intentionally or not, we tend to have an impact on people. Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you say, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” 

For people who don’t have direct mentors or leaders they learn from at some points have picked up pieces of ideas from different people. Combining all this will have a high impact on how they do things. You may never be able to measure the extent of the impact on people. If having a high positive impact on people is easy, we would have a good society and organization. We have too many conflicting doctrines about a concept which has led us to do the part that fits us. 

Leadership and high impact works hand in hand. It is one of the best positions to influence people. Not only that, popular people have a high impact on people. That is why they call them influencers because their fans can be easily compelled to do some things. Superstars like footballers, musicians and media personalities contribute to a larger percentage of what the youths do. These are the people that they like and love their way of life. Some of these people even have reality shows about their relationships with their families and the like. This is impactful. 

Why Positive High Impact Is Hard 

The world is under a higher negative influence than good. It starts from home to the streets and offices. At home, the parents are the leaders, and they help shape the future of their infants. Having a high positive impact is hard because people hate the truth. Only a few people have an interest in the truth and a lot of people push for lies. The things that catch our attention and trend these days are things that do not add value. Negative impact on the coming generation is high with the things they are being exposed to. 

Positive high impact is difficult for leaders with resources to pull the majority. Resources are one of the pulling factors that make people follow. How do you convince them when you don’t have the resources to back up your claims? How do you preach making money in the right way when you cannot help those in need? Impact and motivation don’t only come in words, they can come in giving gifts and raising men. Leaders with resources have friends and connections in high places. People will always want to associate themselves with someone who has resources and can help them irrespective of whatever idea and condition bind them. 

Selfishness is easy; it is easier to tell people what they want to hear than what they need to hear. We are humans and rendering help is very relative. We cannot help everybody in need and not everybody we help realizes it. People can easily hoard knowledge and not divulge to the rest. In the mood of being selfish, leaders could give a complicated idea to stunt the growth of their followers. Some leaders are jealous of their followers’ progress and will continue to look for means to negatively impact them. 

8 Essential Qualities You Need to Have a High Impact 

Leadership is motivating and influencing people to do the right thing. Holding a leadership position is different from being a leader. You are a leader because of what you do, not necessarily by appointment or election. If you put about 10 kids of the same age range in a place, naturally a leader will arise from them. It is the same for all levels, leaders can arise from among coworkers, colleagues and people of age range. Anyone can be a leader; you can lead as an employer, a friend, unit manager or as one of the executives. 

The following qualities will help you become a more effective leader, having a positive high impact. 

1.       Self-awareness: Self-awareness is a skill that every leader looking to make an impact must have. You will become more conscious of your actions, reactions, choices, words and attitude. It is the same as self-consciousness; always at alert in your spirit, soul and body. This skill will help you not to be caught off-guard. 

2.       Take Responsibility: Own your actions and take responsibility for it. No excuses, no denial and coverup. During the good and the down moments, take full responsibility for it. Do it on time and do it in a proper manner. 

3.       Be of service: Be useful and helpful, only useful people stay relevant. When you are of service, you focus your actions on others. In difficult situations, your words of advice and encouragement can go a long way. Don’t wait before you are being called, voluntarily try to help people. They may forget things you do but they won’t forget the impact you have on them. 

4.       Have a curious mind: The mind that always wants to know and ask questions. Curiosity is a powerful tool that widens our scope of knowledge. To make a high impact, you must know a lot of things. It aids creativity for you and those around you. 

5.       Speak the hard truth: Although people hate the truth, a valuable and relevant truth is hard to ignore. Ask the questions that everyone is thinking but no one is saying it. Do this in a respectful and compassionate manner. 

6.       Nourish yourself: Our spirit, soul and body are what make up our best. When any of them is under stress, it is hard to be actively produce values. Nourish your mind and body, both need to be taken care of. A mind that is overwhelmed with a lot of thoughts will not be able to concentrate. Plan your schedule, rest well and eat a balanced diet. 

7.       Grow and support others: Take other people’s growth as a matter of necessity and show them support. Help others to become successful, stand up for them and they will do the same for you. Growing the people around you affect you positively, this means that you are not keeping a group of mediocre. 

8.       Mind your manners: Leadership models and theories are useless without good manners. 

High Impact

Difference Between Low Level Leaders and High Impact Leaders 

Leadership is a broad concept with different approaches. The goal of every leader is leading their followers to win but their satisfaction is different. A low-level leader is doing his best to lead their followers to work effectively. They are trying to achieve what they can achieve with what they have. On the other hand, a high impact leader influences not only their followers but other leaders. 

Low-level leaders are satisfied with accidental growth, but high-impact leaders are passionate about intentional growth. High-impact leaders are passionate about growth and work towards it. Low-level leaders care less about growth if they fulfil their daily routines. Low-level leaders are also focused on success while high-impact leaders focus on significance. 

Obvious Traits Found in High Impact Leaders 

·         Continuous investment in themselves 

·         Maintain and add value 

·         Lookout for others 

·         Talk about solution rather problems 

·         Demonstrate strength in the face of challenges 

The Most Important Job in The World 

If you ask yourself this question, what will be your answer? What is the most important job in the world? As a leader, what do you think is your most important role? Teaching and compelling people to do the right thing is the most difficult job. Many people may not reflect on the help rendered by their manager when learning new things in their success stories. But the truth is that they have contributed to your learning. 

Many managers themselves often struggle with what you see them doing. We all expect them to provide solutions to whatever challenges we are faced with. It is not bad to rely on your boss for insight, but we must understand that leadership is complex. 

High Impact

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Why is making a positive impact difficult? 

Answer: Positive impact is difficult to make because of the following reasons: Lack of resources, inability to perceive the truth and misleading leaders. 

Question: What is the most difficult job for a leader? 

Answer: Teaching and motivating others to do the right thing. 

Question: What separates a low-level leader from a high impact leader? 

Answer: The level of hunger and satisfaction differentiates them. 

In conclusion, leadership is about our mindset. Making an impact is synonymous with how we live our lives. Knowingly and unknowingly, we can influence people. You don’t have to hold a leadership position before you know that you are a leader. Making a positive high impact is important for a better world. For more enquiries, contact us at The Black Sheep Community Today! 

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