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Whether it’s among our family, friends, or colleagues, we all have met people with strong communication skills. We get awestruck to see them smartly engaging people in a long conversation. And when it comes to us, we hesitate to even talk to people whom we have never met or do not know. The worst is that some of us have the experience of getting zero response from the people we expect to listen to us. Sometimes they even ask us to repeat ourselves because they were not listening to us before. 

Maybe we might have done to this t someone else also. So, there is none to blame but it directly indicates that we have a lot to learn because we should focus on “Survival of the Fittest”. We must learn better communication skills and before that, we should learn one more important technique and i.e. mediation. 

Connection of Meditation & leaning Communication skills 

If you are thinking about the relationship between Meditation and the practice of learning excellent communication skills, I must say these both share a unique bond. Meditation is the best way by which we can open our minds and remove all negative thoughts. So, when we have a clear mind, ready to learn new and exciting things, it’s easy to focus on communication skills and building a beautiful life for our bright future. Needless to say, it helps us professionally and shows us the right track in our personal life. We can improve our relationships with both – our family as well as our colleagues. 

So, we should never miss such an opportunity that can transform our lives and allow us to build the life that we used to dream of. 

What is the Concept of Meditation? 

Meditation is a beautiful mental exercise that rewires our brain and gives it enough space to improve focus, attention, power of listening, calmness, confidence, and achieve clarity. You start to think and leave all your unnecessary worries behind. You feel that freeness in your mind and you get more clarity in your thoughts. Your decision-making ability improves and there is no rush. 

Can you communicate better with Meditation? 

You can better communicate with meditation because you have set yourself free from all worries, fear, and impatience. You are ready to speak to people around you and shall not live with the constant fear of being judged by them. Meditation drives specific behavioral changes making them more rational and wearing off the irrational and emotional responses. It has a unique power to physically alter the mind by improving the strength of neural connections. Also, it drastically enhances the communication 

List the way by which meditation nurtures the mind & improves communication: 

As we know meditation is extremely powerful and it can bring a lot of change in our minds, soul, and body. It helps us leave all the negativity behind and start living in a positive world. 

Let’s now discuss how it can nurture our minds and improve our communication. 

Enhances our emotional intelligence: 

As soon as you start meditating, it will help you let things go off on your end. You don’t focus on the negative emotions in your life and even if such a thing happens, you just bounce back immediately. This happens because meditation keeps strengthening your prefrontal cortex which is known as our body’s assessment center. The more it gets strong the more you shall be able to avoid irrational decisions and not take anything personally. 

Let’s take an example, before meditation, you feel it justified to make irrational statements, decisions, and even judgments because you count yourself right. You do not take time to think over that topic or explain why you took such a decision. However, after you start meditating, you will feel the need to explore the facts and not make urgent judgments or take irrational decisions. 

Do not react unnecessarily: 

As per expert medical professionals, if we start meditation, it can show visible changes in the size of the amygdala – our brain’s primal portion. This portion is responsible for our reactions to anger, stress, tension, fear, and negative thoughts. This change will help the brain to react less to these emotions and give space to think and review the situation. In this way, they will have no fights, no misunderstandings, or confusion. 

Be more empathetic: 

As soon as you start meditation, it will open your mind and give you an insight into what is good and what is bad. You will start to understand the facts and figures and believe in what people are trying to say to you. You will start putting yourself in others’ shoes to know how they might be dealing with the situation. The researchers have explained the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the insula. This connection helps your mind to understand what the other person wants to say and why he is feeling low. In direct words, we can say that it increases your empathetic nature and brings more to your life. 

Meditation is an example of which communication? 

Meditation is an example of interpersonal communication skills. The day you start meditating, you will feel all the positive changes in your personal life. you will set yourself free and live a life filled with all positivity and good thoughts. 


Changes in your communication post-meditation: 

The post-meditation period is amazing if you do it all right. You will feel the changes in your inner mind, thoughts, and in your actions too. here are some of the major changes that you will feel after you start meditation. 

·         You will have a clear head before you start speaking to someone. It will help you make a clear conversation without any burden of overthinking and cloudiness in your brain. 

·         As you might have seen some people are absent-minded when someone is talking to them and they do not listen properly. Well, this can happen to anyone and when you meditate, you will not feel absent-minded. You will concentrate on what the other person is speaking to you and not interrupt him at any point.  This is the sign of a good communicator and you are heading to become one. 

·         You will no longer hide from others and make direct eye contact with the people in conversation. This is good because it will improve your confidence and keep the other person engaged with your words. 

·         You will let others share their stories with you no matter if it is positive or negative. This is because you open your mind to anyone’s thoughts without feeling to fix them. You will become a good listener and observe everything. 

·         Yes, you will leave counting every situation from your own perspective. You will first try to understand the situation of that person and put yourself in his shoes to get an idea of what he has been going through. 

·         There will be no room for assumptions because you will no longer make any. You will observe everything keenly and without assuming anything, you will get to the reality. 

·         Gone are the days, when you used to turn aggressive in the blink of an eye. This is the time when you check your words first and then speak out. 

Thus, you will see all these changes in your behavior and start your journey to becoming a great communicator. 

Meditation helps you leave your baggage in the past: 

The main reason why people become hostile and rigid in their past. They have been through something that was too traumatic and it makes them aggressive and angry easily. Even if you go with a normal conversation with them, you will never feel like you are speaking to a genuine person who shall solve your issues. You will fear speaking out the truth and being judged by that person. Some even stop discussing things with them because they don’t feel comfortable talking to them. 

So, in that case, meditation is the best hope to bringa much-needed change in them. It will help to calm them down and not react to everything they listen to.  They become more rational and can control their feeling and temper easily. 

Along with this, they try to forget what has happened in their past and say goodbye to those traumatic memories. It brings a new day in their life with all positive thoughts and feelings. There is no negativity in their mind or that feeling of revenge. 


Why meditation is important? 

Meditation is important because it is the only way by which you can bring positivity to your life without approaching the help of medicines.  You just have to focus and concentrate on yourself and forget the worries of this life. It will bring amazing changes in your behavior, thinking process, and sharing your thoughts with others. You will have a life that you love to cherish. 

Is meditation enough powerful to let you change your decisions? 

Yes, it is powerful enough to convince you to change the hard facts of your life. You no longer have to stay angry over things and feel like taking revenge. In addition, You will be calm, and confident and think deeply before taking any decision. You will not hurry up to conclusions but check the facts before that. 

Is meditation an example of communication? 

Yeah, meditation is an example of communication with your own body. You will speak to your thoughts and try to remember that everything is good in your life. 


Hence, as you have started with meditation, do not look back and continue this journey. It will let you explore a new world full of possibilities and opportunities. Whether it’s your personal life or professional life, you will get a chance to improve both. You will get the opportunity to start fresh and let people notice that you have started respecting them. I am sure you will enjoy this life without grudges, bad feelings, and negative thoughts. It’s a completely new way of life and a ray of hope for many. 

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