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Have you ever postponed things unnecessarily? Isn’t it a complete waste of time to hold on to something even when you know that you can finish the job & get free? These two queries express many thoughts that convince people to think if they are also among those who delay things without any reason. For this delay, we use a particular term – Procrastination. This term makes people put off work & finally achieve nothing in the end. 

So, let’s check the facts behind the procrastination and how we can complete our tasks by the end of the day and not leave things on tomorrow’s schedule. 

Overshadows Your Good Habits: 

One of the major problems with procrastination is that it kills all your good habits and robs your precious time. It will not let that happen if you plan to do something productive. Your mind will make some excuses to leave that task and plan it for the other day even when you had all the time and resources to do it at the very moment.

According to Theodore Roosevelt – When it comes to the moment of decision, one of the best things to do is to do things in the right manner; the next best thing is to do it wrong, but the worse thing is to is nothing.   So, it’s time to change how you deal with things and let such happen. 

Time lost is lost forever: 

We know that time is one of those things that, once lost, cannot be brought back into your life. You cannot travel back in time to change things that are once done. So, what’s lost is lost. You cannot do anything about it. Procrastination ruins everything starting from your good habits, time, your effort, daily routine, and your way of handling day-to-day tasks. It steals from your minute after minute. 

Stealing your precious years: 

Have you ever imagined what if you constantly procrastinate your daily activities? What will happen? You shall have a huge bunch of unfinished tasks piling on your schedule. By the end of each year, you shall still be thinking of doing the same work the other day. This will cost you the most valuable time of your life. This is why everyone is against this practice and people suggest finishing all your tasks on the same day, leaving nothing for the next. It reduces the workload and even keeps your mind stress free. 

Procrastination & Covid -19 challenges 

In 2020, the whole world was struggling with Covid-19 the virus and its consequences. Whether you consider the financial crisis, health crisis, or social crisis, everything took a wrong turn and we all were in a big challenge. The pandemic completely changed the way people used to think about life and expected it to be happy-go-easy. However, the reality was too far from this and there were hardships, struggles, and lots & lots of frustration in people. But still, there were some good changes among which was to say a big goodbye to Procrastination. 

As offices, colleges, schools, businesses, factories, everything was shut, people got enough time to think about their daily schedule and correct all the common issues. They started planning the day differently and took time to finish all their jobs on time. This period made them understand that this intentional delaying of their duties is making them pay heavily for it. As per recent studies, 4 out of 10 people are chronic procrastinators. They do not see anything wrong in doing it and keep delaying their tasks to the limit they can. 

Marination is not going to help you, face the challenges: 

We all know marination helps in cooking a yummy and delicious chicken that gives you a tender and juicy taste. However, you don’t need to marinate it for long hours because you want to improve its taste. There is no point in keeping the chicken for hours and not cooking it after an hour. The same is the case with our daily activities, which we keep marinating for hours and think we can do much better just because of the time gap. Marination is not going to help us in any case. We can compare this with deliberately finding distractions to avoid the tasks. 

The worst thing is that with this, we never realize that procrastination brings many issues. You may get depression, stress, headaches, and a strange feeling of incompleteness that keeps you scratching.  It will also result in a loss of interest in your activities and a loss of your productivity. So, to overcome these issues, don’t follow the marination process. Just take the chicken, add all the spices, and cook it. The more your wait, the more you shall feel that sense of guilt. 

Illustrate the cases of Procrastination as the thief of time: 

Before we start explaining the examples for this quote, “Procrastination is the thief of time”, I must share a fact with you all. It is not just you or me or another person, but everyone has sailed in this boat once in their lifetime. People procrastinate at some point in their life till they realize that there is no point in doing it, especially when the consequences are evident. 

Let’s discuss an example that shall clear your doubts and give you a complete insight into how people procrastinate and find themselves in the middle of a crisis. 

