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Organizational Development Interventions: One of the major problems or challenges faced by companies is adapting to changes in the world’s economic state or the country they are in. Only a few companies can survive harsh economic conditions simply because they have a flexible and sustainable developmental plan and strategy for the future concerning their staff, goals, and society.

Organizational development interventions can be defined as some structured plan to solve problems faced by the company. These solutions are put in place for diverse issues. These interventions are designed to improve the company’s performance, increase its efficiency, and help the leaders manage their team well.

Many companies fail to understand the importance of having both short and long-term goals. This is why each company’s organizing body must have a continuous and functioning innovative plan for the sustainability of its objectives.

Having more than one plan is not a bad idea if PLAN A does not work, PLAN B will work and same as the PLAN C and PLAN D. Using the period of the COVID 19 pandemic as an example, many people enriched themselves by harnessing the opportunity they saw during this time. As an example, Jeff Bezos made more than 10 billion US dollars in a day, and this was during the said coronavirus pandemic, where most parts of the world were under lockdown. Some companies had to lay off their staff to sustain the company or run into a loss.

According to Prof Ikujiro Nonaka, practical wisdom is the basis of continuous innovation. Companies ceaselessly and repeatedly create new knowledge, disseminating it throughout the Organizational Development Interventions, and converting knowledge to action over time.

This means that there should be various ways by which companies would confront changes to the economy by creating new products or developing a new way of doing business in such a way that would benefit employees, consumers of your products and services, and the whole society.

Ways To Encourage Nonstop Flow Of Innovation For Organizational Development Interventions


1. Judge Goodness based on actions. Seeing possibilities in everything is headway in making developments. This will foster a positive mindset even in situations where you feel like you have reached rock bottom.

2. Rely on your in-mind judgment to get the essence of a particular case or event. There are situations where you will need your intuition to make some critical judgments about your plans for the future.

3. Create and share ideas to discover new revelations through human interactions. by integrating your goals into your daily routine to see which of your plans will thrive best and observe how consumers will react to such programs.

4. Use the best possible methods to make people grasp the essence of your aim and strategies. This involves compelling consumers by explaining and making them understand your business strategy.

5. Use the best possible methods to bring people with different ideas and purposes to achieve a similar goal. Many people have conflicting opinions and plans, but getting them together to achieve a similar drive will foster growth.

6. Help others, mostly employees, grow using the knowledge and ideas you have gathered over the years. Getting people, especially your employees, to develop the same practical experience as you through mentorship and apprenticeship, will help your company achieve its goal faster.

Steps To Organizational Development Interventions

Here are some Steps To Organizational Development Interventions:


Understand your business objectives and develop both offensive and defensive market strategies by consulting experts in your business areas. Consulting with experts will help you generate ideas and guide you in setting up short and long-term plans. One of the advantages of mentorship is that it allows you to learn the pros and cons of some of your laid down business strategies.


Before implementing your strategies, do a proper analysis of the available resources that you have within your reach. This will include the available budget at your disposal, the number of employees you want or have at that particular time, and the evaluation of the primary goals you want to achieve. This will help reduce the cost of loss or liability, which could happen during the plan’s execution.


After proper consultation and analysis, you must execute the plan as you have it written down or drawn out. During the time of the talk and study, you have taken into consideration and have made some final decisions with the help of the experts. So, there would be situations where things might not go as planned. Therefore, you need to have more than one plan so you won’t be stranded.

Steps To Organizational Development Interventions

1. Build a system that can quickly adapt to changes

2. Develop staff and employees through mentorship and promotional courses

3. Seek new and relevant information

4. Gradually integrate and practice new strategies

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