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Here we will talk about Positive vs. Negative control. Our minds are powerful instruments. Our thought processes play a huge role in how we interpret what we see in the world. Both the positive and negative thoughts we carry with us can be the foundation for all sorts of things in our lives, both good and bad. Positive vs. Negative control comparison can change your thing into positive.

Every human has the right and freedom to think anything. We can think positively, or we can think negatively. In the simplest terms, thinking positively is good and leads to the word “yes,” and thinking negatively is bad and leads to “no.” Thinking is our response to our environment and the things that occupy space in our world. We use our senses to gather information and then form an opinion; this manifests itself as an attitude.

This is where freedom of choice comes into play. The challenge is recognizing that our attitudes, how we think and then behave, are habits formed over the years by our life experiences. The good news is, that we are in control and have the power to change our habits of thinking. We can regulate our thoughts and determine if they are positive or negative. Choosing to think positively can be the catalyst for living a good, optimistic life.

Cultivate The Habit Of Positive Thinking  


In reality, positive thinking is straightforward. This piece talks about a few ways to get started and have a beneficial effect on all aspects of your life:

  • Try to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Take the time to direct your thoughts in a positive direction. It might seem tedious and difficult at first but make it a habit! As with everything in life, practice makes perfect.

  • Surround yourself with positive people; don’t allow negative thoughts (or people) to mess up your life.

If you have an uplifting disposition towards the people you come in contact with, you will be encompassed by individuals who want to associate with you and are positive themselves. These connections can develop into positive, lasting friendships, which can help you continue to develop your positive outlook on life. 

  • Invest your energy in exercises that satisfy you. 
  • Summon positive recollections whenever you can. 
  • Appreciate the basic joys in life. 
  • Associate with individuals that make you laugh and lighten up. 
  • Love yourself. 
  • Serve others by offering help to others who may need it.

A Bad Day Could Be Turned into Good 


There are days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and nothing makes us happy. We have all experienced this before. For some reason, we wake up feeling moody, and our entire day seems to turn out bad. Did you realize that you can change this? Try to begin each day, even those that seem especially dull, with a boost of happiness. 

Open the curtains to allow the sun to shine in, listen to your favorite song on the radio, and say positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror. Do whatever it takes to make your morning great. You will be astounded at what these changes can bring to your life. 

Just because positive thoughts are basic doesn’t mean they are simple. Otherwise, everybody would be strolling around with a smile on their face all the time. It takes work, determination, and discipline to choose happiness and positivity every day. It is easier, being negative! The choice is completely yours. You have nobody to blame but yourself when deciding between positive and negative thoughts.


Positive vs. Negative control Thoughts Are Vying For Attention All The Time

Everyone has negative musings vying for entry into our brains constantly, and we must keep them out. We have things tossed our way every second of the day. We could interpret a significant number of them as negative. It’s at that exact point that we should decide to think in unique, positive ways! That is more difficult than one might expect, particularly if you feel that things are hopeless; it’s things that give the little imaginary devil sitting on your shoulder fuel to taunt you with.

Yes, thinking positively is a luxury, but it’s a luxury that we can’t do without. We’re meant to keep the door to our minds locked! In reality, we need to deal with several problems that can cause negative thoughts to surface more frequently. If a negative thought manages to creep in, we must do our best to ignore or reframe that thought. This doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes work, discipline, and demands that you always watch what you think about.


Take Control Of Your Feelings

If you have not already done so, I implore you to decide that you will take control of your thinking from this moment on. Decide that you will do all in your capacity to keep negativity away from yourself as much as possible from now on. Do this and keep to it, and you will discover life is more exciting than you think. In time, you will have an entirely new, more positive life.

More Pragmatic Illustrations

Below are two real-life examples that illustrate how to control your thinking better.

(Positive vs. Negative control)

Work Time

Charles worked in sales. His manager wanted him to increase his business development activity by making more outbound cold calls. In his last job, he spent hours and hours on the telephone and got inferior results. His experience was one of personal rejection and lack of success. His attitude about making cold calls was very negative.

But he wanted to keep his job and recognized that others had been successful using this technique, so he took control of his thinking. He came up with a plan and got it approved by his manager. He sent a pencil and ballpoint pen package to twenty prospects a week along with his business card. Then, he made follow-up calls. It took two weeks before he got his first sales meeting and twenty-five days before making his first sale. However, the process was soon adopted by other sellers in the company, and Charles got personal recognition from the CEO for the success of his idea.

Play Time

Carlos was invited to enjoy a golf match with his boss when they were in the Caribbean at a business conference. The company Carlos worked for won first place in a sales contest, and since he was a major contributor, he and his wife were able to attend without spending any of their own money. The challenge was that Carlos had never swung a golf club. The Tuesday before they were to play, his boss took him to the driving range and tried to teach him how to hit the golf ball off the tee. On Wednesday, Carlos and his boss met two other players that worked for the sponsoring vendor.

Tee time for the group was 8:00 AM. By the time they got to the tenth hole, Carlos was mentally and physically exhausted. He stopped playing and just sat in the cart and watched his boss and the two other players finish the round. For Carlos, the experience was embarrassing and negative. Six years later, a friend from a local photography club asked Carlos if he played golf. His response was in the form of a short story about the Caribbean trip.

The following week he got a call from his photography club friend. The friend said, “Carlos, I was thinking about your Caribbean story and would like to make you an offer. No one in the photography club knows this, but I live as a golf instructor at a local country club. How about you and I meet on Saturday morning, and I’ll teach you the game?” Carlos agreed because their friendship was more important than what happened in the Caribbean. Eighteen months later, Carlos scored a 92 on a tough course in New Jersey.



Regardless of whether we’re doing something for the first time or the millionth time, defining an experience depends solely on how we frame the event. If we look at things positively, we’ll remember that experience as positive, even if it wasn’t perfect. The same is true for negative experiences. There is certainly plenty of justification for negative experiences.

However, that should not be the bottom line. Thinking ‘I will try my best’ without action gets us nowhere. The only way to redefine an experience is by trying again. To be happy or miserable in life is a choice we must all make. Make the comparison between negative versus positive control and change your thinking.

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