Every growing business community’s success depends on the community’s ability to duplicate specific performance characteristics amongst individuals, within a team, and between teams. This is traditionally achieved in larger organizations by written methods and procedures, with the day-to-day interpretation given by management.

As organizations decrease in size, they devote less time to written procedures and rely more on direct verbal or short text-based language and communication styles – they become more flexible and responsive. If you run your company from home, it’s a logical extension of this pattern, and it’s probably almost entirely about direct contact with your clients and customers. That’s why organizational flexibility can become anarchy, and your business collapses because you cannot correct language and effective communication to woo your customer and business associates.

So what makes large organizations inflexible and slow to change can also make them strong because their duplication procedures ensure consistency. What makes a home business successful is the ability to rapidly adapt to a changing environment and duplicate that adaptability in others through clear language and communication skills. How do you translate what’s in your mind to others? The chief vehicle is language – spoken, unspoken (body), and written for most of us. If you are growing a business, especially a work-from-home business, the odds are that you’re probably doing a lot of text and telephony-based communications.

Here’s the exciting thing – 80% of our communications are non-verbal. This means that when we speak or listen to someone, 80% of the information we receive is delivered via facial, body, or tonal expression – NOT the words themselves. As an Independent Business Operator (IBO), this is critical to understand because you could be killing your business and not even know it. We do many phone businesses, and our language and communication are inherently embedded with negative messages. But because the person can’t “read” us using typical cues. Your choice of words and how they are delivered tells the listener about you. So be positive and solutions-oriented. If you are currently doing business with you spending tremendous personal energies (time, money, etc.) for slow or no growth results, you need to check your language and communication mode.

Your results are telling you that there is a breakdown in communications. The definition is clear – the effectiveness of your communications is the result you get back. It will help if you shift towards the point where you are leveraging smaller amounts of personal energies to generate faster, sustainable, and profitable business results.

Be A Business Model


language and communication

No matter what the business – people are sheep – they will follow your example. To develop forward momentum, you must be consistent and lead from the front, even if you have just started the project and believe in your success. This is known as the “fake it before you make it” strategy by others. If you don’t feel good about that – why are you in the business to begin with? Key mental conditioning pointers in being a business role model: You shouldn’t speak and then give negative stories or give excuses for failure. This attitude will communicate the wrong notion to the team members.

There is ALWAYS a choice – this is important! No matter what the life situation is, there is always a choice. To say otherwise is to give your power away to someone else. People make choices, and choices have consequences – if you don’t like the consequences – change the choice. It’s about personal courage.

There is ALWAYS a solution. No matter what question the customer or team member asks, there will always be a solution. People sometimes believe that all solutions are positive and they will like them – which is not valid. To shift the balance, you sometimes have to concede defeat and make the best of whatever situation you’re in. Your team needs you to reassure them that everything can be resolved – timeframes may be changed, behaviors modified, goals realigned, etc. BUT, there is always a solution.

Let the listeners know YOUR choices. Don’t make friends in a business relationship – keep the lines of association clear and uncluttered. Often, inform your team of your actions and emphasize that these were your choices, not theirs. Inform them about your choices and let them be informed that your breakthroughs and failures are strictly peculiar to you, and everyone will not follow your path.

Let them MAKE theirs and ACCEPT responsibility. Be clear that whatever path a person chooses is right for them. Be clear in your language that commitment must be in alignment with expectations.

Speak Clearly And With Precision

language and communication

Please spend some time listening to other people; notice how we avoid declaratively. It’s “I think”; “maybe”; “it could be”; “I have a headache”; “almost”; and many others. These speech patterns give your customers, and business partners mixed messages. You think you’re clear because you normally speak to friends, but business partners, you sound uncertain and leave them with a feeling of unease. Simplify all your speech – make it clear, positive, action-oriented, and directive. “Yes”; “Do this”; “correct”; “congratulations”; and AVOID “try”; “hope”; “maybe”; “sure”.

Lastly, make sure you let them ask questions and make sure you have agreement and next steps laid out. I used to work with this guy who nodded his head and said yes to everything. I thought he was agreeing, and it turned he didn’t agree at all; he was saying ‘yes’ in acknowledgment. This led to significant meltdown issues. Choose the right words for the occasion. Successful people ask probing questions about themselves and others. Unsuccessful people make statements that erode themselves personally.

Know Your Numbers

Compensation drives behavior. Know how your business rewards and then relate that to an individual’s efforts and income/life goals. You want to eliminate all redundant activities; anything that does not directly impact making money – shelve it. You can do extraneous things when you’re a millionaire.

Know What It Takes To Change

language and communication

Communicating with people and having them do your bidding is challenging to achieve, especially when the people you are trying to change have perpetually done the wrong things. You will have to employ all the best language and communication styles in your arsenal before you start seeing results. The results depend mainly on the people you are trying to change instead of the mode and style of communication. Each person must first commit to change and follow up on the language and communication line to the letters. Changing to a new system also requires a drift away from their norm of life, which is always difficult to adapt initially. Your language and communication style must be positive and encouraging to assist them in the change you yearn for.   

Speaking and presentation style

Everyone is different in their accents and word choice. There is no one right approach to language and communication. What is important is consistency in the mode of language and communication. The language and communication must be simple, such that the information must be easy to decode and understand. Your audience must be taken into consideration. Your mode of language and communication must carry them along. It would help if you were also comfortable speaking because the show shouldn’t be about you but about your audience at all times. This will make you comfortable to deliver the best. It is natural to be nervous but allowing it to overwhelm you is not acceptable.

As a general rule, always speak louder when you’re on the phone and stand up, walk around, whatever will give up good posture, so you feel more relaxed. If you are in a successful business group – you will have a coach to work with. Make sure that you work with them. Not everyone is Tony Robbins, but remember, everyone is excellent just the way they are. The ONLY way to grow is to commit yourself to personal growth.

No one is an island of knowledge, and the best speakers never start from being the best; they started from scratch and build up confidence with time. Read books about language and communication to boost your ego and confidence. Your clients and customers are not ready to listen to a perfect speaker; they only want to hear the right words carefully spoken.   


language and communication

Communicating in your customer’s, prospect’s, or agent’s native language is not only courteous; it can also be beneficial in gaining their trust. However, it will take time and patience to turn that trust into a successful contract. Without using words, we can interact a great deal through body language and facial expressions. The HSBC television commercial in which a representative of a washing machine manufacturer visits an Indian Lassi Parlour exemplifies this perfectly. It all boils down to this, “Speak clearly at a slightly slower pace and above all don’t raise your voice.” Speaking and writing clearly may sound very dull, but the objective is to get yourself understood.

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