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We will be discussing some qualities and attributes that contribute to becoming a great leader. We hope that you can relate to them and learn some new ones!

Following are 15 Leadership Qualities That Will Make You a Great Leader

Here I’m going to explain the Following are 15 Leadership Qualities That Will Make You a Great Leader:


A leader should delegate work to everyone in his team in a way that seems justified. A leader must make sure that the team members do not think that he/she is just taking work off their back and assigning it to others. The main task should not be to free yourself up but to facilitate teamwork in a healthy environment to lead to better outcomes and sound decision-making.

You should make sure that you receive direct reports and know where your team lacks, so you can help make improvements. Moreover, you must make sure that you do not promote a culture of favoritism while delegating work because that will lead to an unhealthy work environment! 


Empathy comes from within a person; you cannot learn to empathize. If you are the kind of person who cares about other people and their problems, this quality will contribute to becoming a good leader. However, you should know showing too much empathy can lead to problems. If your teammates know that you have a soft heart, there may be people who take you for granted and even use you at times. So, you must be careful, maintain boundaries, and sympathize with your teammates when they need help with something. You’ll gain their trust, and they will work with more enthusiasm because they would never want to let you down.


When you’re leading a team, many people are dependent on you to solve their problems, and you cannot let them down. So, you must stand up for them from time to time, and that requires courage. Yes, it is hard standing up to your seniors, but when you’re leading a team, you must show them that you have what it takes to stand for your team. If you are not courageous enough to fight for your team’s rights, you will lose their confidence, and they will stop believing in you.


You might have excess power when you’re a leader, which allows you to make people do what you want them to do, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility! Your first responsibility towards your team members is to respect them. You might be in a place where they cannot do anything if you disrespect them, but ask yourself will they appreciate you if you’re unable to do that yourself? Respecting others will increase their effectiveness, create trust, and help in resolving conflict.


Having power over people does not mean you should bully them. You can have a thankful attitude towards them. Being grateful can make you a better leader because your team will respect you more. Saying ‘thank you to a team member after they complete a task or their work will create a positive workplace environment. The team members will be willing to work harder because they are receiving appreciation from their boss. This sense of appreciation is significant for workers. So, to be a good leader, you should learn to practice gratitude in the workplace.

15 Leadership Qualities That Will Make You a Great Leader


One of the essential characteristics you must have as a leader is an influence. What is the point of being a leader when nobody listens to you? You should influence people to make them work according to your plan. It is best if you have the power to convince people through logical and emotional reasons. Influence can affect your team negatively if used to manipulate people into doing things you want them to do. Concerning means, you will convince them to do what is right for them and the team.

Passion for Learning

Yes, you are the leader and probably the most learned person in your group, but does that mean you have learned it all? No. You can never be in a place where you have learned everything. Even when you’re at the top, you should hunger for knowledge and learning, and you should understand that there is no harm in learning from people who are working at a lower level than you. Your passion for learning will take you places, and you will see that with time!


Your team might be the best among all the teams, reaching goals before deadlines, having a right front, etc. In the long run, your team might struggle if they are not coming up with innovative ideas. So, along with focusing on the present, you should also focus on the future and look for creative ideas to help your team and your organization. Innovation needs to be your priority as it is required to keep pace in the competitive marketplace. Leaders need to create an environment where teammates feel comfortable sharing ideas and innovations. You and your team must learn to fill the gaps and develop new skills from time to time.

15 Leadership Qualities That Will Make You a Great Leader

Strategic Goal Setting

Not only is it essential to reach goals, but it is also necessary to achieve goals in time. For that, a leader must set strategic deadlines for the team to deliver on time. Good communication is critical when it comes to goal setting. You should communicate the importance of reaching goals from time to time, so your team takes the task seriously and performs well.


It is essential that your teammates can confide in you. You should not have an image that says you only give orders and do not listen. You must learn to show real interest in other people’s lives. You will see that they will be drawn to you, trust you, respect you, and at the end of the day, listen to what you have to say with more commitment. However, if you do not show any interest in their lives, they will eventually shut you down, feel self-conscious, and not have a good relationship with you.


A good leader is one who has a vision not only for the organization but also for his team. Yes, your main goal should be to take the organization to places, but you should also have a team vision. The success of your team should be equally important. Every person wants to have a successful career and knowing that their profession is in the hands of someone who cares is a good sign for you as a leader!


You must have a positive mindset, especially in challenging situations, because if you lose your head in such cases, your team will too, and that will not end up well for anyone. It helps to have a strong leader in situations where everyone is under pressure to motivate the team to do well.


Leaders should be confident about their skills, competencies, and especially their leadership qualities. You should have a sense of self-esteem and self-assurance and believe that you can make a difference. Self-confidence is significant for leaders because it gives them the strength to take risks and be role models for their team.


A team leader who is not accountable for the team’s decisions he/she made does not respect his team or his bosses. Blaming the group in front of the bosses, even if it is the team’s fault, creates a bad impression of you. You must protect your team in all circumstances. Owning up to your mistakes will only make you responsible in the future. Good leaders ask for help when needed and give excellent and constructive feedback to their teams.


Leading a team is not easy, especially when you have people on board with diverse backgrounds. They may have conflicts among them, and you cannot take sides as a leader. However, you also should be supportive of them in a way that nobody feels left out. This can be one of the most challenging tasks you might have to face as a leader. Supportive leadership builds trust and encourages the team to have good and healthy communication among them.

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