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Leaders need to have the quality of integrity, which means that their word has to be credible and sincere, and they have to show truthfulness to inspire their team. Integrity in leadership is a necessary factor to be considered. Communication is an essential part of leading with integrity. You need to make sure that the way you communicate is truthful, and your team members know that you have a trusting nature. Learning to lead with integrity requires the leader to have self-awareness, morality, and a sense of respect for his team. He should be able to be humble in the most crucial times, and learn to treat his team members equally!  

Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that you are leading with integrity: 

Analyze your Principals for Integrity in leadership

When you are working in a team, you will realize that people come from different backgrounds, have a different religious upbringing, and may influence each other differently. It is vital that you, as a leader, do not have a biased opinion about any topic and have an open mind. A liberal person makes a better leader. You need to be liberal with your team member’s behaviors and beliefs. You need to have an open mind when observing them. In cases of any personality or belief clashes, you must make them understand your point politely instead of imposing your beliefs on them.

Code of Conduct for Integrity in leadership

We always suggest that you need to promote a friendly environment as a leader. Still, even in a friendly atmosphere, you must have a set of rules and regulations that everyone is bound to follow, even you! The leaders themselves must follow the rules they make. You need to lead with an example, and that is the most fruitful way to inspire your teammates. This is another way to earn the respect of your teammates!

Build an Open Atmosphere for Integrity in leadership

You need to communicate with your team members about the policies or issues that lower their efficiency of work. If you’re unable to diminish these policies, you need to show them that you are trying to make an effort to help them out. It is important to gain the confidence of your team members. Try not to keep any secrets from them or hide any information. It will only make you look bad in their eyes.

You need to listen to everyone’s opinion attentively, and you need to make sure that there is healthy communication between all the group members. Everyone equally participates so that nobody in the team feels that they have no voice. You need to create an environment that boosts sharing and healthy brainstorming.

When you have the burden of handling so many people at the same time, you may become irritated when things do not go your way. This is the most challenging part.  You need to practice tolerance and be patient! You will lose your integrity if you start ridiculing them and rejecting their ideas!

Acknowledge Contributions 

Your team must realize that if they work hard, their leader will be there to acknowledge their work! To do this, you need to have an eye out for the hard workers in your team and for the employees who make an extra effort by going the extra mile for their work. You need to spot these team members and reward them. You can award these high-quality performers by giving them a bonus or even appreciating them in front of the entire office. This boosts their morale, and it motivates other employees to work hard when they see that it is appreciated.

Study other Leaders 

We believe that you lean most with your personal experience, but you always learn from other people’s mistakes and successes!  

You can get inspired by the leaders who chose honesty over financial gains or the leaders who lead their people to success. Who decided to take credit for other people’s work and were a real inspiration for their team members!

Moreover, you can study the failures of leaders and learn not to make mistakes as they did. You can create hypothetical situations for yourselves, similar to theirs, and analyze your moves. This way, you will be prepared on how to handle such situations before they happen.

In the end, we will suggest you not to sacrifice your integrity for power and money. Inspiring people to be better is always more liberating! 

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