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The power of thought is quite incredible. Humans can use it to attain success or end up in the pits of failure. Learn to genuinely manifest the essence of thought to save yourself from failure and enjoy success. 

Do thoughts have energy?

There are particles of energy surrounding you in all forms at all times. So it is definite that the thoughts inside your brain have energy and create energy inside your body. Your power of thought is converted to words and actions. The energy of your thoughts is used in the form of arguments, experiences, and conduct. When you bring the energy of the power of thought into a conversation, action, or experience, you increase the chance of creation. 

What you need to analyze is how you act and react in an energetic environment and your response speed. Are you bringing energy to things around you? Or are you getting instigated by someone else’s energy? 

The energy created from your power of thought moves at different speeds. You may find yourself often having an adrenaline rush when your thoughts create vast amounts of energy. On the other hand, your response to thoughts may sometimes be slow because the thought may not excite you or create it may create negative energy inside your body. Happiness is more energetic than sadness. Exercising is more energetic than sitting down. Passion is more energetic than apathy. 

You can always differentiate between positive and negative energy and learn how to counter them. You can learn how to replace low-energy thoughts with the higher ones so that you always feel satisfied in life. Learning to control your energy of thought can help in living a positive life. 

How do I gain the power of thought?

power of thought

The mind is a vital part of your body. Not only is it powerful, but it has control over the rest of your body. It has the power to create good in your life as well as evil. The brain influences your body and your way of life. 

How can the brain have so much control over your life? The power of thought that goes on in your mind creates energy, and then that energy impacts your perception and interpretation of the reality that surrounds you. Imagine that you only h negative thoughts that only produce negative energy. Imagine all the destruction you’d be capable of. 

Now imagine if you could take control of all the negative energy produced inside your body. Imagine if you had the power to control it and turn it into positive energy. But how? You need to exercise control! 

  1. Teach yourself to analyze your thoughts before acting on the energy it produces. If the thought is positive, then you are good to go. 
  2. If the thought is negative, then you need to stop yourself from acting on it. 
  3. Change the way you act on a negative thought. Instead of letting your mind create depression or anxiety, try to fight the negativity. 
  4. Replace bitter thoughts with better ones, for example, think of a solution. If you do not have solutions, give yourself hope!   

You will see that controlling the thought process might seem difficult initially, but eventually, you will be the master of your mind! 

Can your thoughts create your reality?

Your power of thought is created from a part of your reality, and they help create your future reality. Every effect you see in the outside world has an impact on the world that you have created in your mind. When a thought is created in your mind, it is inspired by what’s happening in the world around you. 

Let’s assume the company you work at is downsizing its workforce due to the pandemic. Many of your colleagues have lost their jobs. Inspired by this situation, your brain starts creating negative thoughts that you might be the next in line to get fired. Due to these thoughts, negative energy is created inside your body, triggering anxiety. You will see that your reaction to your office’s current situation will be based on the power of thoughtgenerated in your mind. You might decide to work harder so that your boss sees that you’re an essential asset to their company, or you might loosen up thinking that carrying on with your work is useless as getting fired seems inevitable. 

So, your thought process may lead to a reaction that has the capability of changing your present reality or creating a new reality for you. It depends on how you perceive and react to the thoughts in your head! 

Do our thoughts define us? 

The Power of Thought

It is common to interpret that our thoughts define us when our thoughts are generated from our environment, our social circle, the movies we watch, the kind of pace we work at, our past, our dreams, our fears, and so many other things. Our thoughts can never define us; however, what we decide to do with those thoughts shapes our personality, defining us! 

You find a lost, injured dog on the road to your home. You are too tired from work, and you want to go home. You see the dog, and you think about ignoring it because you’re too tired. This is a thought that comes to mind. However, you decide to ignore this thought and take the dog to the nearest vet. Your thoughts did not define you; your actions did! Despite being tired and wanting to go home, you decided to take the dog to the vet. This defines you as a person, and this defines your personality. 

We all are humans, and different thoughts surround our minds. We need to learn the difference between right and wrong and know which thoughts to ignore and act.  

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