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Are you the Black Sheep of your family, or your office? Good! That probably means you are meant to be a Thought Leader

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Misunderstood, Lonely, Underestimated

That happens to forward thinkers, to future thought leaders

With their ideas, questions and expertise they can break through unconventional work and thought patterns. Their different vision has the potential to inspire people to make a change in their lives. But first they must have the courage to speak their heart. Future Thought Leaders often feel like black sheep or scape goats. They were misunderstood, turned down and ignored by so many people that they lost faith in themselves and humanity. Let’s turn the tables around, and let Future Thought Leaders realise they have a gift. Those peculiar ideas are meant to change the world. Because we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them (Albert Einstein).

the Black Sheep Community

Connecting Future Thought Leaders

A haven for Thought Leaders. That’s the Black Sheep Community. An online inspiration-platform to connect with Forward Thinkers and Innovative Doers. And to grow your impact! And build your Thought Leadership. You’ll find amazing events, think tanks, courses and a global network of ‘the wise & willing’. 

Joining the Black Sheep Community will show you how to be a thinker AND live an amazing life. It doesn’t need to be either-or! It’s the thinker’s tribe to make sure your message is heard and find how to make a difference in our world.

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You probably have some vision or idea that is important and wise. And wish to have more impact with it. How to make a difference with it? Practical wisdom is vital. It requires skills, action ánd thinking time. For the world needs thinkers too!

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This is the key. To connect. How we relate makes how we feel and what we accomplish. And feeling lonely, unheard, unseen, left-out, unvalued, disconnect doesn’t help. So join the Black Sheep Community to connect with this global network of thinkers. And, learn to connect better elsewhere too.

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On Impact two questions matter: How to amplify it? And how to align it with your in-depth and evolving vision. Does your impact ‘fit’ your talents and wisdom? Nobody can do that alone. And there is no need to try it that way. Just join us, and see for yourself how togetherness works for you too.

Minke Tromp


My name is Minke Tromp, I am the founder of the Black Sheep Community. Ever since I worked in the corporate world and studied philosophy at the same time, I have felt the need to connect wisdom and impact. Positive impact is the synthesis of the these two 'worlds' coming together.

Too many great ideas have too little impact. That's another way of putting it. With this community I aim to contribute to the narrative, to improve and accelerate it.


Why join our Community ?

Forward Thinking means to be ‘the-odd-one-out’. That’s why daily life won’t give you this: nurturing your rightful aspirations with like-minded people.

Because we feel so strongly our need for change, access to the community is free. You are needed! Invited! And welcome!

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Connect better

What if people would understand you? And follow? So you can convey your message? And help and inspire others? We have what you need to connect better, so the opportunities you long for, can come your way.

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Grow in Impact

Why are people with lesser ideas more successfull than you? That is hurting our planet and human life in general. We will grow your impact-skills. Without losing your depth. In fact, we’ll find the synthesis, the synergy, your unique, magic mix.

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Build Thought Leadership

What if you would be more respected and people would come to you? To learn from and work with you? We show you the stepping stones. How to make your ‘why’ work for you. What’s the measure of your greatness?

Leadership Coaching

More on our community you will find leadership coaching courses.
Forward Thinking and Leadership give rise to wisdom and understanding how to change the world one thought at the time.

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Gain Self-Awareness

A thought-leader is self-aware and knows his or hers strengths and weaknesses. In order to inspire others you must understand yourself as a human being and be skillful in making meaningful connections. This course will build your strength on every level.

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Develop Practical Wisdom

Wisdom vs. Intelligence is the distinction that bears the difference between naked knowledge and mastery. By forward thinking yet, every answer causes loads of new questions calling for this ‘phronesis’. The Practical Wisdom Course brings excellence by brilliant actions.

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Powerful Presence

The fear of being left out will be transformed into a special, strong and meaningful presence in this course. You will become more connective and respected at the same time. It will enlarge the impact of your calling and make your life a lot easier and more fun.

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Thought Leadership

Master your Mindset is a beginning. Design your own life too. The scale of significance of your vision is so much bigger. Way beyond thought leadership content marketing, in order to actually realise it, your vision needs the refinement and deepening here.


Leadership coaching works different for Forward Thinkers. Flexible Thinking and Thought Patterns of Black Sheep create the need to outsmart your own biases.

Tekengebied 11The unforgettable StoryTelling Tale (online course)

Forward Thinking means a lot of lost messages, unheard nuances and wasted effort in conversations. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not per sé that needs to slowly cool down your motivations. This free course will help you to create magic in all your communications and find your way to impact with your Ideas.

Tekengebied 11Purpose (online course)

What is my purpose? How to find it? Where is your ikigai? AKA as sweetspot? Committing to thought leadership also means a lot of adversity. Hence the immense importance of connecting to your purpose. Here you’ll find it.

Tekengebied 11Connective Powers of Criticism (online course)

You are probably told to be a critic, but can’t help yourself due to your skills, insights and knowledge. This course brings techniques to win people and situation for you, in stead of losing them. You’ll learn to do right by your knowledge and intuition, evolving from an avoided attic-like critic, to a respected mind and person much appreciated.

Tekengebied 11Art of Questioning (3 online courses)

Questions are so powerful! The right question at the right moment is worth more than a great answer. To become great at questioning and growing because of it, we have these super easy to use audio courses on the Art of Questioning: I Becoming a questioning master, II The Socratic Method and III The bigger picture. All with downloadable audio’s and readers.

What they think

I think

Finally someone who teaches thinking instead of answers




I think

I like the idea and from what I understand is that it has the ability to not only inspire people but that it has the ability to connect as well. Nice…


I think

Considering myself as a ‘incarnation’ of a black sheep, makes that I rather use the word ‘diversity’ than ‘inclusion’. Embrace the difference to bring change and solutions.


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Nicole Edelenbos
I think

I love it, Minke!



Heuveling – van Beek

I think

I used to be quite shy, now I can connect with anyone. Being an entrepreneur, that is quite handy!




I think

This is great, because good things can block great things!



van den Muijsenberg

I think

I’m very pleased that this possibility is developing.


I think

This has been missing.


Neelie Kroes
I think

I have joined a lot of things online the last couple of years, this is the first time I wish to be more active and engaging!


Vi Ferraro

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