Just five hundred years ago, ships (which were the major means of traveling long distances) sailed by the grace of winds and ocean currents. And the best hope for communication across a vast distance was by handwritten letters. That took torturously too long to move from point A to point B. Fast forward to the present, and a world of hitherto unimagined accomplishments is spread out. 

Ships (which are no more the only or even the fastest means of traveling long distances) now crisscross the vast expanse of the oceans in record time. Well-crafted engines propelled them that spite the natural elements. Communication is now instant, with the possibility of even seeing the other party in real-time, over a long distance. The power of change is really undeniable. Whether it is by natural causes or it is initiated by human action, the powerful effects of change are evident in the world.

Locked within some people is a great potential to influence outcomes that change various aspects of human life and the environment. These are the ones that not only anticipate but actually initiate and influence changes. They are the thought leaders that understand the power of change. And also the importance of being at the forefront of change initiating actions. 

Leonardo da Vinci and Power of change

In the 16th and 17th centuries, Leonardo da Vinci foresaw a world where machines could fly in the air. That was a world where studying dead bodies was not taboo. But rather a great help to the invention of medical cures for many diseases. He was not afraid to pioneer these projects and is remembered today for his unconventional approaches to initiating changes.

In these times, there are still many people like da Vinci, visionaries who comprehend their place in history. These are the people that have the right thinking attitude to devise powerful solutions that can affect important changes. As the natural world changes so much due to artificial changes from human beings. People like this are even more needed to find lasting solutions to these problems. At the Black Sheep Community, there is a home online for individuals like this. A home where they can develop their creativity further, helping themselves and the general society.

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