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A positive perspective is a concept used for re-framing. It is the act of seeing the good side of every perceived negative situation and making a choice to derive joy from them as much as possible. It is usually said that “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Our thoughts influence the way we perceive our world and create our reality. Our perspective can be said to be how we see things. It also influences every move we make in our life.

It isn’t always easy to find a positive perspective. If you lost a job, were involved in a terrible accident, or lost a loved one, thinking positively and finding that silver lining can feel like an impossible task. So how do you do it? One way is to write in a journal. Be objective and pen down whatever you feel. Keep a log of everything that you are saying to yourself.

 positive perspective

After a day or two, go back and rewrite those statements in the positive. For example, if you were let go from your job, you might be worried that you’ll never find another job like it, or maybe you’re wondering who will want to hire you. Rewrite those statements to say that you will find a better job than the one you had, and the right person is out there looking for exactly someone like yourself. This will lift your mood and give you the motivation to find the job and employer that you are looking for.

For many of us, giving ourselves that pep talk can be a difficult job. If you find that you can’t do it alone, solicit help from someone else. Friends and family are usually good places to start. Sometimes they help you see the brighter side of things and remind you of things that you can’t see for yourself. They were the ones that listened to you complain about your job and heard you talk fondly of the career change that you have been dreaming up. Maybe your friend of choice is your higher power. Focusing on your faith can bring clarity and help you realize you may need to move on.

Professional help is another option. Hiring a therapist or professional coach will go a long way in helping you view things from a positive perspective. These people may also help you create new goals and determine the steps needed to accomplish those goals.

Turning bad scenarios into something positive for some individuals involves engaging in some activities. Starting a new foundation, raising money, or volunteering in your community are a few examples of activities you can do to help you lift your spirits.

It’s sometimes challenging to see the “brighter” side of a situation, but it can be an important step in moving on in life. Allow yourself to continue trying new things and take advantage of all situations that present themselves.

Every negative thought or expression we put into the world limits us and is ultimately self-defeating. We convince ourselves that we can’t move ahead or that we lack fullness in our lives. While we are entitled to the things we create, at times, we adopt a perspective of injustice when we don’t immediately get what we want; this creates an overindulged entitlement attitude, which then convinces us that we will always lose before we even try. So, we cry out, “It’s so unjust!” or “That’s not fair!”.


 positive perspective

So, what happens when we change our negative perspective into a positive one? Saying “I can’t” instead of “I will” actually creates a physical change in your brain structure. It’s called Neuroplasticity. It can be explained as the changing in structure and function of our brains. Neuroplasticity was introduced in 1890 by William James and was immediately shot down by scientists convinced the brain is mapped out or pre-assigned certain functions. In case there is any damage to any of that part of the brain, it becomes impossible to perform such functions again.

Today, neuroplasticity is widely accepted, as modern science continues to prove the naysayers wrong. Many experiments have shown that our brains are adaptable. It’s an amazing thing. The brain can change its structure, even for the severely neurologically afflicted. People who have suffered major events such as strokes, cerebral palsy, and mental illness have shown the brain’s amazing ability to retrain and reroute impulses through repetitive mental and physical activities.

So, what would happen if you changed a negative perspective into a positive perspective? What if you started to employ a new perspective of having limitless opportunities? Do you believe that eventually, your new perspective could convince you that you have an overflowing potential for growth and happiness? That your brand-new positive perspective of self-assurance could convince you that you already have inside of you what it takes to succeed?

Or maybe the wisdom gained through experience could convince you that your past failures are now simply steppingstones towards success. That is a great perspective!

This isn’t just a fantasy. Your thoughts, your view of the things around you, and your perspective have absolute power over your ability to control your actions, which in turn control the results you either enjoy or cry over. You can create a fun, exciting, and rewarding life or create a joyless, frustrating, unfair, and unrewarding life. It all starts with the way you view the world around you.


 positive perspective

The ball is in your court to decide how you will perceive your situation, an opportunity you have before you, or any challenge or goal you are facing. If you fall victim to negative thinking, you will do well to change your perspective.

With magnets, there is always a negative and positive side. We are much like magnets in that if we positively perceive our world, we will naturally attract positive outcomes, likewise for the negative. Choose a perspective where you are focused on the awesome blessings you have in life and the blessings you will have bestowed upon you. Why focus on the negative? It will just take you further away from the outcome you wish to have.


 positive perspective

Feed the Need

Do you always see yourself as being behind schedule, you seem never to catch up, you forever lacking in something? You’re always finding things that you need more of: time, money, or other resources. You do not need the unrelenting, incredible, unhealthy pressure that causes the stress that this perspective puts on you.

Rear View Mirror

You would never drive your car while only looking in the rearview mirror. This would make you blind to the traffic and events unfolding. It is an accident waiting to be unleashed. Then, why are you worried about the past or the reality that you can’t seem to get ahead? By changing your perspective and looking forward, to the “front windshield” of your life, you will look straight ahead, seeing yourself as ahead of the game. Remember, most of us really and truly are ahead of the game. You will feel the pressure almost immediately ease and your needs diminished. When you are grateful for what you already have, your perspective will change positively and become healthier.

Relax and Move Forward

When you move forward, detaching from the things you cannot control, you feel confident and empowered. Instead of struggling with the sense that you are weak, you will feel stronger and more in control. It would help if you allowed yourself to learn how to detach from the things that are stressing you out.  This may take some coaching, but it is possible. It all starts with your perspective. You have the power to reduce your stress.

 positive perspective


Whatever you are going through in life will never be permanent, and you are not alone. The way you think about life is the same way you are going to experience it. Some days are gloomy, and all that is required on those kinds of days is a little patience and an attempt to view things positively. Sitting back and brooding over what you have lost or what you might have done to avert the situation is going to keep weighing you down.

Focusing on what went wrong robs you of the happiness and better opportunities ahead of you. Remember that there is always a blessing in every disappointment that we experience in life. If we all had the bravery to pick up the crumbled pieces and begin to build again, we would be much happier. Whenever you are struggling to create a positive perspective, think about the quote below:

“Failure can never be ascribed to anyone with his boldness, character, sense of pride, and his fearlessness intact. He is as yet a King.”- Anonymous

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