Positive thinking with the help of the best positive thinking exercises is the ability to manage your thoughts and positively direct them. This is achieved through regular training; over time, you will begin to think about the best, and this will affect your fate. You can transform it, and create favorable scenarios in your life.

It is no secret that thought is the beginning and end of everything. Everything you think about is reflected in physical reality. And this applies not only to good times but also to negative ones. Everything in your subconscious materializes outside, so it is essential to develop positive thinking. Besides, it will protect you from stress, and if you stop being a pessimist, then life will become easier. Try it, and you will understand everything.

The main thing is not to wait for quick results. Inner beliefs are rooted in us from childhood, some moved on to genetics, and it’s impossible to immediately rebuild your patterns, for any changes, the time that each of you must provide yourself is essential. There is no need to force events. You transform at your own pace. (And that mostly goes a lot faster than ‘pushing’. Impatience generally arises from non-accepting, negative thoughts.)

Another important point. To rebuild thinking you need to exercise regularly. This is not a one-day practice, but a permanent job. This is the development of your awareness.

Positive thinking is the opposite of negative thinking. It can take place in your head when you control your thoughts when you feel happy when you experience positive feelings and emotions, such as joy and inspiration.

Why is it important to think positively?

It is a recognized fact that positive thinking leads to success, while negative is practically a guarantee of collapse. There is also much indication that positive thinking adds to good health, a robust immune system, achieving harmonious relationships, and real independence.

Winston Churchill’s famous quote says: “A pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity, and an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.”

By using the positive energy of your thoughts in everyday life, you will soon be able to achieve the desired changes. And design your life as your wish.

Positive thinking is critical for several reasons:

  • It contributes to the emergence of positive emotions;
  • positive emotions positively affect the psychological and physical health of a person, increase resistance to diseases, help get rid of psychosomatic disorders;
  • thanks to an optimistic attitude, positive people are involved in a person’s life, able to help achieve success and realize all the goals set;
  • Positive thinking strengthens human energy and contributes to the fulfillment of desires.

There are special exercises for developing positive thinking. You must perform them daily, at least for one month, then the mood for positive will become a habit for you.

Positive Psychology Exercises

Positive Thinking Exercises

The most effective exercises for changing lives through your thinking are gratitude, affirmations, and creative visualization. Let’s look at them:


This is the focus of your mind on the positive aspects of your life that you had in the past or want to attract in the future.

The secret of gratitude is that what you pay attention to is increasing in your life.

Also, you feel better at heart, instead of the discontent that you are used to, you are content with life, yourself, and relationships with others. The mood is improving. And life too.

By the law of attraction during gratitude, you focus on the promising. And it is brought to life. If you continuously grow dissatisfaction, then the present worsens.

Simple exercises consist of giving daily thanks to the Higher Forces. You can do this in writing, create a particular diary, or you can do it orally, for example, while walking alone.


Affirmations are statements of what you want to have. We are used to thinking about what we want to get rid of. This is not the right position. Indeed, according to the law of attraction, thoughts can transform outside. Therefore, you need to follow them, purposefully pronouncing the necessary self-hypnosis formulas to improve your reality.

Positive thinking recommends going inside yourself and finding those settings that prevent you from moving forward and replacing them with regular repetition. This exercise is beneficial if carried out correctly.

To do this, go into a trance, and then use positive thoughts. If you speak them in an unhealthy state of consciousness, then there will be no result. Therefore, before reading affirmations, relax the body, and do some form of meditation (it is essential that the knowledge is cleared of extraneous noise). Then count from 100 to 1 and start speaking affirmations. Echoterics recommend reading them out loud. Or in a whisper. Make sure that you do it confidently so that there is a clear focus on positive phrases and the ultimate visualization of what you say.

The second place for the effectiveness of the use of affirmations is the writing method. You regularly perform this same technique, with the same preparations. And then, write your new thoughts in a notebook.

Creative visualization 

This is a favorite exercise of magicians and esotericists. The mental representation of the desired characterizes it. Having entered a trance, you close your eyes and draw your goal on the mental screen, do it regularly, consciously, and in detail. And after systematic exercises, your life begins to change, new opportunities open up, and ideas appear. The Universe itself begins to lead you to your goal, naturally, if it is true.

For visualization to work, it’s important not to deny what you imagined during the technique. To do this, it is essential to develop positive thinking in everyday life. It is important to train your awareness and switch promptly when detecting harmful programs or doubts. To do this, you can buy an elastic band on the wrist. And whenever a negative thought arises, use it as a reminder.

Once you will begin to feel changes, it is of vital importance that you sense them with the fullest awareness possible. The more attention you give to the physical sensations arising from your affirmations, the more impact and results there will be.

What is the point of Positive thinking exercises?

To achieve success, it is necessary every day to mentally imagine those positive changes in life that a person dreams of. These images will help you achieve your goals. The Universe will hear these requests, and soon, the desired will come true.

