The Law of Abundance states that “an unlimited source of everything we might want or need available to all of us, all the time.”

When we associate ourselves with the Law of Abundance, we are inclined with it. The only limit that would be left behind is the limit you set for yourself. Be You, Be Free, Be Alive and be Creative. What you want to get eventually is seeking you. As Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you.”

To get to know about the Law of Abundance, we should become mindful and aware of where we center our consideration, what is our focus and what we accept to be valid. Sri Ramana Maharshi said, “Happiness is your nature and it is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is looking for it outside when it is inside.”

When we see around, we can observe various symbols of the Law of Abundance around us. It is a light that sparkles in all directions at all times. We do not have to do anything to “acquire” this light; in fact, it simply shines on us without putting any extra effort into it.

Believe in the Law of Abundance

People who believe in the Law of Abundance also believe that if we desire anything, we can accomplish it. The reason behind that is the “infinite resources.” There is an unlimited source. We can access infinite resources if we want to.

How does it work?

The Law of Abundance works with the control of our thoughts. It states that “there is enough money, food, opportunity, love, compassion, wellness, and light for all of us.” If you think positively, positive things will start to happen with you. The change in our thoughts and the shift of perception will help anyone achieve success in life. The Law of Abundance attracts the Law of action. For instance, if you find yourself in trouble or in a bad situation, then with a positive mindset, you can move out from it. If you believe that there is a cure for a specific illness, you start devoting time to discovering it. That’s how the Law of Action works simultaneously with the Law of Abundance.

Law of Action

The Law of attraction teaches us that positive thoughts and a positive attitude bring positive results in your life. The form of energy plays a crucial role in our life. Ideas also work as a form of energy. Positive energy attracts success in life – success in finances, health, and relationship.

“Like attracts Like.”

It is analyzed that we attract similar energy. Similar people tend to spend more time with each other. Positive thinking is believed to tract positivity in life, and negative thinking attracts negativity in life. If you remain positive, you can attract desirable experiences; however, if you stay negative, there will be chances to attract negative experiences in life. Law of Action works with Law of abundance. You have to:

  • Figure out how to distinguish negative thinking
  • Be grateful
  • Appreciate yourself
  • Envision your objectives and goals
  • Rethink adverse occasions in a more positive way

Ralph Trine said, “Determine resolutely to expect only what you desire; then you will attract only what you wish for.”

Follow Law of Abundance

We must analyze our attitude towards life. These analyses will help us reap adequate rewards from the Law of Abundance. Stop doubting your abilities and start believing that you can achieve anything you want. “The limit does not exist.” Do not fear failure; think about your goals. Start working on it. “If we harness the power of every law, we may find ourselves feeling free.” The Law of Abundance is based on principles that work “all the time, every time, for anyone and everyone, bringing each of us predictable outcomes.”

You are not in alignment with the Law of Abundance if you do not have things in your heart. You can achieve anything you desire, such as good health, deep satisfaction, contentment, and happiness, by spending your life according to the Law of abundance.

Manifest Your Desires

Manifesting is converting your desire from the inner realm to the physical realm. You can display your desires. First, make a decision. Prioritize what you want and name it. Use a vision board! Get clear on what you want. Some steps will help you to manifest:

  • Identify what is essential to display?
  • Be clear! Develop a focus on things which in need of manifestation
  • Believe it
  • Release fears
  • Avoid limitations
  • Feel! Feel it like you already have it.
  • Act!
  • Pay gratitude

Relax. Let go and let flow

Relax. Let go and let flow


Remove your self-doubts. The things which are not worthy of your attention, remove them from your life—practice radical self-care.

  • Divert your mind
  • Use contrary thoughts
  • Do not neglect yourself

Think Positive

Only you can control your mind. You are in need to recognize the power of yourself. Make a list of gratitude. List everything in your life that you are blessed for. It will work as evidence to you, proof to remember your blessings, as well as evidence to recall your achievements in life. This will also help you think positively and eventually open your mind to prosperity. Also, make a list of things that frustrate you. For instance, a stressful job or the relationship with which you conflict. ‘List of frustrations’ will help you organize your energy. You will see what things are in need to avoid or neglect in life. Focus on things that you want rather than what frustrates you. “Frame your thoughts, reframe your focus.”

Persistence and Patience

John Quincy Adams said, “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear, and obstacles vanish.” Persistence means to remain steadfast, and patience means to stay calm. These two qualities are essential if you want to practice the Law of abundance.

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.”

When you sow a seed, it requires some time to germinate. It will also need some time to become a plant than to grow an entire tree. No force can cause any compulsion. Later, the deepness and strongness of roots help a tree grow bigger and healthier.

“When we “live” up in our leaves, we feel that we’re easily swayed or, worse, hammered by outside influences. If we can work on “living” in our trunks, we feel solid, unable to be knocked down.”

Perseverance and patience both work together. These are the qualities that make you relentless. With these qualities, you would not listen to the voice which forces you to quit. Patience helps you in trusting the process, and perseverance keeps you self-motivated. Hence, adopt these qualities till your life’s objectives get fulfilled.

  • Trust the process
  • Do the work
  • Keep going

Benefits of Law of Abundance

Whether you believe in the universal laws and their power, just a tiny turn in mindset could bring many advantages and benefits in life. This could be done by following some principles and practicing gratitude. It would help if you also acknowledged your restrictions and limiting beliefs. It will doubtlessly bring a positive approach to life. Moreover, this could bring about a change that would help you experience life entirely differently.

We should not believe that there is always a guarantee of everything, for instance, what we will have in abundance. That is upon us. Do not misuse the Law of mine. If we misuse it, we eventually have things that we do not want, such as misery, stress, and pain. If we use this Law accurately, we will end up with the things we genuinely want and need.


The Law of Abundance helps us to change our perception of life. It is a key to being successful in life. If you try hard and still do not achieve anything, you lack in something. That “something” is the need to practice Law abundance in life.

This law directs our energy helps us to succeed. The Law of mine helps us identify. What do you want in life? And when do you like that?

The best of the results can only be gained by intelligent work, not mere efforts. You need to do a few things to start practicing the Law of Abundance, such as donate unused clothes in your closet, do charity, compliment everyone, write something good to your loved ones, and show them that you care about them. These are just small tasks that will lead you to reach significant goals and achieve particular aims.

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