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In this article, you will get a brief idea of mobile content marketing.

The word ‘marketing’ is repeated several times when discussing the business industry. And for good reasons- which we will be touching up upon later on. But first off, let’s define content marketing as a whole.

Content marketing is generally described as a tactical or planned view. That is used when first starting a business, or as a business is growing. This approach assures that you have advertised your business attractively and appropriately. That is likely to appeal to several on-lookers, and in doing so targeting your defined audience results in a lucrative business.

Likewise, mobile content marketing is described as a strategic approach to marketing, with the only difference of it being digital. When Mobile marketing, your main audience would be people who have a vital need for electronic devices (smartphones, tablets…etc.) and use said devices in their daily lives. When mobile marketing, your focus should veer towards targeting websites, social media, apps, email, …etc.

Why use mobile content marketing?

Mobile Content marketing

As a leader, you need to observe every slight change in the industry, and based on that change; you should be able to adapt accordingly if you ever wish to succeed. Nowadays, everyone has a phone or some electronic device. Just take one glance around you. You’ll notice that most people are engrossed with those little devices in their hands. They cling to them like they are their only lifeline. And in some ways, they are because one button on that phone could ruin their business or social life. Therefore, your best chance at marketing your business is by targeting a broad audience of mobile users. 

A study has been conducted on a wide group of people that showed that even with a laptop in the near vicinity. Almost 70 percent of people resorted to using their phones instead of a desktop. This shows that as much as laptops were vital in the past decade or so. Mobile phones are oppressive, especially on ‘millennials and generation Z.’

Mobile marketing strategy 

Mobile Content marketing

It’s essential to keep in mind that mobile marketing doesn’t happen overnight or even throughout a fortnight. It takes time and planning. Now, we have talked about what mobile marketing is and why we should use it.

But I bet the question roaming your minds this whole time has been. “but how am I supposed to do that?” or “where do I start?” This is where mobile marketing strategy comes in. If not thoroughly planned, mobile marketing can be very chaotic. And it can be an overwhelming process.

As almost everyone with a business is competing to gain an audience on the same platforms. So I will walk you through this bit by bit to ensure that you end up with an organized lucrative business. Before we jump into the main steps of said strategy, let’s list a few of the things. You should take these into consideration before starting:

The layout and structure of your content

When reading articles, blog posts, or just simple updates, people tend to prefer content that is concise and straight. It should be to the point with gripping headlines – something relatable and simple.

Visual and imagery

An image is just as important as a headline, if not more. Make sure your images are eye-catching, properly edited, and fit the screen size. 

Audio and videos 

Make sure that any attached audio or video is clear and won’t suddenly start playing. Like those annoying ads that suddenly begin blasting music while you are in the middle of a bus or meeting.

  • Follow SEO structure while writing articles and pay close attention to the keywords you use.

Now that you have noted the above points, let’s move on to the steps you need to take:

  • Similar to any project, it’s essential to set a series of goals and checkpoints you’d like to achieve by a certain amount of time. For example, let’s say your goal is to reach 1000 followers by the end of the month. Setting a goal would give you the incentive to push forward and achieve that goal.
  • Another very important step is finding your audience, you can’t jump aimlessly into the wide world of the net and without having a target audience in mind. For example, you can’t have posted about parenting with teenagers as your audience. Or posts about games for children with adults as your audience.
  • As mentioned before, people love posts that are straight to the point, especially when browsing through a screen as small as a mobile screen. Make sure you deliver your point in as few words as possible. In this case, bullet points and lists are adored by the readers.
  • Tracking your progress is essential to you as a person more than the business itself. A lot of leaders have lost motivation mid-project and gradually began losing interest to avoid that write down your achievements and strive for more. Make things interesting for yourself
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