You have the power in Leadership when you influence the people who follow you. You are a figure that people look up to, giving you the authority to persuade them to follow your lead willingly. A leader needs to have any authority to command; otherwise, it would be complicated for a leader to have power and influence.

You might think power and influence seem to have the same context, but they don’t! As a leader, you may have the power to influence a person or even a crowd of people. They may come forward when you call for them, but influencing them is your choice. Having an influence means exercising your power and using your power to make them do what you think is better. You may have the power of a leader, but if you don’t exercise your power, you probably do not influence your people.

Somebody with power may always have the upper hand over you, but someone with no power can influence you. You may be wondering how that is even possible. There is almost always an alpha in a group. Look around you, among your colleagues, your group of friends. You will find a person who everyone looks up to or who has the decision making power. Who makes the small decisions that hardly matter, like where to dine out, who to invite to a party. They are your equals, but they influence you and your gang of friends or colleagues. These people have an intriguing personality and a dominant nature, which helps them influence other people. Which category do you belong to?

Let’s discuss the different types of power in Leadership.

Connection Power and the Power in Leadership

Leaders with connection power have connections with the influential people of a community. This means that they may be friends with some famous person in business or an influential political figure.

People who are attracted to the connection power see their leaders as an opportunity. Through them, they can pursue opportunities that they wouldn’t have been able to with their connections. Such followers are always looking for profitable opportunities, and their leaders help them in getting them.

Moral Leader

Moral leaders are more of an inspiration for others. They have behavior that other people find attractive and want to follow. They have morals and rules that they abide by, which attracts other people towards them.

Knowing someone who has good morals and behavior is likely to catch your eye. You develop a liking towards them and want to follow their pathway. So, you start by looking up to them and then following in their footsteps.

Expert Leader

As per the name, these are the people who are experts or businesses in their fields. Anyone in an organization can hold expertise power. Anyone in the school or your class may have the expertise power too. People around the expert leader think they have different skill sets they don’t possess. Usually, employees look up to their bosses or managers as expert leaders because they know they have been in their prescribed fields for years now and can better guide their followers.

Here, the followers are looking for good advice or greed for learning from the expert leader. People want advice from their leader and will follow it because the expert leaders have a better understanding and experience of their fields!

Charismatic Leader

Have you ever been attracted to follow someone because of their charming personality? Someone with a charismatic personality will bring out joy and positivity in you, so you are naturally attracted to them. When these charismatic people use their character to attract people towards them, they become their leaders.

Look through yourself. Are people drawn to you? If you have a charming personality, add a little confidence to it. You will see that the people who are drawn to you will not only get attracted to your personality but will end up looking up to you as a leader. So, be confident and let your charm flow!

Legitimate Power

This is the power that someone has due to their hierarchical position in an organization. In easy words, they are your bosses. They have power over you, no matter how charismatic or expert you are in your job. Also, they have the authority or influence to affect your position at your company. They hold this power so they can keep order in their organization.

It will take time for you to gain legitimate power in your career life because, for that, you will have to be successful at your workplace. Keep getting promoted until you reach a level until you gain the power that you desire!

Reward Power and the power in leadership

Having a position where you have the power to control or give rewards to your employees is another intriguing position. Gifts can influence someone as they put you in a place of power and put you in a place where people start liking you. Imagine you’re working in a position at your organization where you have the power to give incentives to your employees when they work hard. You decide what kind of incentives they should be given, and obviously who gets what.

Your employees know this, so they try to please you, desperately getting you to like them. It automatically puts you in a position where you have the power to influence their rewards!

If you’re a leader in the eyes of any person, or you’re in a position where you have power, we would like to advise you to use it wisely because there are many people out there who might be looking up to you. With great power definitely comes great responsibility!