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People often confuse the use of these nouns(Leader VS Boss) when they use them in their daily lives. However, if you look at the more profound meaning, there are many differences between the two. The characteristics and actions of a person in a position of authority make them a leader or a boss.

Difference between leader VS boss

Leader VS Boss: Before we evaluate the differences between the two, we need to define each one first. Their definitions will give us an idea of what these nouns mean and how they are drastically different from one another, though we might need to study the differences in detail later on.


Leader VS Boss

Even though a leader is a person in a position of authority, they do not abuse their power by just ordering people around. They provide instructions and guidance to achieve a specific goal. Most importantly, they will motivate their subordinates and make their tasks easier.


Leader VS Boss

A boss, on the other hand, will most probably order people around to complete specific tasks at a given time. Meanwhile, their job is to supervise their subordinates on how well they are doing and their work’s progress. What matters to them is that the job must be done, no matter how you do it.

Leader VS Boss

Leader VS Boss: The definitions explain how these two nouns are different, but other differences need to be evaluated in-depth. Such as:

1- A sense of Accountability:

A significant difference that differentiates a leader from a boss is the sense of Accountability and responsibility they have. For a leader, if something goes wrong or if they encounter any failure along with their team, the burden falls on the leader. Even though they share responsibility and tasks with their subordinates and essential decisions are also taken with the subordinates’ opinions, it is the leader who is ultimately responsible if anything goes wrong.

This gives the leader a chance to recover as soon as possible and find solutions to the thing that has gone astray. Moreover, they also have to motivate and get their team back on track and strengthen the team’s morale. This way, the team, along with the leader, will learn from their mistakes and improve. However, in times of success, the leader always shares the victory and credit with their subordinates.

On the other hand, a boss orders their employees to do a specific task. This means all the responsibility is put on the shoulders of the employees. If they encounter any failure, employees would be accountable for the mistakes as they have all the task’s responsibilities. The loss would most probably be that the employees did not follow orders given by the boss. This way, it is easy for them to find the subordinates responsible for the failure.

This way, a boss never admits their mistake and hence, never learns why they are wrong and how to improve, as there is no avenue of taking self-criticism. However, in the case of success, all the credits belong to the boss because of their instructions that the team was able to do the task.

2- Communication:

Another significant difference between a leader and a boss is the way they communicate with their subordinates. In the case of a leader, there is mostly two-way communication. This means that everyone will have the right to give their opinion and participate in the decision-making process regarding what to do. And therefore, The employees will feel worthy and remain motivated. On the other hand, in the case of bosses, there is only one-way communication. The boss tells his or her subordinates what or how tasks should be done. All the lessons are delegated, and there is minimal decision-making from the associates themselves.

3- Aim:

When it comes to leaders’ and bosses’ aims or goals, there is a massive difference between the two. A boss wants the job or task done by the employees, no matter what procedures they undergo. The result is what matters. This is mostly because the boss is motivated by the financial incentive of profit or doesn’t want to lose the client.

A leader has a different aim in mind. A leader wants to execute his or her vision of changing the company or a group of individuals. They work day and night just for their dream to come true. They want to help the company and their subordinates to get better and to grow. The outcome of the task is always considered a second priority for the leader. It is the process and the lessons that matter to them.

4- Authority:

Another difference between the two is how both of them get the authority they are entitled to. For a boss, the power comes from the position itself. Everyone around them is lower in place, which is why they have authority. As the boss is senior, the subordinates would have to take instructions and orders from them. However, they might not enjoy it.

However, a leader gets their authority from the people themselves. This is because they believe in them to lead them, make excellent and practical changes, and help everyone grow. They know that a person can be accountable to the whole team and make quick solutions if one fails.

A Boss and a leader both are people who are in a position of power. However, it is how they communicate, treat, and help those around them that makes the difference. In this competitive world, it is essential to be a leader as it is better for the long run. Results will be slow, but eventually, correct outcomes will be there.

5- Approach:

A leader is always approachable to the people, to share their ideas or if there are any questions to clear is always possible, in the other case people cannot approach a boss at any time. All the communication should go through a leader or any other superior.

6- People Management:

Leaders will be outstanding in terms of people management which starts from the behavior towards the people to help them whenever required and also to trust the people and give the task is the most important of all. Trust has to be gained, and a true leader will know to whom to give a specific task and what to expect from certain people. It all comes under people management. That is the main reason why people respect leaders and people fear bosses.

7- Motivation:

This is one of the most important differences when it comes to motivation. A leader is a person who leads by example, inspires, and motivates the team. In comparison, a boss manages the employees by giving the instructions and making them work in another way they demand.

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