A student who always keeps thinking that he shall start studying for the exams tomorrow ends up looking in the middle of the night before his exam. Kids always keep postponing their study sessions as they spend hours playing games, watching movies, and social media and keep assuming that they are left with enough time to study for the exams. They finally never schedule that session, and eventually, they start studying just before their exam.

For such kids, it is better to take some time daily to study and revise because it may leave you with very low grades in your exams. So, why take the risk when you have all the time left before your exam? 


Other issues faced by people who are prone to Procrastination: 

When you delay the job, you ought to finish way before the time it is right now, you need to make haste and complete it. You have already wasted a lot of time on it, so there is no point in thinking about it right now. You have all the stress and tension about how to complete the task and ensure that there is no mistake. All this rush happens in a very stressful way and that too at the time of the deadline. So, to avoid all the stress and disappointment, you must never postpone the important things that need immediate attention. 

You can lose the love of your life: Procrastination can be painful: 

Ah! Procrastination can be very painful, especially if it was because of you and you carelessly thought that it was not the time to look for her. You have already wasted enough months just thinking that she will not go anywhere and you still can approach her wherever you feel like. However, this is not true. Your delay has not helped you; instead, she is now in a relationship with the one who didn’t waste any time to approach her and worked for his dream as soon as he decided to be with her. 

Thus, you have lost the love of your life just because you procrastinated on this thing and you never thought to try on time. 

Can procrastination cause you a loss in business? 

Needless to say, procrastination can make you struggle in your business just because you are not passionate enough to work on time. If you want success for your business, you need to take timely decisions, finish your daily tasks on time and complete the projects before the deadline. On the other hand, if you just waste your time by delaying all the job activities and never complete the project before the deadline, you shall lose all your clients making your business struggle for work. T

hus, when you start a business, you need to be passionate about this work and make sure that everything is on time. There is no tomorrow if you do not have it today. 

Key Issues behind Procrastination: 

 Well, we all know that procrastination is not good but have you thought about the root causes behind it? It’s not that a person always has the choice to choose between the good & bad, especially if there are some other issues related to it. So, here we should focus on some key issues that trigger procrastination. 

Mood Fluctuations: 

People with fluctuating moods can be more elevated in this direction. Sometimes people are in a very bad mood and do not want to do anything, not even work. In that case, they wait for their mood to get regular and then resume their activities. And this thing worsens when they miss a chance to get a good opportunity or lose something important. 

Some people go through anxiety attacks when they are given new work or an opportunity that they have never tried before. Due to anxiety or fear of rejection, they try to delay that work and finally end up losing it. All they are worried about is criticism at work or fear of failure. 

I know many people who always try to find perfection in everything. They do not like mistakes and even if they are given any work, they delay the outcome just because they want perfection in that too. the whole process takes time and they miss the deadline. This counts as a bad part of their professional life. 

Lack of motivation in life causes so much trouble especially if you are not at all confident about yourself. In that case, people try to find excuses to delay the work & think that they can do it the next day or after a few days. Their low motivation fails to convince them to try that work and finish it before it’s too late. Thus, they fall under the category of procrastination. 

People who lack the ability to manage their time according to their work schedule also fall under this category. They do not know the importance of prioritizing the tasks on the list. So, they miss the deadlines, and sometimes they don’t even start the work till the deadline is over. 


Is procrastination dangerous? 

Indeed, procrastination is dangerous especially if the person has no value of time and never does any work on time. There is no value if you complete the task after the deadline is over. 

How can you save yourself from procrastination? 

Learn to value time & never delay things. You have to believe in yourself & always follow a positive attitude towards your efficiency. You have to remember one thing in mind, Time & Tide waits for none. So, you have to make the most of it and never miss any opportunity, whether it’s a professional or personal front. 

Are procrastinators psychologically well or not? 

 There is no connection between procrastination & psychological problems. If a person is a procrastinator, it is not necessary that he has psychological issues making him never do any work on time. 


Procrastination is not an appreciable, and people should try their best to save time. It is among those few things that will never come back if once lost. So, it’s important to count every minute and ensure that all your important tasks are finished on time. 

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