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After the pandemic, a lot of things have changed.  People have started to consider working from home for their comfort.  However, organizations must adapt accordingly and think that reimagination is the new execution.  In this article, we will discuss four ways leaders can reimagine and improve things for the organization and the employees.  

Get Your Colleagues Involved  

The past year has shown that significant performance does not require employees to work in the same office, city, or time.  Some employees wish to return to the office, while others prefer to continue working remotely.  Before you decide on a work site, ask your staff what they want.  Reimagining is the new execution, and to do that, you need to ask your employees what kind of work environment they want. 

Do they want to work in an office, or do they want remote work?  Ask them and then make decisions accordingly.  Your employees will be happier than you’re accommodating and will have a positive attitude at work.   

Make Your Employees Reimagine  

Reimagining is the new execution to put into work.  It would help if you reimagined how, when, and where you’ll collaborate.  Make time to listen to and learn about people’s worries, wishes, and demands.  The pandemic has shaped our lives too much — people working in offices before like to work from the comfort of their homes.  Reimagination is the new execution. Hence it would help if you got your employees on board, got them involved, and asked them what they wanted. 

Listening to them can help you figure out what’s important to them, and they will also understand your point of view.  It would help if you were clear about your expectations whether they work from home or the office.  

Reimagination is the new execution, and a check-in chat with each employee will pique your and their interests.  What have they discovered that will make their job life easier in the future?  What is it that will involve them more in their job?  How could their performance be improved?  Are there any suggestions for other employees?  The purpose of the talk is for you to learn about their background.  Determine what you should do or consider doing in the future to improve your job experience and obtain better results.  You will see that this talk may work wonders, and your employees will start thinking highly of you. 

They will feel you care about their work-life and want to do anything in your control to improve it.  Here are some of the questions you can ask them to make the talk more professional and easy to carry on: 

  • What aspects of this past year’s work did you like the most?  
  • Where did you find yourself being tested?  
  • What has made work more manageable for you in the last year?  
  • What is one thing you want to keep in mind as you move forward?  
  • What is one thing you’d like to see changed? 

Team Norms at a Hybrid Office System  

Reimagination is the New Execution

Many businesses are experimenting with hybrid work models, which is why reimagination is the new execution needed in your office.  Creating standards and minimizing assumptions is critical for mixed teams to succeed.  This works best when used in conjunction with the reflection mentioned above questions.  The purpose of this discussion is for the team to choose how, when, and where they will collaborate and interact. 

Reimagination is the new execution, so you need to be prepared for the future, and to do that, you need to set some team norms in a hybrid office system.  Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself and work on before putting any means at the office.  

  • Is there a set of core meetings or overlapping work hours that you want to establish?  
  • Do you have the right meetings with the appropriate people at the right time, or do you need to make some changes?  
  • When do you think webcams should be used?  
  • What are the chances that meeting in person would be possible?  
  • What are the days/times you wish to keep private and avoid contacting each other (e.g., vacation)? 

Reflect on the Activities of the Team  

Many teams were forced to create new ways to engage and deliver outcomes online.  Set aside time to think and discuss the changes you want to make as a team.  The purpose of this meeting is for you to be curious, challenge assumptions, and decide where to go next.  The new ways of working after the pandemic have motivated us to think about ways to cater to problems with innovative solutions. 

Reimagination is the latest execution, and you need to move forward and adopt new performance practices in the changing world.  This conversation outlines issues as well as ways to try out other options.  You may use an anonymous poll to get replies ahead of time.  Allow everyone to speak at this meeting, and don’t hurry the conversation or the choices.  

  • What have we accomplished this year that we are proud of?  
  • Where have we been put to the test?  
  • Where have we been hesitant to take action?  What could be done about it?  
  • What is one thing you want to see changed in how we operate in the future?  
  • What are your future goals, and how will you tackle them?  


Since the pandemic, adapting to the new situation has been challenging, but now many organizations have done so.  Reimagination is the recent execution in the workplace, and leaders must rethink some aspects to ensure that the organizations are run properly.  

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