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What is the personal energy field? Why is it essential that you know your energy field? What is the advantage when you capitalize on your energy field? There are many more questions about this topic, and we hope your doubts will be cleared at the end of the article. Some energies flow around us, even though they are not visible. Everything that happens, including our feelings, emotions, happiness, sadness, etc., are exchanging energies of different wavelengths.

Do you know that there are times when you will misplace something, and your inner mind is not sad? Probably after a while, you find what you misplaced. Then you will agree, something told you that you would find it. These are energies that flow around us.

personal energy field

The personal energy field is also called Aura. What is the personal energy field? These are the energies that flow through and around your body. This, as explained by science says it emits electromagnetic radiation. Plants, animals and even inanimate (gemstones) things have their Aura. It is said to be the world’s best detector of human emotions. It shows who a person is no matter how hard the person tries to hide.

Living things that need oxygen for survival has an aura. They generate a strong magnetic field that can be felt, sensed, and even seen around the physical body. Some emit a strong aura that can easily be sensed among a large crowd.

The personal energy field is also the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that penetrates and surrounds a person. It is not just energy but an extension of who a person is.

Brief history and development of Aura

There are several layers of the Aura. While many people believe that the “third eye” is needed to see all the layers, it is not valid. Some people have linked Aura to spiritual involvement and occultism; it is not valid. Auras can be felt and sensed through touch, scent, or sound. Humans have been trying to find out what Aura is. What is its physical state, and does it exist? In 1939, a Russian technician named Simon Kirlian observed a light emitting from his fingers when placed under a photographic plate.

He developed the first camera to photograph this Aura. Some other methods have been developed; they include Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV), Energy Scanning, Poly-contrast Interference Photography, and the latest is Energy Field Imaging.

Energy field imaging (EFI) was developed and manufactured by Dr. John Rogerson. The EFI is a licensed software program that runs on Windows OS. It captures subtle energy fields with the help of a digital camera and a color decoding filter. It is used to monitor an individual’s healing modalities and other subject factors. EFI is used as a compliment and not as a replacement for doctors and physicians.

This system has proven to be effective in the detection and treatment of some diseases. They include Backache, Arthritis, depression, migraine, asthma, etc.

Relationship of Aura with the spirit, mind, and body.

As said earlier, the Aura is also known as the personal energy field. It is a subtle energy field that shields the physical appearance of a person. It is a storehouse for both positive and negative energies. The personal energy field has seven main centers. These centers are also referred to as the Chakras. They are sources of energy and information. They are connected to major organs and glands in the body.

The Chakras are as follows:

  1. The Health of your Body
  2. Your principles and creativity
  3. Your Power and will
  4. The love for yourself
  5. Your expression
  6. Spiritual insight and intuition
  7. Connection to the source

These chakras are vital and are connected. The first three tell more about your physical wellbeing, relationship with people and occurrences around you, and your willpower. The fourth chakra is the pivot of all. It strikes a balance between the first three chakras and the last three. If there is an imbalance in your energy fields, your chakras will let you know. The physical body will reflect what is happening in your mind and spirit.

All of these chakras are important and must be given attention. How you do your things is dependent on how your energy fields are working. Some might rely on their willpower to do their things, while others rely on principles to get the best out of themselves. There must be a balance which is the love for yourself. A person who relies on intuition is not better off than a person who relies on principles. We have different auras.

personal energy field

Relationship between health and Aura

All living things that need oxygen to survive have auras. Albert Einstein’s most famous equation says that energy and matter are connected. Researchers have over the years confirmed that ailments and any form of deviation from sound health cause a reduction in the energy field. When we live in a toxic environment or a state of worry, fear, and negative emotions, we influence our psychological and psycho-emotional state. This causes a shrinking and reduction in our energy field.

On the other hand, when we live in an area we enjoy, full of love and compassion, we increase our energy field. This can be linked with the state of health of a human being. When a person is sick, healing from sickness relies on the health of their energy field. Health conditions have bare roots in our emotional energy field. The weaker a sick person gets, the less the energy field. For example, a sick person has hope of recovery depending on the degree of ailments. Hope is energy that aids recovery. If a person is sick and is not hopeful about recovery, the person’s case will be worsened.

The most common health state that is associated with the personal energy field is depression. When depression sets in, almost all the chakras become useless. It shuts down all the energy levels and kills the hope of a person. For a person like that, all energy levels must be rekindled for the person to heal. A depressed person sees no reason to live again.

Five layers of the personal energy field

The personal energy field consists of 5 layers. These layers are where the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional energies are stored. All these layers are connected and very important.

Physical Energy Layer: This is the most common of all. It has shape, weight, and volume. You can touch, see and alter its outward appearance. It is the most transparent layer among the rest. It’s safe to say the physical layer embodies other layers. The physical energy layer, in most cases, reflects what is happening in other layers. It is this layer that people see and ask what is wrong with someone.

Etheric Energy Layer: This is the second layer of the personal energy field. It’s located just after the physical layer. It’s the layer that surrounds the physical layer, and it’s about an inch from it. It’s also called the blueprint or the holograph of the physical body. Energy practitioners who are gifted at sensing it have described it as a sticky and stretchy layer.

Emotional Energy Layer: The third layer in level. It is centrally located in the energy layer. This is where our feelings and fears are stored. This layer is relatively unstable when we are experiencing high and low emotions. Loves, hate, likenesses, and so on occur here.

Mental Energy Layer: This is the layer when ideas spring from. The mental layer gets information, processes it, and sorts it. Assimilation is taken place here. It also stores our experiences, beliefs, and perception. Personal truths and secrets are also kept there.

Spiritual Energy Layer: It is the last layer in the energy field. This layer houses our high awareness and consciousness. It ties us to our past and future. This layer is often attributed to the third eye, but that’s for spiritualists. Your spiritual energy layer can be accessed not only when you engage in occultic means. You can engage in exercises such as Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and so on. It would help freed your Aura from negative energies such as worry, anger, fear, and other negative energies. These negative energies alter the functioning of the physical, mental and emotional system.

personal energy field

How to monitor personal energy field

Can Personal Energy Field be monitored? Yes, they can be monitored. It’s not easy to look with our naked eyes but with the help of the Russian scientists that made a camera for the Aura. Now, photographs of auras can be taken.

Clairvoyants can also detect the color of auras. A pure and shining color indicates sound health, while a dull color indicates an impending ailment.

It’s possible to keep the Aura in positive and good health. Regular body exercise, mind and mental exercises will aid this.

In conclusion, as human beings, we radiate electromagnetic fields, which are energies that surround us. Spend some time to find your Aura. Focus, meditate and harness your spiritual energy. Aura can be changed with time. Your emotions and experience affect your Aura. Take time to work on yourself, and your Aura will change. Do you have questions? Why not join us at The Black Sheep community today and engage our seasoned experts.

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