Outsider Perspective

They say that sometimes, there is no better person to unburden yourself to than a stranger. That is because some strangers have something that a circle of acquaintances does not; an outsider perspective that doesn’t know to allow sentiments cloud their analysis and solutions for your situation. These words also capture the qualities of a breed of thinkers, the forward thinkers that come up with out-of-the-box ideas that do not play well to the defined parameters of societal structures. The Black Sheep Community is there for forwarding-thinker leaders.

For many people like this, society chooses to disregard their gifts, mostly because it does not understand them. In many cases, these flexible thinkers are considered outcasts from an early age, pariahs to family, friends and the general society. Made to feel unnatural by the people around them. Some of these problem solvers begin to doubt themselves and their abilities. Some try to downplay their gifts in order to fit in since we all are inherently social animals. If only they understand how valuable their ideas are, and that there is a community of people just like them, a tribe of like-minded thinkers with outsider perspectives…..

Forward thinkers and Outsider Perspective

In a world bristling with too many problems (many are made even worse by solutions that follow scripted guidelines). There is a pressing need for forward-thinkers that can break the defined boundaries of thought, in order to come up with viable solutions. As the world is beset by social and environmental issues, it needs future thought leaders that can bring in otherworldly perspectives that work. 

For a long time, the world has tried the inside-the-box perspective with little to show for it. Until someone with an outsider perspective comes along to push things forward. In classical Greece, names like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle come to mind. And in Renaissance Europe, Leonardo da Vinci, Artemisia Gentileschi, Copernicus, and Galileo. These thinkers broke the mold of conventional thought, and in doing so, changed the world. There are still people like these in the 21st century. And it could even be argued that these people are needed more now. The Black Sheep Community is an online platform that connects such thinkers. And giving them a home to be their best creative selves.

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