A Level 5 Leadership involves the motivation and inspiration of those around you. Opportunities are everywhere, and a real sense of possibility surrounds them. Others are attracted to the positive atmosphere which is around them. This leader is in the “WE WIN” every time category. This is what is called the “Opportunity Mindset.”

The mundane responsibilities of management and the fanciful leadership achievements tend to be the focus of most debates concerning Leadership and management. Yet, while marching along with no true vision of their own, a reasonable manager may achieve what a good leader envisions. On the other hand, a good leader has a clear vision and a thorough understanding of all critical success components.

Companies that want to have a long-term presence in the market need outstanding people to lead them. These individuals, dubbed “Level 5” executives by business researchers, possess a unique set of executive skills that enable them to ensure that their companies excel at what they do. But, if you’re a leader, you’ve probably questioned how to take your management game to a new dimension.

Companies that want to be successful in the long run need exceptional leaders (level 5 leaders). Business analysts have nicknamed these individuals “Level 5” executives because they have a unique combination of executive qualities that enable them to ensure that their organizations thrive at what they do.

What Does Level 5 Leadership Mean?

Level 5 Leadership

This is a one-of-a-kind idea since it is founded on factual evidence. Over several years, experts’ research has discovered what differentiated good businesses from excellent ones. As defined, great companies saw at least three remarkable increases in stock returns during the period, regardless of industry. Only 11 corporations were determined to meet these requirements after analyzing data from over 1,435 businesses.  Lack of Leadership was a primary yardstick used. Finally, it was discovered that each of the 11 famous corporations had leaders who possessed a unique blend of “great personal humility” and “intense professional will.”

Levels of Leadership

Level 5 Leadership

Level 1: The Highly Capable Individual (Think + Interpret + Disengage = Self Centered Leadership)

Competent individuals are regular workers who are talented, knowledgeable, and skilled. They are effective in the workplace.

Level 2: The Contributing Team Member (Think + Interpret + Conflict = Conflict Level Leadership) Contributing team members are good at working with others and are notably proficient at helping their groups reach objectives.

Level 3: The Competent Manager (Think + Interpret + Rethink = Self Mastery Leadership)

Competent managers can effectively oversee people and resources, helping to achieve predetermined goals.

Level 4: The Effective Leader (Think + Rethink + Center = Heart Connection Leadership)

Influential leaders can steer their companies toward well-defined, compelling goals. They also keep their organizations functioning at high levels of performance.

Level 5: The Executive (Think + Center + Restore Objectivity = Opportunity Leadership)

Executives have the unique capability to develop a company’s greatness through what was identified as “a strange mix of patience and intellectual determination”.

Leadership is Not Enough Anymore

Level 5 Leadership

Great Leaders = Level 5 Leaders

Have you ever watched The Food Network? All those bubbly personalities must have the same essential quotient to get their show: be a Great Leader with level 5 leadership traits whether we like them or not doesn’t matter. The people on there must be great enough to push beyond the current status quo and make a statement. Level 5 Leadership is precisely like that. Too often, we see mediocre leaders in charge of our businesses. In today’s world, good isn’t good enough anymore. We must have great teachers, great communities, and great leaders with top-notch level 5 leadership traits if our children succeed.

What Good Leadership Looks Like

Level 5 Leadership


So what’s wrong with your current Leadership? You know that answer more than anyone else. We see them every day roaming the hallways. Administrators who don’t have a clue what’s going on in their departments. Leaders who are in their positions because of the years they’ve put into the job. Some only fill up their job positions not because they are the best at what they do but because they are suitable to be at the right time. 

It’s time we get to the business of giving better. These people, as described, are intelligent, good-hearted, and kind individuals. They are lovable people. And they can be good at their jobs. However, in today’s corporate environment, good is no longer enough. We must go from good to great if we expect to be amongst the highest-rated organizations.

How to Attain The Level 5 Leadership Status

If you want to make it big in life, be it in your business, team sports, individual success, you need to become a great leader. To become such a great leader (attaining level 5 leadership), you must have a goal in mind. This is more so when you are building a business or running a company. Why is this so? It is because Vision is tied very closely to the traits of a good leader.

In short, Leadership at the peak of excellence is critical to a company’s success. What drew you to Network Marketing in the first place? Need for financial independence. You want to be able to rely on a steady stream of residual income. However, how do you go about doing that? It would help if you took the lead.

How can you increase your company’s value? You want to advance in your career. However, You’ll not be able to finish the mission unless you’re a visionary leader capable of propelling the organization to new heights.

You want to run your own company. However, if no one is assisting you in building your company, you are unlikely to reach the billion-dollar threshold on your own. You must be a leader for others to work hard and voluntarily for you.

A vision is usually what motivates a level five leader. He sees the end of his Vision, albeit it’s uncertain. Therefore, a leader will act on his belief to make this Vision a reality, taking every opportunity present and whatever works to convince others to buy into his Vision. Successful Leadership has always required the ability to visualize a potential future state for an organization. Leaders without a vision are unable to carry out their mission. Since they do not know where they will be heading, they certainly cannot see the exciting possibilities a vision can engulf.

Accept Criticism always

One approach to developing as a leader is accepting constructive Criticism, which helps you shed many skins of selfishness, ill-temper, non-understanding, lack of wisdom, and many others. While you develop yourself in these areas, you grow and become competent to be a great leader.

Both valuable and damaging Criticism will be offered. Filter out the damaging criticisms because it holds no good. But retain useful ones. You can correct yourself in certain areas, evolve, and come out a more successful individual and an efficient level 5 leader.

Lead By Examples

You don’t have to command your followers to become leaders, but only show them by being an example. You can whisper with determination and brevity and stick to your principles and values. You show that way to your followers what makes an excellent leader.

Stick To Your Decisions And Uphold Your Principles

Taking decisions and making great choices is an area where you will have to excel to become a great leader. This means there may be conflicts with your followers. Regardless, you stick to your course of action and put it into action based on your personal belief. Whether or not you have conflicts with your followers, they will respect you and still follow you for your rigidity and boldness.

Read and Share inspiration in the form of Quotes 

Read and share motivational quotes and books and gain further wisdom. It would help if you kept your followers inspired and full of energy and vigor. Only then can you work together, keeping up your spirits and enthusiasm.

Be Genuinely Concerned About Your Followers’ Welfare

Level 5 Leadership


Be generous with your followers. Look after their wants and needs and make sure that they are well catered for. By doing this, you get colossal admiration from them, and they are eager to follow you all the time. When confronted with Criticism and challenges from those around them, leaders without a vision have nothing to hold on to in terms of purpose and conviction. How can they lead if they are doubtful of their purpose?


Level 5 Leadership

It is no longer news that the crop of winning firms across the world has the edge over others struggling and average ones due to the rare privilege of level 5 leaders running them. These leaders have some unique qualities other organizations and firms do not have. If you are willing to enlist your firm amongst the elite firms, you should start displaying those exemplary characters.

It is impossible to build excellent leadership abilities and become a level 5 leader in months. It is necessary to show commitment and motivation during this self-development process. It also takes a lot of practical experience to become a charismatic leader with practical leadership skills.

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