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Leadership is not a position or a title, and it is action and example.”

Positive Leadership touches every sphere of life.  It is not confined to a mere organizational role or hierarchical position somewhere.  It can revolve around every area of life, ranging from the domestic sphere to the professional sphere.  Showing positive leadership traits somewhat speaks about your character and moral qualities in an organization. 

In this period’s development era,  the meaning of positive Leadership is correlatively taking expansion and evolution. The leading position is no more confined to providing instructions and commandments to the followers.  It is indefinitely intended to lead the followers to bring up the best in the people.  After enough discussion about the general overview of positive Leadership, let’s turn our minds toward the Leadership definition to clearly comprehend this term. 

What is positive Leadership?

Positive Leadership is all about creating harmony,  integration, and cooperation among groups for their welfare.  The definition is broader in its range,  but cutting to the chase, positive Leadership includes uplifting people’s courage and confidence to provide a healthy environment for their progress. It tries to operate the domesticity and professional sphere of life to give creative thoughts to the followers.  The deep slumbering pupils get convinced to wake up and pursue their goals in the proper direction. 

positive leadership

Signs of a positive Leadership in a leader:

Though there is a wide range of qualities that can be observed in an optimistic leader, the following are some of the qualities that can be found in a positive leader:

  1. A positive leader hardly whines or complains about the shortcomings of the followers.  He/she sees a sign of hope regarding the future optimistic fulfillment of the targeted goals and objectives.
  2. An optimistic leader tries to enhance the followers’ strengths and attributes through his/her efforts on the positively possessed qualities of the followers. 
  3. Likewise,  a positive leader can keep the burning desire and quench of achieving more in the followers.  He/she keeps motivating his/her followers to keep igniting the burning desire to accomplish the targets healthily. 

7 ways to be a POSITIVE LEADER?

positive leadership traits

Stop complaining/blaming and believe in them

In case you’re whining, you’re not leading. Leaders don’t grumble; They emphasize solutions. They distinguish issues and hope to illuminate them to make a superior future for all. Positive leaders don’t assault individuals. They assault issues.

The best leaders scrutinize tasks regularly to lead the followers rigorously.  They make sure the desired, and required skills are present in the people for the relevant functions.  In every field,  they try to check the people’s capacity to endure the burden of the tasks. 

Find out what motivates your team

To be a positive leader,  you ought to search out things that motivate your team.  A leader has the idea of his/her team regarding the expected incentives and motivation booster.  Those boosters are thus,  used by positive leaders to motivate their team.  Other than this,  the optimistic leader must gauge and get an idea of the team’s desires,  hobbies, and interests.  After knowing this,  the leader receives able to time frame the tasks in a healthy manner.  They try to discover the inner hidden talent in their team. 

Praise and compliment your team often and love instead of fear

To be a positive leader,  one must praise the team for boosting the passion for the tasks.  The habit of applauding and commending the team eventually helps in reinvigorating the best in the team members.  The compliment and praise could be provided in terms of monetary rewards as a bonus. 

Be demanding without being demeaning

A positive leader has to extract maximum output utilizing proper directions.  He/she must not show demeaning and belittling actions toward the team members.  The manner through which an optimistic leader communicates uplift snd boost confidence among the team members.  And the team members potentially have the necessary courage to share and brainstorm ideas with all in an organization. 

To be Mindful of mood swings:

To be a positive leader, one must be mindful of the team members’ mood changes.  This can be achieved through regular meetings.  Those meetings must be conversational.  This will help in identifying the mood swings of the team members.  Likewise,  the leader will quickly gauge the member’s emotional capacity to endure the tasks’ pressure and burden.  Hence,  a leader must take into account the group members’ mood and temperament to lead successfully.

Igniting hope in the team members:

A positive leader has to ignite hope in the team members for the future.  He/she must not suppress the potential courage to pursue goals in a person.  He/she does not resist the change in the employees.  Likewise,  the leader has to keep working on suppressing the doubts and fears of the team members.  Fear and doubt are the worst enemies of the targeted accomplishments.  Doubts and hopes play a contradictory role.  Thus,  doubts must be suppressed and reprised to ignite hope among team members. 

Keen observer for positive leadership:

A positive leader has to be a keen observer.  A keen observer has the quality of predicting danger in the future.  And he/she can tackle and deal with the tasks effectively. Thus,  to lead in a lively manner,  one has to foresee the unseen and unpredicted through sharp, keen observations. 

Thus, concluding the discussion,  positive Leadership is through fair tedious tasks.  But,  it distinguishes the results by 100%. It rigorously tries to bring the best in the team members.  Moreover, It helps in creating a chain of Leadership through more vital harmony and cooperation in the team members.  It is not based on the rude commandments of the leader.  It eventually helps in revitalizing the presence of the talent in the team members. 

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