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Mental strength vs physical strength is a solid topic to talk about. For instance, a study of the relationship between employment and health can help us analyze various factors. Poor physical health causes less productivity at work, as it is widely known that ‘health is wealth’. It can be seen in a way that if we have suitable physical health, we can earn well and another way to look at it is that health is true wealth.

Hence, do not get so induced in work to have poor physical conditions (stress and lack of sleep). The poor physical condition means fewer productivity causes loss of wages which eventually can cause no access to healthy food items. 

How does exercise benefit mental strength vs physical strength?

There is a strong connection between physical activity and emotional health. The human body develops strength with exercise. The hormones such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine are released in our bodies when we exercise.

This engenders an action-reward-action cycle. The cycle generates a feeling which encourages humans to step up their game. The reward contains happiness and affirmation of capabilities, strength, and skills. It helps an individual to build enormous power and control in life. For self-dependence, satisfaction and commitment are the key factors. They play a crucial role in strengthening mental health.

Positive Health Benefits

Mental strength vs physical strength

There are so many positive health benefits of physical exercise, such as reducing mortality, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, stroke, etc. Exercise is also known as the cure for mild and the treatment for moderate depression. However, the longitudinal observational studies show positive results in support of exercise in the group of adults but not in the group of adolescents.

Do we need to eat a healthy diet?

Nutritious, clean, and sufficient food is a public health concern worldwide. It is well-known that nutrition is the primary factor behind physical health. Nutrition not only directly affects our physical health, but it also causes impacts our emotional well-being. It is undoubtedly ‘true’ that healthy nutrition builds physical strength and makes a person mentally strong and stable. We can say that ‘food for your mood’. However, food insecurity gives rise to mental illnesses such as depression. Therefore, the answer is yes. To remain physically and mentally fit, we do need a healthy diet.

Demographic and environmental factors

Globally, the concerns about mental health have been increasing day by day. It is studied that ecological, and environmental factors are also responsible for mental health conditions. Research shows that the people living in areas with greenery are less prone to mental problems. Moreover, they have good physical and psychological health and poor environmental conditions such as air pollution, which causes physical health problems.

It has been analyzed that poor air quality can cause children’s cognitive abilities to be disrupted by prolonged exposure. The long-term effects of air pollution cause respiratory problems, lung cancer, heart disease, brain damage, kidney failure, and even congenital disabilities. Next time you see the haze of smog, take preventive measures against it because it can leave a ‘mark’ on your brain.

Pandemic COVID-19, mental health vs physical health

Coronavirus disease/COVID-19 causes enormous social interventions. The World Health Organization on the 11th March 2020 declared it a pandemic. It brought so many social interventions globally. As we know, quarantines and social distancing were known as ‘New norms’. According to Chinese research, youth under 35 face serious mental health issues.

Another study showed that youth was more vulnerable to mental health problems. It was also analyzed that anxiety and depression predominate in people with preexisting physical health problems. Pandemic COVID-19 has caused and is still causing so many mental and physical health problems. In these types of pandemic emergencies, there is a strong need to develop credible mental health vs biological health support systems for vulnerable populations such as youth.

What Does Research Tell Us?

According to research in Italy, the quarantine caused a reduction in physical activity and energy expenditure. It gave rise to negative psychological well-being. Physical activity increases self-esteem and reduces stress and anxiety among all age groups. In these situations, staying home is a fundamental step, but establishing routine indoor exercises should also be adopted. It is said that ‘stay active to feel better.

Mental training to increase physical performance.

There are so many practices by which we can strengthen our physical health by doing some mental training. There is also some mental training available to boost athletic performances. This is now widely known in sports psychology. Members of professional teams have suggested that mental strength training should be emphasized more.

There is as much mental training that should be available as physical training. Mental practices and exercises are essential for cognitive tasks and bodily functions. A positive mental attitude governs skilled performance. Multiple types of research available demonstrate that the central nervous system’s activity is robust to boost long-term muscular strength.


We need to develop a positive approach toward mental vs physical strength. They both are essential to each other. Mental strength is the main ingredient to add to building an active lifestyle. Time and dedication are needed for mental strength. Here are some essential things to do and breed results: leave your comfort zone, avoid negative thoughts, set goals with deadlines, and last but not least, ‘Never Give Up’.

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