Innovation Management: There is an increasing need for creativity in an ever-increasing and competitive world. There is fierce competition in the world today at every level. Businesses are looking for ways to outshine their competitors, and also service providers are looking for ways to better their customer’s experiences. Having the needed creative skill is not enough; knowing how to manage it is better. Without good skills and creativity management, companies will find the company and profits on the decline.

Creativity is the nature of creating something new, while innovation is utilizing creativity to enhance the performance and outcome of a process, team, person, or organization. Changes in the labor market are happening so fast that any unprepared person or company will be left behind. These changes are caused by some driving forces which include: a rapidly growing marketplace, increasingly fierce competition, diversity among customers, and availability of new technologies.

Creativity and Innovation Management will remain relevant now and in years to come. Like people will say that there is nothing new under heaven. While they might be right, the presentation of ideas makes old things look new, especially for young companies looking to break through the dominance of established companies. Young entrepreneurs usually have the idea, the creativity, the innovation but lack the management. If a company cannot utilize its creative endowment to its best, it can be hijacked by a rival company and used to outshine them.

Made men in the business world have mastered this skill. They tend to break new grounds and bring forth new ideas to add value and also maximize their profit. Creativity and innovation management bridges the gap between the theory and practice of creativity and innovation. It focuses on how to aid creative potential and implement them into a result-driven innovative business development plan. Creativity and innovation can be accessed departmentally for big companies to form an excellent structure to run the company.

What is creativity and innovation management?

Creativity and innovation management can be defined as a tool that fills the gap between the theoretical and the practical applications of ideas and innovation. It is a tool that gives managers or entrepreneurs an insight into what they are introducing into their company or business. The competition in the world today requires quick anticipation from the present into the future. A sound base for companies to operate must contain the following: Creativity of individual employees, a structured plan or scope of business, and a well-managed innovation project.

Those three points are the fundamentals of creativity and innovation management. The workers (employees) must match the company’s scope and must be ready to pursue the innovative project. Leadership at any level is important; that is why leaders must not overlook creativity and innovation management. The success of an organization depends on how effective the leaders are. Inspiring leadership ability coupled with a favorable working arrangement and working facilities is crucial to an organization’s success.

Individuals working together in a company with diverse creative skills coupled with a well-organized company structure will move the company forward. Before this, management skills must be well understood. This is because to have a conducive working environment; there must be a good management plan in place. If the workers are not well settled and happy, motivating them to reach their potential becomes hard.

Creativity and innovation management are needed during planning, designing, development, and implementation. This is intentionally letting go of the way “things are done” and welcoming the ways “things could be done”. Creativity on its own is a powerful tool and also an Innovation Management; combining these powerful tools will enhance performance and productivity.

Innovation Management

Difference between creativity and innovation

Change is a basic natural law, it governs everything in the world. Nobody can assure you what could happen in the next five or ten years, everything can change in the blink of an eye. To stay relevant, one must be creative and innovative. If one wants to go ahead in life, such a person must be creative and innovative. While creativity is related to “Imagination” (Ideas), innovation is related to “Implementation”.

Creativity and innovation differ in numerous ways. The primary difference is that the former refers to conceiving fresh ideas or plans while the latter means initiating something different from existing ones. Creativity is the ability to birth something unpredictable, unique and original. It is the mirror of how beautifully a person can think and proffer solutions. Is creativity genetic? No, but it can be developed if one keeps learning with a view of the rare perception of things. Creativity means bringing out that which was hidden. It involves a series of brainstorming sessions and undergoing mind-blogging experimentations, which could be physical or inside the mind.

On the other hand, innovation is an act of applying new ideas to create some values for better organization and productivity. It is the better and smarter way of doing anything. None is greater than the other. Innovation is closely tied to creativity. Putting creative ideas into action with positive outcomes in mind is innovation.

Similarities between creativity and innovation

The majority of the similarities have been mentioned above. Both are intertwined and work together. A person might have quality ideas and lack the execution practice to carry them out. Creativity is an imaginative process, while innovation is a productive process. Creativity can never be measured, but innovation can be measured.

Although there are no risks involved in creativity, there are risks attached to innovation. You don’t have to spend money on creativity, but you can spend on innovation.

Creativity + Innovation = Value Creation.

Innovation brings creativity to life. Can innovation start without creativity? No, innovation cannot happen without creativity. We can innovate and implement solutions only with creative ideas. An active inspiration can be a key to developing creative ideas. There is a transition from having creative and innovative ideas to leadership roles. Many young entrepreneurs naturally transition from ordinary people creating ideas to an entrepreneur innovating problem-solving solutions. Creativity can spark innovation, and innovation can spark leadership roles or entrepreneurship.

How to inspire creative ideas

Do you find it challenging to come up with new ideas? Or do you think you are not creative enough to produce ideas? Perhaps the issue is not that you are not creative – you may be using the wrong methods. By changing the way you think about problem-solving, you can recreate your ideas and create more solutions. Coming up with creative ideas can be a very difficult task, especially in a work environment. Creativity doesn’t always come naturally and it is very common for people to be stuck in their thoughts.

The ability to think, create and implement creative solutions takes practice.

How to build creative ideas?

Innovation Management

Here are some important How to build creative ideas?

–          Understand the problem:

You must have a target you need creative ideas for. If you do not have a target, you will not know what to do eventually. Identify your target, and understand the problem inside and out. This will help you to find a solution.

–          Real-time thinking:

To inspire creative ideas, one must engage in real-time thinking. Creative ideas, at times, don’t come naturally, especially when you have a lot of things to do. Gather as much as you can, think as much as you can. At this stage, you do not have to think those ideas through. Developing a bad idea can open doors for the good one.

–          Brainstorm using different methods:

Using different methods can facilitate building creative ideas. Some people find it easy to brainstorm with them by writing and sitting in a quiet place. It is not the same for people who like to be in an open place to observe people create ideas. Try the numerous methods of brainstorming. You can do it alone or in a group.

–          Choose an avatar:

This means you are putting another person in your shoes and guess what they would think. By doing this, you will be able to approach your thoughts from a different perspective.

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How to create an innovative process?

–          Identify problems that need to be solved

–          Define and understand the problem

–          Brainstorm using different means to lighten up your creativity

–          Gather relevant information on past works and solutions to similar problems

–          Discuss your ideas with innovative people

–          Plan the solution

–          Start and implement the idea.

Pillars of creativity and innovation management

Here I’m going to explain the Pillars of creativity and innovation management:

1.       Communication:

Communication is key for creativity and innovation management. Make available a platform and an avenue where everyone can brainstorm and share ideas. Communication aids idea-sharing and builds trust and loyalty.

2.       Time:

Time must be effectively managed. Set the time limit for every project. Set deadlines.

3.       Control activity:

In a bid not to overload your employees with work, control the amount of work that is given to individuals.

4.       Control results:

There should be a clear balance between the work assigned and the expected results.

5.       Recognition for the best work:

Appreciation goes a long way in encouraging your employees. Give out pay rise,  commissions, awards, or certificates as a reward for hard work.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some Frequently asked questions:

Can innovation occur without creativity?

Ans: No, creativity sparks innovation

Is creativity mainly natural?

Ans: No, it can be learned and mastered.

Is creativity and innovation management only limited to value creation alone?

Ans: No, creativity and innovation are needed in all areas of life.

In conclusion

The existence of both creativity and innovation can lead us or an organization to success. Anybody can come up with a great idea depending on how we give ourselves to deep thinking. To be innovative, a person must have the ability to take risks, question existence, and observe things.

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