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Life is fragile. It is precious, unpredictable, and every day is not a given right but a gift. All the elements of your happiness are already present. You need not run, search, strive, or struggle.

No one is guaranteed a designated time on this earth. It is up to you how you want your life to be. If you are happy, hold tight. If you are not, change it. Let go of the people in your life who want to make you miserable, whether they are your blood or not.

At the end of the day, when it comes to whether you are happy or not, whether you can have a sound sleep with your decisions, whether you speak the truth or not. Are you going to regret the decision on your deathbed? If not, go for it. If so, then don’t. Life is fragile. You all have a fragile life to live and always do what is best for yourself. You must own your happiness.

How Life is fragile?

When you say life is fragile, what does it mean? It means illnesses, tragedies, and other unexpected bulges in the road that can strike anytime. There is no guarantee of long life. Some will get to live hundred years while others get a fraction of that. Life has no certainties, and adverse events such as disaster, illness, and death can occur at any moment without any prior warning.

Though your life is fragile, you don’t have to be. Things happen to all of you all time that you don’t expect. At times those things end a life suddenly and unexpectedly. The COVID-19 pandemic is the best example of how the life of every human being on this earth is fragile and unpredictable. Or just getting out of your home and something occurs that changes your life and others forever. You never know what is there for you the very next moment.

It is different for different people. For some, it is finding that you have a heart attack at the age of 40. For some, it was a ride on a bike ending in an accident; for some, it was a skiing mishap that led to a coma; for others, it is waking up to see your father leaving for heaven. Life is fragile.

But you don’t have to be fragile. This is the meaning of the saying that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Resilience helps in fragility. Good mental health can keep us less fragile and more potent.

Appreciate Your Life

Society has forgotten the actual value of life and how special it is. Sometimes people take things for granted. The only day that everyone feels thankful is Thanksgiving, and besides that, it is quite free for all.

You become part of the problem if you don’t count your blessings every day and are not thankful for them. Life is going smooth and has stability one moment, and then next, it flashes right before your eyes. Tragedies happen at any time. It doesn’t have a proper time, or it tells you before occurring. This is how fragile life is. Anything can happen at any given time.

Life is the most beautiful thing you know and experience as a human. If you take it upon yourself to perceive and intuit it positively, life could be better.

How often have you gotten angry at someone or bugged out as your internet is slow? Or let a bad day bring down your spirits?

These things are not essential and don’t matter when you look at the bigger picture. Do not forget how fragile life is. Don’t let senseless things preoccupy your day. Besides, there is no need to constantly worry about the wrong things instead of just enjoying life. You become sad, mad, get depressed, fight with other people, and let them have power over you.

Life is fragile

The grand manifestation of life is not real. It is a collection of the people and experiences happening around you. Your life is compromised of different things and variables you worry about as society has made you worry about them. Life is a lot simpler than you make it out to be.

How to Become Less Fragile?

You all can do three things to be less fragile.

Firstly, start being more aware of yourself, other people around you, opportunities, threats, and circumstances. Then do a little reality check on how you react and what you do.

Secondly, knowing, finding, or having your choices. Being responsible is a crucial choice for all of you. It is how you respond to what is happening to you and around you. Besides, the option to allow yourself to stop for a moment to take a breath or two before giving a reaction is you being response-able.

Lastly, trust yourself, especially when those around you do not seem to trust themselves and want you in that same boat. It can be their story but doesn’t have to be yours. If you are aware, take time to understand what is going on around you and practice responding, trusting yourself, and considering your choices. You can trust your decisions and go with your wants, wishes, desires, and thoughts.

If you choose, and if it does not work, you can build more awareness around and tell you what did not work well. Then you have the option to choose differently and act. Whether it improves or worsens, you can repeat the cycle unless you are delighted with your result.

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Learning to Let Things Go

Envy, disappointment, regret, hate, anger- all can become toxic emotions that can disturb you and eat you up. None of such feelings is of any use or will get you anywhere, but still, you tightly hold onto them as if they are oxygen.