These are the most effective techniques of positive thinking. Explore them in more detail on the pages of our site. And use it for your good.

There is impressive scientific proof of altering patterns created in the human brain with these Positive Thinking Exercises. The more attention given to them, the more repetition there is, the deeper those patterns are and the stronger the resonance is within reality. So you want more? Here they are:

Additional Positive thinking exercises

Positive thinking exercises are the root of a successful present and future, a new standard of living, success, and personal growth. Thoughts have material consequences; therefore, whether a person will be happy in life is caused by his thinking and psychological mood.

 “Not!” negative attitudes

Positive Thinking Exercises

It is necessary to monitor your thoughts and words. It is needed to avoid negative beliefs such as: “I’m not sure …”, “I think I can’t…”, “I’m unlikely to succeed …”, and “I doubt …”. A cloud of unclear thoughts creates massy connections within the brain and therefore diffuses vibes around the person.

In the case of ‘not knowing,’ it is, therefore, better to enjoy that sensation with a mindset of ‘I am about to learn something new’ and ‘I am excited to see what new insight will come to me’ or ‘I am open to growing in this new field’. Once that state of wonder is installed start a meaningful thought process of inquiry. That brings more opportunities and happiness than lingering in a colorless state of mind.

The magic word, “Thank you!”

This is one of the most essential and practical exercises. It will help to focus exclusively on the positive aspects of human life. Every day you need to write down five things for which you experience gratefulness. It is necessary to think about what is already there, and not about what could be.

For the FULL Members of the Black Sheep Community, we have designed a special Question Series on Gratitude. This helps to discern connections from the transaction. The Question Series combines the best of both worlds: critical thinking with the impactful result of a Positive Thinking Exercise.

Exercise Plus Five

To complete this exercise, it is necessary to think and write the five most pressing problems that concern a person at the moment. Then, the opposite of each question or problem, write five positive aspects of this situation on the piece of paper. After that spend some time ‘breathing in’ all aspects of the paper. And conclude with a powerful affirmation like ‘I will grow from this and am grateful that I consciously choose to enjoy this real-life experience in a meaningful manner.

“Armistice Agreement with the Past”

Memories of a negative past take up a lot of time and vitality and energy. If you often think about the negative, then the power will be wasted. Also unconsciously this mechanism functions. It is better to direct it to plans for the present and future. To avoid this, it is necessary to forgive all offenders and receive joy from what a person has in life at the moment.

When necessary organize a healing experience that you desire. And yes, Positive Thinking Exercises can help you to manifest those experiences too. (Inside the Black Sheep Community there are international Forward Thinkers – like you probably – to help you design it if you wish.)

Exercise “How great …”

The essence of the exercise is that the reaction to each unexpected situation should begin with the words “How great …”. Even if others do not understand, you must always say this introductory phrase, and then the brain itself will tell you the positive aspects of the situation. Do you find yourself saying it, but not really meaning it? Close your eyes, focus, and do it again. Make sure you truly believe what you are saying there.

“I am well-remembered.”

The essence of the exercise is that every day you need to record absolutely all your right actions and little joys. You can also record pleasant activities committed by your loved ones, relatives, friends, and relatives. Here too more results will come when you consciously register the physical sensations these thoughts cause.

Technique “Turquoise bracelet.”

You need to put a turquoise bracelet on your hand and do not remove it for 21 days. During these 3 weeks, you have to live without negativity: you can’t quarrel, complain, be offended, gossip. If a person forgets this rule, the bracelet is put on the other hand, and the countdown starts anew. As a result of this exercise, people change dramatically.

Inside the Black Sheep Community, you will find Forward Thinkers willing to start these challenges with you, right away. (You are welcome to join. It is free. See FAQs on this website why it is free.)

Technique “Total “Yes!”

This technique is to forget the word no. The conversation should begin with the word “yes.” This will help to avoid conflicts, and disputes, save time, and also show your interlocutor that he is heard, and his opinion is important to you.

Philosophy and Positive Thinking Exercises

Critical thinking and conceptual analyses differ fundamentally from this kind of exercise. Positive Thinking Exercises create a beautiful and constructive mindset for an individual’s daily life. Philosophical practice is more general and helps with vision deepening and analytical skills in order to do so. What would happen if we combine the two?

Mindset mastery with positive psychology ánd the wisdom to see the right direction for entire communities together can change the course of human history. That is why I, Minke Tromp, so strongly believe in both a healthy individual mindset ánd the value of a schooled mind in the philosophical sense.

Within the Black Sheep Community, we go way beyond Positive Thinking Exercises by connecting Forward Thinkers and cultivating their minds into thought leadership. Their mindset matters like anyone else’s. And because of their impact on their communities, their wisdom that originates from both their philosophical skills and their mindset is even more important.

Contemplating the leverage of all these mind-powers together, you will begin to see the potential of the Black Sheep Community.

Does that speak to you? Do join. You are welcome.

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