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Outward Mindset – Unleash the Creative Giant in you: The world is evolving at such a fast pace and the ways and manners of solving problems and challenges in this time and age require you to think beyond the ordinary. We have all been blessed with a mind with the vast opportunity to achieve anything and everything we set our mind on.

Many people live below their full potential not because they are not exposed to opportunities or because they don’t want to live like a king, but because they have perpetually chosen to do things the same way as their parents or elders.

The budding leaders of the 21st century in all facets of life are thinking outside the box using the outward mindset. A saying goes, “it’s only an insane person who will do the same things the same way all the time and expect a different result.” Suppose you wish to be listed amongst these budding leaders who are getting and grinding out results by challenging the status quo. In that case, you need to start exhibiting and developing an outward mindset because that seems to be the essential tool you need.

Unleash The Creative Giant In You

Creativity is one of those most mysterious abilities human beings are blessed with. It isn’t just about having an imagination for thinking and creating something new and different. It is the ability to do so regularly that makes the incremental value in your life. Another way to look at it is always to search your brain for answers to all challenges.

Our brain is divided mainly into two distinct areas, usually known as the left and right sides. The left side accounts for numbers and languages, which are needed to process all your logical information. The right side of the brain, on the other hand, is responsible for the holistic view of data and patterns and is known as the more creative half of the brain.

Another exciting bit of information is that the corpus callosum, which is the part of the brain linking the right and left sides of the brain, is thicker in people whose right side (the “creative one”) is dominant. This may mean that those who are more creative can use their brains more efficiently. The brain functions based on what it already knows (i.e., what is familiar to it) and stores it accordingly. It’s somewhat like having an intelligent system for data storage by topics, but this process is automatic in our brain.

This logical organization is not friendly to the creative process because your creativity will always challenge this status quo. This means that creativity is not a totally natural process; it takes effort to unlearn what we have in our minds and defy how our brain naturally works. The fact is that creativity is becoming increasingly important in our world, and therefore, learning ways to increase it is an asset most people must be willing to pursue.

Look For The Bigger Picture For Outward Mindset

Outward Mindset

Many people talk about ‘thinking outside of the box,’ but the world is short of experts to teach this isolated field. This type of cognition might be the clue to rebranding our world and creating new unconventional leaders in all areas of our lives, so the more people who can use this more modern type of reasoning, the better for our world.

Although thinking on multiple levels about a problem isn’t new, its emergence into the public mind is contemporary. Formerly, the responsibility of developing an outward mindset used to rest solely on military strategists to protect nations. These days the tables have turned. Individuals are beginning to train and develop their brains to achieve considerable success in their various endeavors using unconventional ways and methods. This goes beyond common-sense and logic and is a merging of several types of deductive reasoning.

These necessary steps are very flexible and straightforward if you break them down into a few parts and don’t get all nervous about it. First, determine what problem needs to be addressed. Then, try to list all of the details of that problem and prioritize them. Take on the most critical (priority) items first and list several ways to resolve these things. Think about everything that can be employed as a solution, even if it sounds strange at first. Then, relax and just let your subconscious mind chew on them all for a while.

At this point, start asking yourself the appropriate questions such as “what is the best and most efficient way to fix this problem?” or “what else might I need to know before deciding on what to do here?” Your deep thoughts about answers to all these questions will automatically birth the necessary solutions, which will start dropping into your mind from sources yet known. The more you use this type of thinking, the easier it gets, and soon your friends and acquaintances are gazing at you strangely as you come up with ideas they would never have thought of – Unless they are aware of how to do this too.


Think Beyond Your Social Circle

The kind of person you are and the kind of mindset you possess determine how far you can go in life. You need to surround yourself with people with vast, sophisticated, and more enlightened attitudes than yourself. These people will always be your guide and benchmark in surmounting all your challenges. Iron, as they say, sharpens iron.

You can never be greater than the mindset of the kind of people in your circle. You will do yourself a lot of good by looking beyond your circle of friends and associates. Using your outward mindset will propel you to a height at which you will be more sophisticated to face and conquer the world’s challenges.  

The benefits and growth you derive from your circle of friends and associates can be likened to stretching your arms. The values you derive are equal to the benefits and values you get from your immediate circle, while the things beyond your arms are the extra values.

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