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Positive influence is the impact you have on other people or yourself by pointing out your strength and virtues. We have three (3) categories of people in the world today – People who complain bitterly and grumble about their work, people who are indifferent about their work (they are neither happy nor sad about their work), and people that enjoy and love their nature of work.

This last category does not include many people, just a few percentages of the world population. This small set of people stands out because, in most cases, they are in one way or another changing and improving lives. We have seen angry and frustrated nurses who are always shouting at patients, and conversely, we have witnessed gentle and calm nurses who are still willing to help even when they are tired.

What does this mean? It merely means that it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do or where you are working; you can be either a positive influence or a negative influence. I have heard testimonies of great people thanking their primary school teachers for helping them shape their lives to attain what they have today. You must know that positive influences are not all special, privileged, advantaged, or even wealthy. It is them just doing what makes them happy and having joy in improving the lives of others.

Behavioral Traits Of Positive Influencers

Here I’m going to explain the Behavioral Traits Of Positive Influencers:

1. They are always dedicated to what makes their life meaningful:

If we look around today, only a small portion of the population believes in a life of purpose and goal setting. Many people even believe that death could come at any time, and once it arrives, that is the end of the person’s race. I engaged in a conversation some time ago, and the person asked me, “Why do women lose out on their dreams and ambition to follow that of their husband after getting married?”. This is common in our society today, but the new generation of married people says no to that philosophy. Positive influencers don’t just live each day as it comes; they live a purposeful life.

2. They are open to correction and improvement

We all are not perfect, and nobody is an island of wisdom. Also, They understand this fact, and with open-mindedness, they learn. They listen to corrections and advice. And they are open to critiques because their best judgment, at times, might come from criticism.

3. They are always willing to help:

Positive influencers are still ready to help the needy. They don’t look down on people because they don’t expect to return after helping them. They express the same energy to both the rich and the poor.

  • They have foresight: One of the best ways of influencing people is seeing the future. They don’t see things the way they are; they see things the way they can be. They don’t settle for conformity; they strive to know more and then invest their time and energy in it.
  • They share information and build lives: Their lives are modeled around the saying, “A candle loses nothing when it lightens other candles.” They don’t prioritize their knowledge over their lives. They are concerned about how their experience will be useful in impacting lives.

How To Influence People Positively?

positive influence

1. Be Real:

To influence people in positive ways, you must be real and authentic. People will never follow someone who is faking his identity. Most people want to appear rich so that people will see them and like them. Some people are even fond of being a copy or version of someone else, which is terrible. Unlock the uniqueness in you and find out how you can impact lives in your own little but powerful way. When sharing your take on issues, be right to your opinion. Take a good stand because that is what is going to show that you are different.

2. Be a good leader rather than a boss:

A good leader leads by example. If you want to influence people positively, you must lead by example. It is always inspiring and motivating for followers to see their leaders at the forefront of good deeds.

3. Be robust and objective when things go wrong:

One of the positive influencers’ attributes is that they are full and objective when things don’t go their way. They understand that things won’t be fair all the time. There will be downtimes. To influence positively, you must stand out and stand firm in times of storm.

4. Be kind:

Positive influencers are kind people. There are popular foundations around the world that are owned by individuals for philanthropic reasons. They are always investing in lives with knowledge and physical resources.

5. Be Happy:

It is challenging for someone who appears sad and unkept to influence people positively. People know that you cannot give what you do not have. So, how do you give happiness when you don’t appear to have any?

6. Be Creative:

What will distinguish and make you different is developing numerous ideas. Find exciting ways of getting people to think outside the box. You must understand that the people you are influencing are other, and you must have different ways of hitting the nail on the head.

7. Have resources:

How can you influence people without using resources? These resources don’t necessarily have to be money. It might be you recommending books for people who need it or lending a word of advice to people. When you help others, it gives you a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and connectivity.

Final Words for Positive influence

There are always questions about whether it is good to be predictable in behavior as a positive influencer. It is perfect to be unpredictable, but it must be in good form. You can be unpredictably good. Some people interpret that as an excuse to change stands, but people need to know your perspective. You can positively influence people. You might be shocked by the extent you will go, but the first step is to START.

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