So, you are here to get to know how exactly I achieved the Paradox of Success.

We have conversations with strangers all the time. Sometimes we meet them on the train while waiting for a bus, or while sitting on a park bench. Sometimes we only exchange pleasantries, and other times we have heart-to-heart earth-shattering conversations. 

Has any conversation ever made you introspect?

As much as we are influenced by people we know, we also pick up good things from strangers because we don’t know their flaws. In our short-lived conversations with strangers, we allow ourselves to look at life with new perspectives. And those words are the most impactful ones, don’t you agree?

So if a single individual manages to help you outsmart your own biases in a couple of minutes, imagine how much that person must have achieved in a lifetime! But that’s incorrect. That stranger probably didn’t have any motives to influence you, and your getting inspired was only an accident. Nevertheless, that stranger becomes somebody you can and will never forget.

So how much credit is due to that stranger for changing your life? It can be called as a Paradox of Success, right?

So why is it that you fail at crediting yourself when it comes to your own actions? We as humans only look at the tiny details when it comes to counting our achievements. We seldom look at the bigger picture, which is a thousand times better than what we are looking at right now. The bigger picture could be changing somebody’s perspective, or giving them a new reason to look forward to a better life. It’s like introducing enlightenment to somebody’s life!

All you need to do is be a forward thinker when it comes to being a leader. The capacity to differentiate between right and wrong/ good and bad (Practical wisdom Aristotle) is perennial to leading change. As a leader, you don’t have to cause monumental revolutions to classify yourself as successful. Impacting a single life in itself is a huge achievement. What’s best is that the person you positively transform will come in contact with others to share your words of wisdom. And gradually, your movement will be taken forward until it becomes immortal. 

Besides, who knows, you too could be somebody’s stranger.

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