So what is the duality of a leader’s nature?

You are sitting with your fellow black sheep. And you are deciding on the next course of action, and are faced with a problem. Half the members provide one solution, while the next half suggests another, and both are quite adamant about their beliefs. How do you resolve the tension?

Some situations require the calmness of rational thinking to find a feasible solution to problems. On the other hand, When there are human relations, emotions are beneficial in situations. While intellect helps make rational decisions, emotion appeals to sensitivity and human senses. The world has debated for long over the superiority of reason over emotion. There should be a balance between both when it comes to leadership qualities.

Master you Mind- Leader’s nature

An individual completely functioning on rational tends to make insensitive decisions. And entirely emotional decisions are almost immediately regretted as they interfere with judgment. Hence, to master your mindset as an astute leader. You must know when to apply which part of your mind and with what intensity.

It is wisest to rationally decide which solution is better, In order to settle the matter, your group is facing. While using emotion to pacify the situation and reminding them of the importance of unity.

Early philosophers such as Plato believes in the superiority of reason over emotion. Because it keeps the mind calm and collected. However, one cannot overlook the absolute necessity of emotions while handling humans capable of feeling. Emotion is more inherent to humans and makes them who they are. This is the reason to guide emotions to refine one’s decision-making skills. The human brain is designed to feel and think at the same time. So leaders cannot make decisions while keeping one isolated from the other.

Let’s take this opportunity to address the wisdom vs intelligence debate when it comes to leadership qualities. Intelligence measures the brilliance of an individual, while wisdom marks the person’s understanding of life and responsibilities. One might make a good leader being intelligent. But it is only a wise person who is excellent for leading people charged with energy and emotions.

The nature of management must be secure with foresight since a leader’s task is to guide and keep people together. Look at the bigger picture, the bigger purpose is to unite all black sheep and lead a revolution!

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