You can observe others and take inspiration from them. However, if you start to compare too much, envy can follow. You have to be careful about that. You don’t know how those people feel, their stories, or how much they must sacrifice to reach where they are today. Besides, you don’t even know whether they are pleased and prosperous or just masking self-doubt or deep insecurity with a smile. Such thinking will help you to let go of the wish to compare yourself to others and let you commit to your journey.


Regret is an emotion that you must maintain distance from. You are a human being, prone to making mistakes that you don’t want to repeat. Whether you hurt a loved one, act foolishly with your colleague, or have been careless with your words, you must have done something or other. However, beating yourself up repeatedly for those mistakes is useless. You are wasting your precious life by doing this.

Learn a lesson from your mistakes and be a better version of yourself. This outlook toward life is part of the maturing process. Learn to let go of these emotions. Seeing them for what they are is a total waste of time.


There is no point in holding grudges against someone in your mind, as it will only hurt you. It would help if you were transparent. And let go of the feelings of bitterness and revenge from your mind as this will do no good to you but instead will only harm you. It would help if you embraced that life is precious, and you always choose to leave negativity behind. You can always let things go that do not matter much.

Making Efforts for Those That Matter Most

You have a finite amount of time on this earth, and you must prioritize. It would help if you said no to some things in order to say yes to things that matter most to you and have a deeper meaning in your life.

It means making sure that there is quality time for your family, friends, and yourself in your day. Snatching a couple of minutes here and there will not do. It is about spending quality time where you are aware of your surroundings and fully present with those around you.

Some meditation, a long walk, or another self-care act is best for quality time checking in with you.

Short-Lived Moments in Time

Considering that your existence on this earth is temporary should be enough reason to apply a degree of purpose and clarity to your days. You need to make time for yourself. You must make time for those who matter to you most. It would help if you made time to dream aloud and transform those dreams into reality.

Various precious moments in your life are short live. So you must make the most of them. It is admirable and remarkable to work hard, but you need to make sure you make sufficient time to celebrate your success and enjoy your life.

Live Today

Life is valuable. Life is precious. You are here only once, so you should make the most of it while you have the chance. No one is immortal. The death of your close relative or a friend can open your eyes and make you realize that life can turn into a moment. Even the most successful and wealthiest can’t evade the inevitability of death.

Life is fragile

Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will make it to old age. You have no guarantees in life. Things will and can happen.

The most common regrets are not the things you did in life but those you didn’t do. It is easy to get distressed and consider the point of it all. Everyone has the same opportunities. It is just that some of you do not realize it. All of you can make your life as fruitful and prosperous as possible, but you choose to jumble through life with no objective or aim for one reason or another. Thus, you should make the most of your life while you have the chance.

Start to make the most of your life today. Be amazed at the willowy trees as they sway in the wind. Cherish the songs of wild birds in the morning. Have a pleasant sensation of the cool breeze as you walk in the morning sun. Embrace it all and be grateful for every day you get, for none is guaranteed.

Get More Out of Life

Getting the most out of your life means being content and happy with what you are doing and where you are. It is like having enough in your life. There is a never-ending aspiration in your life. But it is up to you to be happy and satisfied. Here are some tips that will help you get a perspective for a happy life.

  • Avoid measuring just a single aspect of your life
  • Do not feel inferior to anyone
  • Do not put your good life on hold
  • Avoid getting upset. Instead, do something about it
  • Do all things in life and regret nothing
  • More doing, less thinking
  • Stay honest and genuine to your authentic self
  • Keep your expectation minimal in life
  • Worst times bring the best in you
  • Eat well and exercise to stay healthy and feel good


You lose people you are close to if you stay around for long. It is a bitter truth of life. Life is fragile. You have no guarantees. As such, there is no set time amount that your near and dear ones will be there for you. No one can promise how you feel and do today will also be how you think and can do tomorrow. No one can promise you the wealth and health you have today will be with you the next day.

Facing the fragility of life can be dreadful. But it can also empower you. It can help you hold onto a perspective that holds you up to live a life enriched with positive and good experiences.

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